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Fibromyalgia: Up Close and Personal Maff Hot
Written by Maff     September 18, 2009    
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Fibromyalgia: Up Close & Personal is packed with 43 chapters of "inside" medical information and "hands-on" practical advice for everyday living. Dr. Mark J. Pellegrino brings readers up-to-date with the newest drug and physical treatments for fibromyalgia. He also presents the latest thinking on diet and exercise to help people with this condition lead a full life.


Recognized by fibromyalgia sufferers for understanding what they are going through, Dr. Pellegrino is a welcoming and encouraging presence for everyone with this condition¯and this quality comes through very clearly in his writing. It’s as if each person reading his book is having a private consultation about their shared disease.


In Up Close & Personal Dr. Pellegrino has enlisted two leading attorneys to bring readers much needed insight into disability and personal injury issues. Also, he asked a knowledgeable physician to contribute a chapter on common pain problems.

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