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HELP SEVERE FOOD ALLERGIES 15 years 1 month ago #1

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HI. I seem to have candida among other things. I know what I can do to start fighting this problem , but i'm worried. i must eliminate all allergens. I dont know how to supplement my diet if I cant eat these foods.

HELP!!! I dont want to be malnourished, but im tired of feeling terrible.

I'm allergic to:
wheat corn soy most beans
lettuce cabbage most nuts cantelope
amaranth rye chicken
and im SEVERELY lactose intolerant

What the heck am I supposed to eat?
And what vital nutrients will I need to replace
I realize I need a nutritionist, but that isnt an option for me.

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Re:HELP SEVERE FOOD ALLERGIES 15 years 1 month ago #2

Hi Mousey,

Another poster and I think that the Blood Type Diet is the best approach to balanced meals.

When you are fighting a 'bug' you have to avoid giving it what it wants to eat. This is hard because Theron Randolph taught us in the 1960's that Allergy and Addiction are the same thing.

The organism is basically telling you What's For Dinner.

I do really well on just protein (meat if you are not a vegetarian) and non starchy vegetables but this is not a balanced meal. In fact, a woman who followed the Adkin's Diet without reading the book, ate just protein and almost went into full kidney failure because we need carbohydrates too. I love complex carbohydrates but so do my hitchhikers, so when I add grains and starchy vegetables my symptoms come back. If you read the other posts you can see that it can take a fortune in money and years of time to find the right diagnosis. It's better to know what you are fighting instead of swinging a sword in a dark room.

Wheat, corn, soy, dried beans, nuts, cantelope, amaranth, rye are ALL HIGH MOLD FOODS. Melons are off the scale for having mold mycelium throughout the entire fruit as a ripe/healthy product. This is why the FDA considers melon a dangerous food. If left out at 80 degrees it will spontaneously ferment. Rye and the Ergot that grows on it is just plain dangerous.

Chickens (unless they are air-chilled) are all gutted and run in a vat of water where thousands of gutted chickens have been dipped in basically toilet water. I can actually smell fecal material on regular storebought chicken. Even if you weren't allergic to chicken it would be hard to not get a dose of Samonella toxins. Another trick for food allergy is to never eat the same thing in a 4 day period.

Here's a tip if you are broke like some of us:
Read any books people suggest at your library so you don't have to run out and buy them.
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Re:HELP SEVERE FOOD ALLERGIES 15 years 3 weeks ago #3

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Thanks so much!

The blood type diet really sounds like something I can try without worrying that I wont have anything to eat :)

Really interesting about the mold on all the foods too. Thank you for talking about all the foods I listed. You really made me feel better and like there might be an answer. I have been going crazy with this so now at least I have something else to try!
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