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Virus takes hold


Well it was to be expected really. There is so much going round at the moment that all it probably takes is walking into air that has been freshly coughed into.

So I picked up a virus. Couldve been swine flu or something more generic, I can't tell. In anycase the past week has been horrible.

I'm about 60% better after feeling my worst around tuesday/wednesday time. I've kept on my supplements, increasing the vitamin C by 2g to 8g daily, and I've felt this has helped significantly. I'm also trialling some 10ppm colloidal silver, 3 tablespoons daily for a couple of days to see what happens. Alot of people claim this can clear up viruses fast.

When I'm feeling a little better and get round to it, the original plan for the silver was as a nasal rinse for my post nasal drip. I plan to mix it with salt and water and use a neti pot twice a day to irrigate the sinuses. I also have in my supplement box wild oregano oil and tea tree oil. I sense I may need to be carefull with these, especially if used for irrigating, but it might be worth a shot if it turnes out my PND is fungal.

One more week of work then a well deserved week off.

Roll on.