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Brain-fog: Is Your Mind Writing Checks Your Body Cant Cash?





Gloria Gilbère

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A regular column by Gloria Gilbère N.D., D.A.Hom., Ph.D.



Gloria Gilbère is an internationally respected traditional naturopath, homeopath and doctor of natural health. Author of the bestselling books 'I was Poisoned by my Body' and 'Invisible Illnesses', she restored her own health after suffering from leaky gut syndrome, fibromyalgia, and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), and now successfully helps others do the same. She focuses on finding drug-free solutions to 'invisible illnesses' such as these which she refers to as Multiple Allergic Response Syndromes (MARS™).


You can now benefit from Gloria's wisdom and experience by visiting us at The Environmental Illness Resource regularly to read her latest column!



Monday, September 24th 2007:


Brain-fog: Is Your Mind Writing Checks Your Body Can’t Cash?


by Gloria Gilbère, N.D., D.A.Hom., PhD., Wholistic Rejuvenist



Are you, or a loved one, a victim among millions affected with a series of disorders that is rapidly becoming a “trash can” diagnosis known as “brain-fog”, “ADD/ADHD”, “Fibromyalgia”, “Depression”, or “Multiple Allergic Response Syndrome”? These conditions are generally a result of an unbalanced intestinal environment.



The Culprit


Candida, a yeast, lives naturally in our intestinal tract, causing little harm until the intestinal ecology becomes toxic; then, Candida multiples at an accelerated rate, causing chronic health consequences.


Yeast is a fungus, a microscopic-size, parasite-type organism that lives and thrives in dark, warm, moist environments, specifically the mouth, digestive tract and vagina. It is a single-cell microorganism that develops feeding tubes called hyphae, which grow directly into the intestinal walls causing them to become porous, allowing toxins, undigested proteins and carbohydrates to flow through the bowel wall, only to be absorbed into the body and bloodstream; clinically known as intestinal permeability, commonly known as leaky gut syndrome.


The most common fungal toxin is acetaldehyde (yes, similar to formaldehyde) a major waste product of the yeast organism. Acetaldehyde, a poisonous metabolite of alcohol, becomes a toxin in the liver, overburdening it and making it incapable of adequate neutralization – is it any wonder our thinking is foggy?.


When the liver is already compromised, as with over-use of antibiotics, over-consumption of refined sugar and carbohydrates, alcohol, tobacco, immune system disorders (Leaky Gut Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis, and Gulf-war Syndrome), the liver is not capable of protecting us.



Causes of Candida yeast overgrowth


Repeated antibiotic use Birth Control pills Cortisone drugs
Nutritional deficiencies Overly acidic pH Vaginal transmission
Elevated progesterone levels NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen)  











Consequences of Candida yeast overgrowth



Brain fog Reoccuring infections Chronic fatigue
Nail fungus Depression Mood swings
Insulin Resistance "Short-fuse" ADD/ADHD
Anxiety Adrenal 'burn-out" Muscle weakness
Allergies Recurrentprostatitis Jock itch
Inner thigh rash White coated tongue Intestinal bloating/gas




Steps for Recovery


One effective way to eliminate Candida yeast is to limit your intake of high glycemic foods and sugars. It’s amazing that in just 90 days, your brain can again begin to write checks that the body can cash. For complete information on the limited carbohydrate protocol created and recommended by Dr. Gilbère to eliminate Candida, email a request for the diet plan to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please do not ask for health information, this service is strictly as a service to email you the protocol.


Don’t allow Candida yeast overgrowth to be responsible for robbing you, and those you love, of quality of life, eliminate it now, naturally.

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Dr. Gloria Gilbère is a traditional naturopath, homeopath, doctor of natural health, a Wholistic Skin and Body Rejuvenist and creator of a certificated course by the same name that is taught all over the world. She is internationally respected as an authoritative influence in the causes, effects and drug-free solutions for Leaky Gut Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Chemically Induced Immune System Disorders.


She is author of 9 books including: “I was Poisoned by My Body”, “Invisible Illnesses ”, "Nature's Prescription Milk: Discovering the Healing Powers of Goat-Milk Products ” and “Pain / Inflammation MATTERS ”


For details regarding:

  • Personalized consulting via telephone worldwide or at her office in Sandpoint, Idaho, USA;
  • Health education travel programs and lectures;
  • Certificated Wholistic Rejuvenation (WSBR™) classes for skin, spa, and health care professionals;
  • To purchase products used and recommended by Dr. Gilbère, her books, a list of her speaking and educational forums, and an archive of her articles, visit her website at



Learn more from Gloria's books:



I Was Poisoned By My Body, The Odyssey of a Doctor Who Reversed Fibromyalgia, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - Naturally!cover

I Was Poisoned By My Body, The Odyssey of a Doctor Who Reversed Fibromyalgia, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - Naturally!


» Buy Now


Invisible Illnesses

Invisible Illnesses

» Buy Now


Pain/Inflammation Matters: Recipes for Life

Pain/Inflammation Matters: Recipes for Life

» Buy Now







The information provided is not to be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or cures for any condition, disease or disorder. It is presented as educational and investigative material and the consumer assumes full-responsibility for using any product, procedure, protocol or therapy.

Gloria E. Gilbère, LLC, and its representatives, does not warrant and shall have no liability for information provided in this newsletter or on this website, intended or implied. Consult your health care professional for medical-related conditions or concerns.




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View the very BEST Environmental Illness Videos!

1. Your Health is Governed by Your Environment | Prof. BM Hegde | TEDx Talk

2. Demystifying Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

3. Social Determinants of Health - An Introduction