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TOPIC: Is anyone out there like me?

Re:Is anyone out there like me? 11 years 9 months ago #13

I know I'm writing on threads that are pretty old. I think this one was started in 2008. The information I'm reading though...is very difficult for me.

Earthwalker shared a website about mercury poisoning and I went there. Reading that stuff freaks me out! I don't WANT to have mercury poisoning! I don't want to sit under a dentist for hours while they do their thing near my nose (The patient has to breath.) I'm really scared of the process, and I don't want them to \"put me to sleep\" while they do it!

So perhaps a less scary problem is...maybe I have sensitivity to computers. I don't want that either because like I said in another post, I have spent hours and hours online since I got sick. I have been on computers for years...maybe 15 or 20 years. In the past couple of years, I have wondered if I was sensitive to my pc but denial is strong and I said, 'nooo...'

but now I'm not so sure. If you're interested, you might go to www.feb.se/FEB/AboutES.html and check out the symptoms. One of them is heart palpatations, and tingling skin, etc.

Oh and another thing, even though I have ringing in my ears, sometimes louder and sometimes softer, when I plug in my cell phone charger, it rings too. At least I know my hearing is good because the sound is coming from the charger. When I unplug it, the sound goes away and I am left with only my inner ear ringing in the ears. I am sharing about the cell phone because I am wondering if I am sensitive to my cell phone and computer.

Almost daily, I realize tingling in my hands from touching the cell phone and computer keyboard. I'm admitting it--for the first time ever. :( My pc is a laptop so my wrists usually rest on the sides. My right wrist gets alot more contact. I used to put my pc in my lap but my legs tingled real bad so I don't do that anymore.

I use my cell phone all the time, maybe 1500 minutes a month. When I used to work, my cell was my work number. Now, I connect with doctors, herbalists, stores, online connections, friends, family...I almost always put it on speaker but still, the unit is close to me.

Maybe I should do a one week \"fast\" from the cell phone and computer. I can't imagine how I will order my supplements or share conversation with my friends and family. (preview comment: Perhaps I should get a landline. It won't be too bad since I stay home most of the time. When I do go someplace, I'll just have to get used to not having phone access. Like in the old days:dry:

If I had to choose, I guess I would rather have , well, I can't choose, and I'll tell you why. It's because either way a mercury test shows, since I know I have mercury in my fillings, it might be smart to have them removed, even if tests don't show any gases or whatever. My dental history record shows they are there; I can see the shiny silver enamel too so I know they are there. (I feel betrayed by my dentist! I was so ignorant to trust! But this is true in so many areas of my life. I spent many years believing \"they\" would never do to me or encourage something that would put me--or my children!-- at risk! How naive!)

Okay, back to a more logical tone: Obviously, I'm not sure why I have these wierd symptoms. I guess that is why I read this \"Is anyone out there like me?\" thread. Bottom line is: I don't know why I have these symptoms and I don't know how to find the answer since I don't have money to pay for tests.

Maff, you said people in the uk have health insurance. The US is having such a hard time with this. I'm curious what it is like to live in Canada or the UK where one gets healthcare for free. In the US, don't believe \"them\" if they say they never turn anyone away. \"They\" do it everyday.

So in my quest to find the reason I have the pounding heart beat in my ears, I have researched another possibility: Maybe it is hormonal. So, I have ordered some wild yam cream. I hope it works. Wouldn't it wonderful if it was simple?

I realize that I am writing \"all over the map,\" but if I'm going offline/offphone for a while, maybe I'll just spill my guts here. \"My doctor\" said that I probably have CFS, Hypothyroidism, Adrenal exhaustion and an autoimmune disease, but without tests, he can't do a formal diagnosis, and without more money (a higher payment to him) he doesn't want to do chelation therapy or any other treatment. And he said I can't get on Social Security Disability without definitive tests and I can't get tests without money or insurance.

I am hoping and praying that you will help me find some answers and I know someone will, if you have something to say. Thank you in advance if you write a thought or two. I know I will come back to check to see if you write. But I'm feeling pretty upset right now at the thought of everything I've written.

The list of symptoms for sensitivity to electromagnetic things contains some of the symtoms that I have: pounding heart beat in my ears, tightness in my chest, kindof like what the first guy in this thread discribed, except that I haven't thought of tendrils of pain, like he described. I have described it more like tiny pac mans eating my cells, millions of teeny tiny \"bites\" on a cellular level. (I no longer have that symptom! :cheer: Yeah, I stopped telling people that description after about two times because they both looked at me like I was from outer space.

Anyway, the tightness in my chest is centered where one would contact during CPR resussitation, so I don't think it is my digestive tract, although earlier in the summer, I had lots of pain in the spleen/stomach/liver area. I must say that I am better in those areas. No pain now, but I eat very carefully.

I have based my diet after www.ravediet.com and www.hacres.com and www.barbhealth.com has the most succinct listing of antifungal foods. Click on her archives to get Phase 1 and Phase 2. I'm eating from phase 1 right now and wanted to tackle this pounding heartrate before I get too brave with new foods.

More current symptoms include reduced concentration, easily overwhelmed, I move sometimes like a sloth, very slowly to methodically \"remember\" what I am supposed to be doing. Okay, I could go on about a few more symptoms but really, I just want my heart to be relaxed and then my ears to be quiet.

I have so many reasons to live! My daughter is going to have her first baby in February and I really want to be an active grandmother. I'm pretty young (my opinion;) cuz I'm only 54, so I've got a long time to reach a centurian age. I always thought I would live a long time.

Two weeks ago, my 30-something son brought my daughter-in-law and my four grandchildren, ages 3 to 10, to surprise me! WoW! That was a surprise. :woohoo: They drove all the way from Utah to Oregon to see me for three days because they grew concerned for me. I was so happy to have a few good days with them. They took me to a beautiful park in the Oregon wilderness. It was so nice to get away from the pollution of town---and hug my grandchildren.

If anyone knows how I can get the money for some definitive testing and then maybe safely afford to get the mercury out of my mouth, then maybe I can be the grandmother that I always dreamed of being.

Take care of each other. Thanks for all you do for so many people!
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Re: Is anyone out there like me? 10 years 6 months ago #14

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The link between fungus and human disease are related and taking antibiotics to prevent it. If your eyes are itchy, due to hay fever or other seasonal allergies.
Put Azelastine, an antihistamine eye drops and works by blocking histamine in your body.
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Re: Is anyone out there like me? 9 years 3 months ago #15

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Great information Maff. Thank you so much for sharing.
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