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Why is Lyme Disease Largely Being Ignored?

 Today I was asked the following question via a comment on my Facebook page

"In your humble opinion, WHY is media & gov't ignoring the plight of over 2.3+ billion people in their suffering? Is it because of their involvement in bioweaponizing this bacteria on Plum Island or is it deeper than this? This is question many of us are plagued with... God Bless Always. Thank you." Mary B.

Dear Mary, I have pondered this same question for the past 12 years that I have been helping people with this illness. While Lyme disease might have been a weaponized bug from Plum Island, it comes down to who is going to treat these chronically ill people in a hospital setting. In a hospital the human conditions are departmentalized into Neurology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Rheumatology, Infectious Disease, and every other '...ology.

Most chronic Lyme sufferers have virtually every system being effected to one degree or another, so unless the hospital is going to send these patients to every department there is no one in the their system who understand the totality of everything that is going wrong. The Infectious Disease docs don't deal with neurology nor do the Neurologists deal with Infectious Disease and so on.

So in reality no one wants to take ultimate responsibility for the multi-system collapse seen in chronic Lyme case. I believe the hospital system is down playing the infection of LD so that the Infectious Disease docs can put the patient on antibiotics for six weeks...declare them "cured" and then funnel each person to the next most applicable department to deal with their piece of the puzzle.

Every doctor can only go as far as they have been taught. Doctors can train in American Biological Medicine for up to an additional 2000 extra training hours beyond their doctorate to learn to deal with these incredibly complex multi-system illnesses. At this time there is not a Department of Chronic Illness in any hospital nor is there a specialty that focuses upon the complex inter-connections between every system of the body...only Biological Medicine docs are trained to handle everything from Infectious Disease to Cardiology to Neurology to Rheumatology, and so on.

As it stands, many doctors are so specialized in one aspect of healing that it is very much like picking one piece of a puzzle that has 1000's of pieces and trying to determine what the puzzle picture is before putting it together. As far as I know only Doctors of Biological Medicine are trained extensively enough and have the necessary healing tools to put the puzzle of the chronically ill patient together.