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Recovery from CFS: 50 Personal Stories Maff Hot
Written by Maff     November 13, 2009    
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by Alex Barton

Recovery from CFS - 50 Personal Stories is a simple collection of recovery stories from people who have recovered from CFS/ME. Men, women and children from six different countries who were all diagnosed with CFS/ME and who were ill for between 2 and 25 years, have written their own individual and very different accounts of their return to good health and a normal life. At the end of each account they have offered advice, suggested helpful books and websites, and many have even given contact details for readers needing support.The foreword is written by Dr Jacob Teitelbaum, Medical Director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers, Inc. USA. Dr Teitelbaum had CFS himself as a medical student and is one of the world's foremost experts in CFS. Two of the stories are written by doctors, including that of Dr Clare Fleming who edited two reports from the UK National Task Force and who contributed to the Action for ME rehabilitation courses. There is also the miraculous story of canoeist Anna Hemmings who returned to win the world championship Gold medal nine months after recovering from CFS. 20% of the book proceeds go to CFS/ME research


About the Author
Alexandra Barton is a life coach, counsellor and nutritional therapist living in the UK. She specialises in helping people with CFS/ME to regain their health. ( Alexandra was ill for many years with CFS/ME but recovered to lead a normal life. When she was ill Alexandra was depressed by the lack of recovery stories available to give her hope for her own recovery. When she recovered Alexandra felt that people with CFS/ME needed to know that recovery is possible and so she advertised in newspapers and magazines to find people who had recovered and who would be willing to write their story. Fifty people kindly agreed to write their stories of hope. The result is the book "Recovery from CFS - 50 Personal Stories".

Recovery from CFS: 50 Personal Stories

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