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TOPIC: Anyone try TCM?

Anyone try TCM? 9 years 3 months ago #1

has anyone tried TCM for candida? Well they dont look a the problem as just candida but candida can be addressed as well. They usually dont give you herbs to kill and annihilate candida which is a very western approach, but more of improving your imbalances and systems to eradicate candida as your body gets better since candida is an opportunistic pathogen. I'm not really sure exactly what to make of it. I got diagnosed with a really good TCM doc today and he gave me a sample that i had to brew and make myself because i told him I have really sensitive intestines and painful gas when I eat something sweet or something that doesn't react well in my intestines.

Well, his medicine is the better of the ones I tried to date and there can be tweaking here and there but it is causing some gas and I am wondering WHY. Logically or scientifically. It is on the bitter side and not sweet so I dont know that it is feeding candida but I have not been able to find that candida feeds on herbs. Either it does and I'm going down the wrong path or.... is it killing it off. Completely unsure here. If anyone has yeast and candida issues that is confirmed and found that they get gas and some serious bloating from herbs, feel free to chime in!
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Re:Anyone try TCM? 9 years 3 months ago #2

  • konnor
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Strictly speaking I doubt herbs feed candida. If your gut is in anyway compromised then certain herbs can be irritating, typically the stronger ones like chilli or paprika etc.

I tried 2 sessions of TCM and didn't find it that useful. Ideally they want to see you weekly which at £65 a pop is just too much. Also I wasn't given a run down of what herbs were included and what they would do for my body. Perhaps I just had a bad practitioner.

I felt that were a certain ancient 'aura' to TCM which drew me in, along with the language, terminology and history, but the reality in my experience is its hard to find the facts on the treatment, or sufficient testimonials suggesting it has a good success rate with Candida.

But thats probably just me!

Hope you have better luck.
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Re:Anyone try TCM? 9 years 2 months ago #3

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Actually, TCM for candida is not a prime choice unless the doctor knows specifically about candida and has been trained in hospitals in China - where they have encountered Aids patients who have fungal infections and have conceived of a protocol specifically for fungal infections...

Otherwise, TCM is based on the use of tonics - herbs that are rich in plant glucose in many forms and yes, if the Chinese doctor is traditional and is not aware of candida, he will prescribe tonics as part of the treatment and yes, they will feed candida.

Find a doctor that is aware of candida.
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Re:Anyone try TCM? 8 years 11 months ago #4

Hi, thanks for the response. You hit it dead on. I went to someone who was 100% sure he can cure me and said he cured a woman who had yeast infections for 10 years. Anyway, it made me incredibly sick and its only now that I recovered (i took it for 2 days when i posted the original post) and so I am going to give Nystatin a try.

I dont know anyone in TCM that knows how to treat candida. I mean if i ask, they say \"oh candida, yes, i know how.\" and then go on about dampness or like qi stagnation but they NEVER address it directly.
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