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Eye on Health, Naturally





Gloria Gilbère

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A regular column by Gloria Gilbère N.D., D.A.Hom., Ph.D.



Gloria Gilbère is an internationally respected traditional naturopath, homeopath and doctor of natural health. Author of the bestselling books 'I was Poisoned by my Body' and 'Invisible Illnesses', she restored her own health after suffering from leaky gut syndrome, fibromyalgia, and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), and now successfully helps others do the same. She focuses on finding drug-free solutions to 'invisible illnesses' such as these which she refers to as Multiple Allergic Response Syndromes (MARS™).


You can now benefit from Gloria's wisdom and experience by visiting us at The Environmental Illness Resource regularly to read her latest column!



Monday, September 10th 2007:


Eye on Health, Naturally


by Gloria Gilbère, N.D., D.A.Hom., PhD., Wholistic Rejuvenist


As we age, and yes, that reluctantly includes us baby-boomers, one eventuality we don’t like to consider is that a great majority of us will eventually have to deal with cataracts – a clouding of the eye’s natural, clear lens that typically occurs with aging, but can also occur as a result of an injury, or disease.


Apart from water, the most abundant substance in the body is contained in the amino acid group, and the matrix into which these amino acids are incorporated is protein. We now know the brain is made-up of more than one-third protein and researchers have been able to show that one consequence of protein deficiency is cataracts.


Symptoms of cataracts:

• Difficulty seeing at night
• Halos around lights
• Sensitive to glare and light in general
• Unusually dry eyes and eye strain (especially when reading or before and after computer use)
• Fluctuations in vision clarity


Poor nutrition in general, especially in developing countries, has been related to an overall protein deficiency because of inadequate absorption of essential nutrients, primarily vitamin A.

A study performed in Montpellier, France included 2,500 participants and was reported in the February 2005 issue of the journal, Archives of Ophthalmology. Researchers concluded that inadequate protein consumption may cause accompanying low levels of essential amino acids and B vitamins including niacin, thiamine, and riboflavin, considered necessary for maintaining the health of the eye's lens.


See…ing the facts:
About 5.5 million North Americans have cataracts severe enough to cause vision problems, with about 400,000 new cases developing annually. This leads to about 1.35 million cataract surgeries each year, according to the University of Washington Department of Ophthalmology.


Protein Deficiency Connected to Childhood Blindness


Protein deficiency also has been reported as a significant cause of childhood blindness worldwide. According to the February 2003 issue of Pediatric Clinics of North America, mothers deficient in vitamin A can have babies who develop conditions that cause drying of eye surfaces (conjunctiva and cornea), recurring eye infections, and permanent eye damage. It is my professional opinion that this is the best case for expecting mothers to consume a good quality, complete form of protein that is easily digested.


Animal protein vs. Vegetable protein
Animal protein, such as that found in natural goat-milk protein, is my choice for myself and my patients because it’s the only source of vitamins A and D, and also the only complete protein containing all essential amino acids. Sources of protein from vegetables contain only incomplete proteins – low in essential amino acids, even in high protein amounts.


Why Goat-milk Protein?
Those that follow my writings and clinical work know of my reverence for nutritional products derived from fresh goat’s milk. Being a doctor, health journalist, and recovered victim of a life-threatening disorder known as leaky gut syndrome, I can assure you that those with compromised digestive systems tolerate goat-milk much easier than other milk sources. Goat-milk molecules are one-fifth smaller than that of cow’s milk and its protein is almost identical to that of human milk. When a compromised digestive system and liver are forced to digest and process cow’s milk, it’s like trying to force a marble through a sieve versus a grain of rice, which is likened to the size of a goat-milk molecule.



Food Sources of Protein:

• Lean meats including fish, chicken, beef, and pork.
• Eggs and dairy products including milk, kefir, cottage cheese, yogurt, and cheese (preferably from goat-milk because of its complete protein composition).
• Non-animal sources including nuts, peanut butter, grains, beans, soy products, and legumes (not a complete source of protein).


As consumers, it’s important to understand that complete health depends on complete proteins, regardless of other supplementation and life-style changes we make to promote our health and quality of life. The existence of amino acid building blocks, as those found in goat-milk proteins, is imperative in not only reducing our risks of developing eye diseases, but also in supporting the overall immune system, Naturally.

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Dr. Gloria Gilbère is a traditional naturopath, homeopath, doctor of natural health, a Wholistic Skin and Body Rejuvenist and creator of a certificated course by the same name that is taught all over the world. She is internationally respected as an authoritative influence in the causes, effects and drug-free solutions for Leaky Gut Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Chemically Induced Immune System Disorders.


She is author of 9 books including: “I was Poisoned by My Body”, “Invisible Illnesses ”, "Nature's Prescription Milk: Discovering the Healing Powers of Goat-Milk Products ” and “Pain / Inflammation MATTERS ”


For details regarding:

  • Personalized consulting via telephone worldwide or at her office in Sandpoint, Idaho, USA;
  • Health education travel programs and lectures;
  • Certificated Wholistic Rejuvenation (WSBR™) classes for skin, spa, and health care professionals;
  • To purchase products used and recommended by Dr. Gilbère, her books, a list of her speaking and educational forums, and an archive of her articles, visit her website at



Learn more from Gloria's books:



I Was Poisoned By My Body, The Odyssey of a Doctor Who Reversed Fibromyalgia, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - Naturally!cover

I Was Poisoned By My Body, The Odyssey of a Doctor Who Reversed Fibromyalgia, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - Naturally!


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Invisible Illnesses

Invisible Illnesses

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Pain/Inflammation Matters: Recipes for Life

Pain/Inflammation Matters: Recipes for Life

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The information provided is not to be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or cures for any condition, disease or disorder. It is presented as educational and investigative material and the consumer assumes full-responsibility for using any product, procedure, protocol or therapy.

Gloria E. Gilbère, LLC, and its representatives, does not warrant and shall have no liability for information provided in this newsletter or on this website, intended or implied. Consult your health care professional for medical-related conditions or concerns.




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View the very BEST Environmental Illness Videos!

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