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Defeat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: You Don't Have to Live With It Maff Hot
Written by Maff     October 07, 2009    
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An Eight Step Protocol

by Martha E. Kilcoyne

Product Description
An Eight Step Protocol - Developed by the author which enabled her to fully recover from CFS - When I was three months pregnant with my second child, I caught a flu virus that changed my life. For the next four years I lived in the clutches of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. When I realized that most of the medical profession considered my illness to be "in my head", I felt so isolated, struggling to understand what was wrong with me knowing that it was a real physical illness. CFS shut down my life as I knew it and forced me to become a recluse spending most of my time in bed between short lived efforts to have a "normal" life. But slowly, through much trial and error, I began to understand the patterns and the cruelty of CFS. In the end, I defeated Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and now live a full and healthy life - totally free of CFS. This book shares in detail the eight step protocol that I developed and followed as I slowly and steadily regained my health. It s written in a clear, concise format, understanding the struggle that CFS sufferers have with memory and concentration. By consistently following these steps, I hope that you too can defeat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You don t have to live with it! My motivation for writing this book is to bring a new voice to the Chronic Fatigue dialogue - contrary to the message of a permanently compromised lifestyle which is prevalent in the medical and patient communities, there are many former CFS patients who are fully recovered. I'm one of them! My message to patients, medical practitioners and care givers is that despite the unknowns of CFS, you CAN manage those aspects of CFS that you ARE in control of. My protocol is a proactive, self-management approach implemented 24-7. Decide to defeat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!


About the Author
Martha E. Kilcoyne, M.P.H., has worked professionally in the healthcare software industry as a writer and manager of technical support. Since recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, she's climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa - see photo - and been a full-time mom and writer. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, John, their two children, Greg and Carolyn, and two cats. To contact the author: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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