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Your Body: The FIRST Safe Place

Dear All,

It's a stark lifestyle to live, persevere while being chemically sensitive. A safe living place is our quest. 

Healing - when your body reaches a new tipping point when recovery gets the upper hand - can happen. It's then that your own body becomes a safe place. 

We've all consumed mass amounts of supplements, tried detoxing in many ways, meditated, etc., but, unless you eradicate candida, you will not heal.

That's a strong statement.

Even stronger is Dr. James Brodsky's statement in the preface of The Yeast Connection, 3rd edition which calls for doctors to WAKE UP! to yeast related illness. Brodsky says that some patients DEVELOP ALLERGY TO CANDIDA. If you are chemically sensitive, this might be one of your big problems.

I had read Brodsky's statement and thought of it as referring to the ' universal reactor " diagnosis that I'd received from Dr. Alan Lieberman, Dr. Vincent Marinkovich and others. But, no matter what I did with any of the doctors I'd seen, I got sicker. 

A clear indication of just how allergic I was to candida came while I was on my way out of Dr. Lieberman's South Carolina clinic when, in the last days of a month-long detox, I underwent allergy provocation shots - hours and hours of being injected with substances A-Z, including candida. Every symptom was painstakingly recorded in order to create an effective neutraliztion serum.

Two days before I left the Charleston, SC clinic, I reported to Dr. Lieberman that I was having a delayed reaction to the candida shot - a large, red, itchy welt had grown larger overnight. The serum for neutralization was modified, but, what happened next was very unexpected. The welt continued to grow bigger for a week, on the 15 hour drive home and for days afterwards. 

The ALLERGIC reaction I had to candida was FAR GREATER than any of the 200+ substances that I'd been injected with, one at a time. I was allergic to my own body.

My candida eradication started on 2/1/08 with Nystatin and probiotics. At that time, I was so infected with a lifetime of candida overgrowth in all soft tissues, mucous membranes, organs, intestines, bowels, gums, that any neutralization shots from Lieberman's clinic were pointless. The yeast/fungus had completely debilitated me. I was bedridden and waking up at night from being so sick. Chemical sensitivity was off the charts. Yeast, turned to fungus, had control.

I am fortunate to now be a patient of Dr. James Brodsky, internist (Chevy Chase, MD USA) and last week I received, from allergist Dr. Talal Nsouli (Washington, DC), REGULAR allergy immunotherapy shots for candida. It is the first time that Dr. Nsouli has ever ordered candida allergy shots in the history of his practice. Maybe now, after Nystatin for five months, I have cleaned house enough for these shots to help me. Gordon, you were right on when you said I have gritty determination because I had to ask for it all. 

Enough for now. I really hope this information will help you understand how to help yourself heal. Writing about it is helping me stay on the diet and make my body the FIRST safe place.