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TOPIC: Got FOOD Allergies ? Don't Forget Enviro's

Got FOOD Allergies ? Don't Forget Enviro's 14 years 3 weeks ago #1

YES > FOOD Allergy is REAL !

YES > Identify > Guard Against FOOD Allergy Sources !

But Please… > Do NOT Forget ….

> FOOD and Enviro / InHalant / Respiratory ALLERGY Disease OFTEN Go Together !

TEST / TREAT > BOTH Sides of Your Child’s Allergy COIN > FOOD and Environmental InHalants !

>>> The following is offered for Your Review / Consideration:

At Parent FOOD Allergy Meetings > I ask …How many Parents have Children with FOOD Allergies .. Most / All Hands Go UP !

I then Ask >> > How many Parents of Children with FOOD Allergies ALSO > Have a CHILD Diagnosed with Allergic ASTHMA .. at least 70% Raise their Hands ( Ouch ! ).

My Point is… Once FOOD Allergy is determined … Child ALLERGY Care is myopically focused / limited on JUST FOODs ..WHILE… the Respiratory / Enviro InHalant Side of the Allergy COIN is allowed to migrate untreated to Allergic ASTHMA !

Allergy is Strongly InHerited > 1 in 3 Infants BEGIN Life Fighting Allergies > The Clinically Defined Progression of ALLERGY Disease in Infants / Children / Young Adults who are Genetically Pre-Disposed to Allergy is Called .. ALLERGY MARCH > FOOD Allergy / Eczema is the First Manifestation of Allergy March > Migrating to Respiratory Allergy > then to Allergic ASTHMA ( LifeTime of Ouch ! )…

But a Child’s Allergy MARCH Does NOT STOP at Allergic Asthma…

Rather, it is just One of Many Disease Milestones in a LifeTime, Slippery Slope of further recalcitrant Diseases, Endless Allergy Med’s which Only Mask Symptoms while the Disease Exacerbates, Health Complications and severely compromised Quality of LIFE !

“Un-Neutralized” Allergy is 24 / 7 / 365 / A LifeTime > Cumulative, Progressive, Chronic, Auto-Immune Disease.

We believe that while Allergic ASTHMA Can NOT Be Cured … It CAN Be Prevented thru Pro-Active Test / Treat ALLERGY Action !

My Mother has Allergies … I have My Mother’s Allergy >>> How Can I Prevent My Child from Getting My Allergies ?

Beginning in the Womb and manifesting itself immediately after Birth ( 1 in 3 Infants ), Allergies account for more office visits to Pediatricians than any other ailment, besides the common Cold
( Q&A: When is a Cold NOT a Cold ? When it’s Allergies. ).

Allergies are responsible for more missed school days than any other medical problem. It is thought that at least one out of every four children has an allergy of some kind.

Allergies are often Inherited. Lending credence to the old saying That the Child Allergy Apple Does Not Fall Far from the Parent Allergy Tree. Statistics show that a child with one allergic parent has a 45-50% chance of developing allergies, and the likelihood rises to between 65-70% if both parents have allergies. Remarkably, even if both parents are allergy-free, offspring will still run an allergy risk of 10-15%.

For far to long, ALLERGIES have been regarded as merely a Nuisance, Ignored or “Treated” with Medications which Only mask Symptoms and Do Nothing to Derail / Neutralize the Progression of a Sufferer’s Allergy Disease Source.

While Allergy rarely Kills ( unless you count Allergic Asthma Attack Deaths ), as UnTreated / UnNeutralized Allergy Progresses thru it’s various Disease States, it compromises not only a Sufferers LifeTime of Health, but every aspect of their Personal, Family, Academic, Social, Exercise and Professional Quality of Life.

It is IMPORTANT to Remember ( Again ) that…

24 / 7/ 365 / ALLERGY is a LifeTime > Cumulative, Progressive Chronic AutoImmune Disease.

UnTreated ALLERGY Continues / Exacerbates…
Leading to Unabated Disease Progression…
And a LifeTime, Slippery Slope of further multiple Diseases, Health Complications, Weakened Immune System
and severely Compromised Quality of Health.

Thus Said….

Your Immune System Only has a certain amount of “ Capacity “ to Fight ALL the Diseases, Foreign Invaders, Bacteria, Germs, Viruses that it encounters EveryDay …

As such, it is IMPORTANT that Your Immune System is NOT “ Distracted “ OR some of it’s limited Disease Fighting “ Capacity “ Consumed to Fight Harmless things like Grass / Tree / Weed Pollens, Insect, Dust Mite, Mold Allergens etc > Namely ALLERGIES.

What many Allergy / Allergic Asthma Sufferers Do Not Know……
Is that they CAN Free Up that amount of Immune System Capacity which has been designated to Fight 24 / 7 / 365 / A LifeTime their Allergy Disease….

And it All starts with a visit to their Trusted, Personal Primary Care Physician.

>> A simple painless Blood ALLERGY Test for the most common Seasonal & Year-round Allergens specific to YOUR Geo-Region will tell YOU and Your Physician WHAT You Are Allergic TO !

>> Once your Offending Allergens are Identified, Your Physician will prescribe DRUG Free, Under-the-Tongue ImmunoTherapy DROPs.

>> Following the SAME Medically prepared, ImmunoTherapy Principals used for traditional Allergy SHOTs, Your DROPs contain small traces of pure FDA Approved Extracts of Your offending Allergen Sources i.e. RagWeed, Mite, Cat, Cockroach etc.

Your DROPs are Custom Formulated specifically to WHAT You Are Allergic TO Based on YOUR Allergy Test Result !

Slowly over Time, Your Allergy Drop Allergen Extract Concentrations are increased, allowing Your Bodies Immune System to rely on its inherent Recuperative Abilities and Recalibrate Itself.

Thereby… No Longer See’ing Harmless Allergens as Harmful, Neutralizing Your Allergies at the Disease Source, No longer Triggering Allergy Symptoms, Eradicating Allergy Complications and…………
Producing Lasting, if Not LifeTime Benefits !

Allergy ImmunoTherapy is the only proven Clinical Form of Therapy that:

>> Reduces / Eliminates the need for Allergy Medications
>> Reverses / Stops the Allergy Disease Process at the Source.
>> DeRailing the LifeTime, Slippery Slope / Progression of Diseases CAUSED by Allergy
>> AND…. Freeing UP YOUR Immune System’s Capacity to Fight What Really Counts !

Effortless to use in Today’s Fast Paced 24 / 7 Society and Costing less than a Coffee Shop visit a Day, painful Allergy Shots have been replaced with Patient FRIENDLY, Under-the-Tongue, SubLingual Allergy DROPS which are absorbed into the Patient’s System within seconds each Morning and Night.

“ If there was ever an Example of the Adage: An Ounce of Daily Prevention Vs a Pound of LifeTime Misery and UnEnding Efforts to Cure… it is Allergy Immuno-Therapy DROPs… It’s a LifeTime Health No Brainer.

Help STOP the Legacy of ALLERGY in YOUR Family.

TEST / Identify / Know / TREAT > Both Sides of the Allergy COIN > FOOD & Enviro-InHalant.

BREATH IN LIFE > Visit your Primary Care Physician and Say You want to > Drop Your Allergies.com

Good Health Regards for 2009


Principal of www.DropYourAllergies.com > Primary PHYSICIAN Diagnostics.com
> an Allergy Services Company supporting Your Primary Dr. with:

>> Geo-Regional Enviro / InHalant Allergy Testing
>> Immediate & Delayed FOOD Allergy Blood Testing
>> Enviro ImmunoTherapy Vaccine > Custom Formulated specifically to What YOU Are Allergic To Based on YOUR Allergy Test Result. ( Under-the-Tongue DROPs or Injection )
>> FREE > Custom FOOD Allergy DIET Plans based on Your FOOD Allergy Report…
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