Am J Electroneurodiagnostic Technol. 2009 Sep;49(3):260-79.


Preliminary report on aerotoxic syndrome (AS) and the need for diagnostic neurophysiological tests.


Hale MA, Al-Seffar JA.



Researchers have found, in studies carried out over several years, that many passengers and crew, following their recent flights in commercial jet aeroplanes, have become unwell, with a range of symptoms in common. This condition, which has not yet been officially recognised, is called Aerotoxic Syndrome (AS). It seems to be caused, primarily, by neurotoxic organophosphates contaminating the air circulating in jet cabins. Patients with such symptoms may visit their GPs, who then arrange diagnostic tests. Some of their symptoms fall within the jurisdiction of diagnostic neurophysiological investigations, but neurophysiology practitioners may be unaware of this syndrome. Until AS is officially recognised as an illness, and guidelines for diagnostic procedures established, patients requiring specific investigations may not be appropriately referred, or tests may be performed unnecessarily. This report seeks to stimulate debate within the field, and facilitate studies, if needed, to help define the diagnostic criteria.


PMID: 19891417 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]









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