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Ambassador for Environmental Health & Rejuvenation





Gloria Gilbère, N.D., D.A.Hom., Ph.D


by Lyle Hurd, editor
[Total Health Magazine, Sept. Oct. ’07 issue]



Gloria Gilbère, wholistic skin and body rejuvenist, takes natural health and rejuvenation to a higher level. She is internationally renowned as a doctor of natural health, a homeopath, researcher, journalist, environmental health expert, and an authoritative influence in the discovery of the causes, effects, and non-drug solutions for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Digestive Disorders, Chemically-induced Immune System Disorders, and for her certificated Wholistic Skin & Body Rejuvenation (WSBR™) programs for skin and health professionals and spas.


Gloria, or “Dr. G”, as her clients refer to her, has authored 9 books including best-sellers I was Poisoned by my body and Pain / Inflammation Matters, and 5 health courses.


Gloria’s personal health odyssey began after a life-threatening digestive disorder (leaky gut syndrome), precipitated by prescription medications after a serious accident. The thrust from practitioner to victim challenged her resolve to employ principles she’d taught to thousands. Albeit challenging, her experiences are an asset, not a liability. Wisdom gained from personal and professional experiences provided her first-hand knowledge to share with clients, patients and students regarding a variety of healing modalities, those that work and those that don’t. Her counsel provides light at the end of what feels like an endless dark tunnel to victims of invisible illnesses, empty and hopeless, until someone who has walked the same path, and recovered, shines the light of validation on their dis-orders – providing them time-tested, proven non-drug options for renewal.


Her website,, contains many of the 500 + articles she’s written and a complete calendar of her educational events, book signings, and lectures. She is a regular contributor to prestigious health publications in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and the Middle East, and associate editor of environmental and digestive health for this publication. She is a columnist for Environmental Illness Resources in London
( – providing web support to millions affected with immune system disorders and multiple allergic response syndromes (MARS™). She is vice-president of Fibromyalgia Coalition Int’l and adjunct professor for Clayton College of Natural Health.


TH: Dr. G, thank you for your continued support and contribution to total health magazine.


Dr.G It’s an honor to be part of the team.


TH: What prompted the updated version of your book I was Poisoned by my body?


DR. G The book continues to be a best-seller since its original release 10 years ago. Everyone was asking how I recovered, what I discovered worked best, and if I lived a “normal” life. The most rewarding comments we received was that victims of multiple allergic response syndromes, allergic to what they eat and are exposed to in their environments, were validated through my experiences although not through conventional medical practices and methodologies. My office receives thousands of calls stating, “I can’t believe what I’m reading. It’s like she’s writing my story. She understands that my illness is not all in my head.” The book reads like a mystery novel. I was forced to become my own health detective when conventional testing continued to echo “everything was within ‘normal’ range.” After existing on brown rice and carrot juice for months, the only foods that didn’t provoke an anaphylactic response, I set out to practice the wholistic rejuvenation principles I’ve employed in assisting thousands of clients world-wide, facilitating their recovery from chemically-induced immune system disorders. This latest edition is not only an account of recovery; it’s also an account of maintaining wellness – a blueprint for living healthy in a toxic world, naturally.


TH: Dr. G, you’ve written many articles on dental health and ergonomics. How did you become so well-informed about these issues?


Dr. G It began in the mid 1960’s while I was working in dentistry. It became evident that the condition of our oral health was connected directly to diet and detoxification. I began incorporating applied nutrition and detoxification counseling. The results were incontrovertible. Additionally, injuries were occurring at high rates among dentists, assistants and hygienists because offices were not being designed with proper ergonomics in mind. Before long, I was designing and building medical and dental facilities to creating spaces fitting the task and the person, not forcing the person to fit the environment. As my reputation for design grew, so did my client list including Fortune 500 companies like Hewlett Packard, Pacific Bell, Kaiser Aluminum, hospitals, U.S. Air Force, cities, counties, and U.S. Dept. of Labor and Industries for job-site modifications and environmental health. I was contracted to design clinics and health spas. I continue to do so as time allows in my practice, teaching and lecturing schedule.


TH: You consult with clients around the world via telephone and at your two clinics, Sandpoint, Idaho and Scottsdale, Arizona. You work with patients whose bodies have been poisoned, how can you assist them by telephone?


Dr. G Most of my clients are referrals from others who have benefited from my coaching or from medical doctors and health care professionals who are lost as to how to help patients when they become allergic to everything. Because most have been to numerous physicians before they seek my assistance, all the testing has been done to no avail. Since my specialty is wholistic rejuvenation, it does not entail medical diagnosis or procedures but rather case-specific modifications in life-style and environment, nutrition, detoxification principles, and the motivation to recover. Many of these victims are viewed with suspicion, hostility and anger in a world that does not understand that once the body’s toxic load exceeds its capacity to neutralize toxins, including those created internally by our own body, we manifest disorders that do not fit conventional testing or methodologies. Disorders like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lupus, leaky gut syndrome, multiple allergic responses to food and environmental substances, anxiety/stress syndromes, arthritis, skin disorders (psoriasis, eczema, pre-mature aging, discoloration, rosacea), digestive disorders and dis-orders of aging, are perfect examples of these disorders. I reassure my clients that their symptoms are not due to a Prozac® deficiency – “nothing a little antidepressant won’t resolve.”


TH: For years, skin and health professionals have sought your guidance to assist their clients through disorders that defy conventional diagnosis, are mis-diagnosed, or have fallen victim to symptom-care that becomes drug-management. Is this what led you to develop the certificated WSBR™ courses?


Dr. G: Yes. Professionals asked me to create a course containing my 30+ years of clinical experience employing the principles I have used to facilitate thousands of clients to wellness. After 2 ½ years, the courses are complete. They consist of 4 modules, including instructor level, offered in various venues around the globe and quarterly in Scottsdale and Sandpoint. They are endorsed and sponsored for 20 CEU’s for colon health professionals by the Scottsdale School of Colon Health and The Bekki Medsker School in S. Carolina and approved for post-secondary education by the State of Arizona. The courses are also endorsed for skin care and spa professionals by Pure Aesthetics School of Natural Skin Care, Tucson, Arizona.


TH: Why would spas be interested in your WSBR programs?


Dr. G With baby boomers coming of age, the spa industry must take a new direction. Consumers are better educated about natural health and are insisting their spas provide health professionals that recognize health, beauty and rejuvenation begins from the inside out – the principles taught in the WSBR™ programs. I am honored to have been invited to present a synopsis of the course at the Face & Body Expo in San Francisco this year following last year’s seminar cruise for aestheticians.


TH: Recently appointed the co-chairperson, a prestigious position, for Save the Earth Int’l, an NGO of the United Nations, what will your duties involve?


Dr. G Mainly, my appointment is as natural health ambassador around the world to teach wholistic principles of natural health and nutrition-based medicine. It also involves consulting and teaching environmental health protocols and how to avoid and correct toxic environments. My professional life has focused on being a good health detective by uncovering clues to underlying causes of dis-orders and imbalances and, then, facilitating recovery through nutrition-based medicine. My mentors included Dr. Bernard Jensen, Ann Wigmore, Dr. Hazel Parcells, and Dr. Lola Righton.
These health crusaders echo the philosophy by which I live and teach, “The road to health is paved with good intestines.”


T.H: Dr. G, how do you see your career evolving?


Dr. G I see it expanding to more research on toxic effects of every day chemicals. We have just begun to recognize the health implications of synthetic fragrances, medications, health-depleting ingredients in our food supply, toxic dentistry, building supplies, and a host of chemicals that comprise the toxic soup we are exposed to constantly. Education is key. However, education without action is less than no education. I will continue to counsel new clients on healthy methods to reduce their toxic load and be an example by living what I teach, naturally.

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View the very BEST Environmental Illness Videos!

1. Your Health is Governed by Your Environment | Prof. BM Hegde | TEDx Talk

2. Demystifying Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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