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Happiness is good health and a bad memory





Gloria Gilbère

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A regular column by Gloria Gilbère N.D., D.A.Hom., Ph.D.



Gloria Gilbère is an internationally respected traditional naturopath, homeopath and doctor of natural health. Author of the bestselling books 'I was Poisoned by my Body' and 'Invisible Illnesses', she restored her own health after suffering from leaky gut syndrome, fibromyalgia, and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), and now successfully helps others do the same. She focuses on finding drug-free solutions to 'invisible illnesses' such as these which she refers to as Multiple Allergic Response Syndromes (MARS™).


You can now benefit from Gloria's wisdom and experience by visiting us at The Environmental Illness Resource regularly to read her latest column!



Monday, April 30th2007:



“Happiness is good health and a bad memory” –Ingrid Bergman

by Gloria Gilbère, N.D., D.A.Hom., PhD.


Daily, our health is being robbed of its life-giving nutrients by substances we consume (and can control) and those we’re exposed to environmentally (most often, out of our immediate control).
As a doctor, researcher, health journalist and recovered victim of a life-threatening digestive disorder, I’m especially particular about the type of supplements I use and recommend, particularly probiotics.
When you learn about the overwhelming health benefits of goat-milk and products derived from it, you equip yourself with the tools necessary to build a future through time-tested discoveries from the past, available in the present, to enhance our future health.


Goat-milk products assisted me to a full recovery from a serious digestive disorder known as autointoxication or leaky gut syndrome. When my body was reactive to most foods and supplements, it easily tolerated products derived from goats-milk because its molecular structure is most like human milk and its protein is one-fifth the size of cow’s milk. A discussion about the health-enhancing nutrients in goat-milk products is not complete without considering what the Journal of the American Medical Association had to say under the heading of dietetics and hygiene: “The goat is the healthiest domestic animal known, and its milk is superior in every way to cow’s milk. Goat-milk is the purest, most healthful, and most complete food known.”


Our ancestors understood that health begins by building a strong, balanced intestinal environment. They also understood the important role goat-milk products play in overall health and endurance, accounting for the fact that 72 percent of the milk consumed in the world is from goats.

A Predictable Outcome


We all know antibiotics save lives. We also know that they kill all types of intestinal bacteria, health-enhancing and health-depleting. When we take this into account, consider that your immune system is now left defenseless against attack from invading bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds. When antibiotics are absolutely necessary, why not automatically supplement with a quality, full-spectrum, multi-strain probiotic fermented in natural goat-milk? This allows the intestinal defense system to regroup, arm themselves, and be ready to again defend its host (you).


The next time you or someone you care about must take antibiotics, consider the following protocol to replenish your intestinal health-enhancing microorganisms:


  • First, complete your entire antibiotic course as prescribed by your physician.
  • Within 24 hours of completing the antibiotic course, take a probiotic supplement totaling at least 10 Billion viable organisms a day for 30 days (adults). This should be taken on an empty stomach (45 min. before/after food); can be taken upon arising and at bedtime for convenience.
  • Consume plenty of water for adequate hydration.



A Perfect Travel Companion


Probiotics are not only important after taking medications; they’re also the first thing you should pack for a trip. While away from home, we don’t have the same control over the preparation and refrigeration of foods we consume. Additionally, our bodies are not always able to adapt to alien bacteria not present in our native water or diet. Therefore, consuming a probiotic of at least 10 billion organisms two days before, during and two days after a trip provides nature’s insurance that your intestinal environment is ready to protect you. Science has well established that most of our immune system is based in our gut; doesn’t it make sense to protect it with health-enhancing microorganisms? For travel, I now use and recommend a probiotic that does not require refrigeration and has additionally been clinically tested to survive if taken during the course of antibiotics. It is especially beneficial, and has proven effective, against travel-related intestinal disorders.


Good Health is a Journey, Not a Destination


Quality of life does not equate to quick-fixes… one time and you’re finished. It does equate to educating ourselves with what our bodies need in order to protect and support us for what matters most….quality of life, Naturally.

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Gloria Gilbère, N.D., D.A.Hom., Ph.D., is internationally respected as an authoritative influence in the discovery of the causes, effects and drug-free solutions for fibromyalgia, inflammatory and chemically induced immune system disorders, and renowned for her wholistic skin and body rejuvenation (WSBR®) programs. She is author of 9 books, among them I Was Poisoned by My Body, Invisible Illnesses, Pain / Inflammation Matters, Colon Cleansing Matters, and the WSBR Program. She is host of “Your Health Matters”, a web-based talk show heard weekly on To contact her office and schedule a consultation, by phone, video cam, or in Sandpoint, Idaho, call (208) 255-5252 or visit her website at


Next up (May 7): Off the Top of My Head



Book Giveaway Winners!


**To celebrate the publication of her new column on The Environmental Illness Resource, Gloria offered a signed copy of each of her books listed below to 3 lucky readers. We're pleased to announce those winners here:


C. Powell, Virginia (USA)
V. Boque, Puerto Rico
M. R. Rodriguez, (USA)

You should be receiving your books any time now if you haven't already!



Learn more from Gloria's books:



I Was Poisoned By My Body, The Odyssey of a Doctor Who Reversed Fibromyalgia, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - Naturally!cover

I Was Poisoned By My Body, The Odyssey of a Doctor Who Reversed Fibromyalgia, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - Naturally!


» Buy Now


Invisible Illnesses

Invisible Illnesses

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Pain/Inflammation Matters: Recipes for Life

Pain/Inflammation Matters: Recipes for Life

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The information provided is not to be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or cures for any condition, disease or disorder. It is presented as educational and investigative material and the consumer assumes full-responsibility for using any product, procedure, protocol or therapy.

Gloria E. Gilbère, LLC, and its representatives, does not warrant and shall have no liability for information provided in this newsletter or on this website, intended or implied. Consult your health care professional for medical-related conditions or concerns.




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View the very BEST Environmental Illness Videos!

1. Your Health is Governed by Your Environment | Prof. BM Hegde | TEDx Talk

2. Demystifying Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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