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TOPIC: YES > You CAN Say NO To Your Allergies.

YES > You CAN Say NO To Your Allergies. 14 years 3 weeks ago #1

STOP a LifeTime ( Ouch ! ) of Medicating Allergy Symptoms !

> While the Progression of ALLERGY Disease March is allowed to Continue ?

Let us take a Step Back and \" LOOK Behind\" the Allergy Symptom Curtain and ask ourselves some Questions:

> What may be the SOURCE / CAUSE of these Symptoms ?

> \"Can\" this \" Cause / Source\" be Eliminated ? \"

> and if it Can be Eliminated .. HOW ?

In Reply / Answer to these Questions...

YES... the Source Cause of Your / Your Child's Allergy Disease Can be Identified

YES... It Can be Neutralized

YES .. Neutralization is Available NOW via Your Trusted Personal, Primary Care Physician.

To begin, it is Important to Remind Parents and Allergy Sufferers of the \"BIG\" Allergy Picture...

That being > \" UnTreated \" > ALLERGY is a 24 / 7 / 365 > A LifeTime, Progressive, Cumulative, Chronic Inflammatory, Auto Immune Disease.

Beginning at BIRTH >>> 1 in 3 Infants Begin LIFE Fighting this Progression of ALLERGY Disease.

Speaking specifically to the \" Progressive \" dimension of Allergy Disease, Medical Experts have long recognized that this Progression of Allergy Disease actually \" Follows / Causes \" a predictable sequence / cascade of distinct Diseases in the Child as the Child begins and moves thru Life....
A sinister \"BackGround\" Disease that actually causes varying \"ForeGround\" Diseases / Symptoms if you will.

This Predictable Sequence of Allergy Diseases is called > Allergy MARCH .

Following the initial 6 mo. Period of exclusive BreastFeeding, the First \"ForeGround Disease\" of this Behind the Scenes Allergy Disease is Allergy to FOOD.

Infant FOOD Allergy typically is the result of Allergy to Cows Milk, Egg, Wheat as early as 6-12 mo. with Symptoms manifesting themselves via Eczema / Skin, G.I. & Behavioral / Colic Issues.

As Time moves on, the Infant's FOOD Allergy May or May Not subside ..
but it is Now Supplemented or Replaced ....with Allergy to Enviro InHalants i.e. Dust, Mites, Cockroach, Animal. Respiratory Distress / Symptoms include the Classic AhChooo / Respiratory / Skin / Behavioral / G.I. ( 3-7 Yr).

Unfortunately, the Progression of ALLERGY March only Continues...
with the Next Disease Milestone of this predictable \" ALLERGY Disease March \"
can quite possibly include a Diagnosis of Allergic ASTHMA ( Ouch ! ) as early as age 5-8 to 15 Yr. if left UnTreated.

While the correlation to the above Infant Allergy Disease / Symptoms to the eventual development / diagnosis of Allergic Asthma is NOT 1 to 1, it is Important to tell Parents that the ODDs of this unfortunate progression is High for Infants who are Genetically PreDisposed to ALLERGY.

Present Medical Consensus states that Allergies are Strongly Inherited, lending credence to the old saying….
\"That the Child Allergy Apple Does Not Fall Far from the Parent Allergy / Allergic Asthma Tree\".

Statistics show that a Child with One Allergic Parent has a 45% chance of developing allergies,
and the likelihood rises to between 65-70% if Both Parents have Allergies or Allergic Asthma.
Remarkably, even if both parents are allergy-free, offspring will still run an allergy risk of 10-15%.

And, while many \"Think\" that Allergy March STOPs at Allergic Asthma, It Does NOT !

Rather, it continues it's destructive path creating a LIFETIME, Slippery Slope of further cascading Diseases, Health Complications and Severely Compromised Quality of LIFE ( Ouch / Ouch / Ouch ! ) until Neutralized / Treated .. or the \"Host / YOU\" are no longer ( one Last Ouch ! ).

At this point in this discussion, I would remind Parents of Children that:
Allergy Med's ( or for that matter, most, if not all Med's ) ONLY Mask Disease Symptoms !
That they Do Nothing to Address / Neutralize / Treat the SOURCE of the Disease.

In the case of ALLERGY Disease,
while Allergy Med's may suppress these Symptoms, the Allergy Disease Juggernaut only continues it's Destructive Progress toward possibly Allergic Asthma.

It is my feeling ...
that while Allergic Asthma Can NOT Be Cured ...

It most certainly can be / or we should \"Try\" to Prevent It !

It is my Feeling,

That to mask Allergy Symptoms with Allergy Medications at this Child 2-5 Yr. Stage of Allergy March only \" Hides \" the warning Signs / Symptoms of Allergy Disease's Progression, thereby allowing the inexorable Progression of Allergy March to continue in \" Stealth Mode\" toward the possibly of an Allergic Asthma Diagnosis.

So... What is a Parent to DO ?

\" Look Behind the Allergy Symptom Curtain ! \" >>>>
TEST / Identify / Know / TREAT !

A visit to your Pediatrician /or Primary Physician for a Simple Allergy Blood Test will be the First Step and provide the Added Objective Component / Confirmation to Observed Allergy Symptoms / Disease Equation.

In the early, INFANT Stage ( 6-12 mo. / 1 Yr. ), FOOD Allergy can be Identified / Confirmed via this Test and Addressed via DIET.

In the 2-5 Yr. Age, another Simple Allergy Blood Test will Confirm / Measure the presence of remnant FOOD Allergy.... as well as Confirm the possibility of NEW emerging Enviromental Allergy i.e. Dust, animal, Cockroach, Mites, Mold.

While FOOD Allergy is principally addressed via DIET Restriction, the SOURCE of Environmental / InHalant Allergy Disease can ONLY be Treated / Neutralized via Allergy ImmunoTherapy.

Allergy ImmunoTherapy is the ONLY Clinical , Evidence-Based, Time Proven, Treatment Methodology that STOPs / Reverses the Disease Process and Neutraizes ALLERGY Disease at it's SOURCE.

And in doing so....Produces Lasting, If not LifeTime > Allergy Free Health and Quality of Life Benefits.

Until recently, Allergy ImmunoTherapy was ONLY available via Traditional Allergy SHOTs.

Needless to say,
while ImmunoTherapy SHOTs have been available and used Successfully to Neutralize Allergy Disease for Decades...
Allergy SHOTs are NOT... what we call \" Patient Friendly \".

Especially to 2-5 Yr. Olds who REALLY Need to STOP Allergy Progression with ImmunoTherapy ( See Above ).

This together with the frequent physician visits for Injections placed an added burden on Mom & Dad.

I often say that...
While a Cure for Cancer may be Available someday ..
It is totally Worthless if the Patient is Non-Compliant i.e. does not take the Medication in the amount or timing necessary....

This is the Case with ALLERGY SHOTs ...
They WORK ! ... But Patient Participation / Compliance ( either Intended or not Intended ) is Thin.

Fortunately.... Things have CHANGED for the Better !

NOW > “”Old School” > Allergy SHOTs have been Replaced....

With New School > \" Child / Kid / Teenager / Busy Adult Friendly \" Under-the-Tongue ImmunoTherapy DROPs
which are administered on a Daily Basis AnyWhere !

YOUR Allergy DROPs are NOW Part of Your Conveniently Located, Care Centric, Trusted Personal, Primary Care Physician's Continuum of \"Allergy\" Care.

Your Personal Primary Care Physician...
Now has the Diagnostic Tool / Methodology to put you firmly on the Path to a Life FREE of Allergy Symptoms & Complications Vs prescribing Med's which only mask Symptoms and Do not address / Treat the Source of Your Allergy Disease.

Here's How ...

Following a Simple, Insurance covered ALLERGY Blood Draw / Test, Your Child's Blood will be Tested against the most common Seasonal & Year-round Allergens specific to YOUR Geo-Region.

Once your Child's Offending Allergens are Identified, Clinical Immunotherapy Protocols are applied and Patient TARGETED, Under-the-Tongue, ImmunoTherapy Allergy DROPs are Custom Formulated specifically to Your Child's unique Allergy Profile i.e. What They Are Allergic TO ! .

As with traditional Allergy SHOTs,
Your Child's Allergy DROPs contain FDA Approved pure Extracts of
\"Let Likes Cure Likes\" Allergens i.e. Weed, Pet, Dust to which the Patient is actually Allergic To !

Not only does this Ingredient Format address / neutralize the Source of Your Child's ALLERGY Disease, BUT it does so... DRUG Free !

This is especially Important to the many in Today's Society, who wish to remain as Drug Free / Drug Side Effect Free / Cross Drug Reaction Free whenever possible.

Slowly over the duration of the Clinical Protocol, Allergy DROP Allergen Extract Concentrations are Increased,
Allowing the Bodies Immune System to rely on its inherent recuperative abilities and ReCalibrate itself.

Now harmless Allergens like Pollens, Animal Dander etc that your Body \" Thought \" were harmful and therefore ATTACKed.... are Not Longer \"SEEN\" as Harmful by your Immune System.

Your Child's Allergies / Immune System is Neutralized at the Disease Source, No longer triggering Allergy Symptoms, eradicating Allergy Complications and Producing Lasting, if Not LifeTime Health Benefits !
Sounds GREAT.. Almost to GOOD To Be True .. Right ?

But WHY Have I Not Heard of this Before ?

Where have these DROPs been all this Time ?

Allergy ImmunoTherapy DROPs are NEW to the U.S. Market, But NOT to the European Market.
Allergy DROPs have been used Successfully to Neutralize Allergy Disease for 10-15 Yr.
It is because Allergy DROPs are New to the American Market and Your Physician's Practice, a Question quite often asked by Parents regarding Allergy DROPs is \" Are they FDA Approved ? \".

While this is a good Question with application to many Drugs on the market, it really does not apply to Allergy ImmunoTherapy DROPs.

Just as with Allergy SHOTs, which have been used Successfully to Neutralize Allergy Disease, Allergy ImmunoTherapy DROPs are Custom Formulated specifically to EACH Patient's unique Allergy Profile.
It is because of this Individual / Unique Patient Custom Formulation Characteristic that Allergy ImmunoTherapy Vaccine ( either in Injection or Under-the-Tongue ) is not applicable to the One Size Fits ALL FDA Drug Approval Process.

While NOT falling under the Status of FDA Approval, the Prescription / Formulation / Safety / Administration of YOUR ImmunoTherapy Vaccine is assured under YOUR Physicians Responsibility / Medical Scope of Practice.

YOUR ImmunoTherapy DROPs... DO use the SAME FDA Approved Antigens / Ingredients and are Formulated in the Same Way as with Traditional Allergy Injection \"SHOTS\", which have been Used Successfully by Medical Allergy Professionals for Decades.

The Only Significant Difference between Injection and DROP Vaccines is the Vaccine's Methodology of Patient DELIVERY / Administration. Vaccine for Injection is Injected / SHOTs into Your Tissue / Body
Vs ImmunoTherapy DROPs are Dropped / Absorbed into Your Body.

Presently, the FDA Approved Antigen Extracts, which are used in ImmunoTherapy, are labeled by the FDA for Use via Injection. However, today it is BOTH Legal and Highly Common for Physicians to prescribe / use an FDA Approved Product / Antigens for an OFF-Label Use / Application such as YOUR ImmunoTherapy DROPs.

Allergy ImmunoTherapy DROPs have been used Successfully by European Medical Allergy Professionals
for 10-15 Years.

It is Only Now that the Benefits of Patient Friendly / Clinically Proven / Safe / Effective ImmunoTherapy DROPs are becoming Available for Use in the United States via Your Trusted Personal Physician.

Another Question often asked by Parents is: \" Are Allergy DROPs covered by my Medical Insurance ?

While your Child's Allergy Blood Test is typically covered by today's Medical Insurance, as well as traditional Allergy SHOTs, Allergy DROPs, because of their Newness to the American Medical Scene are Not.

However, despite this lack of Medical Insurance Payment, Allergy DROPs are competitively priced at $ 1.00 / Day for most Allergy Patients.
This may increase to $ 2.00- $3.00 / Day for Patient's whose Allergy Profile is rather expansive.

But quite frankly, for these Patient's, they consider it a Small Price to Pay …..

If it means that They can Finally Say NO To Their Allergies for GOOD VS A lifetime of Med's and Allergy Misery !

In any case...
Many Patient's see this Cup of Coffee / Day Cost as inconsequential given the fact that their DROPs are Not Masking Symptoms, but rather are Neutralizing their Allergy Disease at its SOURCE.

And Producing Lasting, If Not Lifetime Allergy Free Health and Quality of Life Benefits.
Returning to an Earlier Statement ...

We believe that while Allergic Asthma Can NOT Be Cured ...

We can, sure as Heck, muster ALL the Medical Resources that we have available to
TEST / Identify / Know / TREAT / STOP the Progression of Allergy Disease...

And in turn...
DeRail the Progression of Allergy Disease toward a Life Sentence of ALLERGIC ASTHMA ...
and a further LifeTime sequence of cascading Allergy Induced Diseases, Health Complications and severely Compromised Quality of Life !


Visit your Personal, Primary Care Physician TODAY ... and tell him / her that You WANT To > ....Drop Your Allergies.com !
PS: Also Remember...

There are TWO Sides to the Allergy COIN > Environmental AND ( Immediate & Delayed ) FOOD Allergy.

The Same Allergy Blood Draw taken for Enviro Allergy can also be used to Identify Which FOODs You are Allergic To...

And because FOOD Allergy is principally addressed via DIET...

A Custom Generated FOOD Allergy DIET Plan based on YOUR FOOD Allergy Test Result is FREE as part of Your FOOD Allergy Test.

Your DIET Plan will Suggest / Guide You as to FOODs that you can EAT, Not Eat, Restrict / Re-Introduce; as well as other Helpful Information.

Thus Said...

Visit your Personal, Primary Care Physician TODAY ... and tell Him / Her that you Want to > Drop Your Allergies ! ....

> For YOUR Child > Neutralizing ALLERGY Disease Progression > It could be the Difference between > Being in the GAME of LIFE > OR > Watching from the SideLines.



Principal of www.DropYourAllergies.com > Primary PHYSICIAN Diagnostics.com > supporting Your “ Just Around the Corner” trusted Primary Dr. with:

>> Enviro / InHalant Allergy “Single Draw” Blood Testing specific to Your Geo-Region ( Insurance Covered )
>> IgE Immediate & IgG4 Delayed > FOOD Allergy Blood Testing ( Insurance Covered )
>> Patient Specific > Custom Formulated Enviro ImmunoTherapy Vaccine ( Under-the-Tongue DROPs or Injection )
>> FREE Patient Specific > Custom FOOD Allergy DIET Plans based on Your FOOD Allergy Test Result…
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