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TOPIC: Tests results and now am really confused

Tests results and now am really confused 10 years 5 months ago #1

  • Dechen
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I don't know what to think of these various \"alternative\" labs in the US. Sometimes I think it is four guys sitting around a pizza and marking little colourful paper results - this one gets lead, this one lets give her too much blastocis hominis, etc.

I got one result from Metametrix - cryptosporidium and an unknown protozoa ; no clinically significant yeast; low levels of acidophilus and bifidobacterium.

Then another test from Parasitology Lab in Scottsdale - no parasites, no cryptosporidium, but +1 yeast.

Now I got yet another stool test from Doctor's Data Lab this time - no cryptosporidium, no parasites, but +3 candida, some yeast and hemolitic Escherishia coli +4; and ZERO bifidobacterium.

What is this bunch of clowns doing? Why is NOT ONE of my stool tests concordant?

Frankly, I am confused.

And I still have symptoms - what explains the swelling of my lymphnodes everywhere, and the pain and burning in the small intestines?

If that latest stool analysis is correct, and there is no cryptosporidium at all, then it is fantastic. I feel like a prisoner just let out of jail and I AM SO OUT OF ARIZONA!! Ha ha ha.

But I am weary. And confused. And wondering.

Maff? What do you think.
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Re:Tests results and now am really confused 10 years 5 months ago #2

  • Maff
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Hi Dechen,

As someone who is ill himself and also will be using labs like these when practicing as a Nutritional Therapist, I share your frustration at contradictory results!

I think some tests are well standardised and produce reliable and useful results - the Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) would be an example. The results of ASI tests I have had have corresponded very accurately with my symptoms so I am quite confident int rusting them.

Stool testing however is another matter. The labs all have their own methods for handling and assessing samples and culturing microbes in a lab can be hit and miss anyway. I am more inclined to use tests that look for products of microbial metabolism such as urinary organic acid or gut fermentation profiles. For example, if you are found to have high blood levels of various types of alcohol after consuming a sugar solution it is highly likely you have elevated levels of yeast and/or bacteria in your gut. Unless you have been out drinking prior to the test(!) there is no other explanation I am aware of for high blood ethanol other than yeast overgrowth (Candida).

Which tests did SCNM use? Of the three labs you mention I would be more inclined to trust the Scottsdale lab - if it is a dedicated parasitology lab it should be the most reliable.

Frankly without seeing all your test results and history it's very hard to say what might be contributing to your symptoms I'm afraid. What I think you can be sure of is that you have some kind of issue with your gut be it yeast and/or bacterial overgrowth, parasitic infection, food sensitivities, increased intestinal permeability (\"leaky gut\")...and the list goes on. The gut contains 70% of the immune tissue in the entire body so underlying immune dysfunction almost always causes problems with gut infections. I would recommend having immunological testing (if this was not done at SCNM already) so you can see if there is anything there that needs to be addressed.

Of course you should discuss all of this with your doctor.

I love that you still maintain your sense of humour even in the bad times. Your posts always bring a smile to my face at some point ;)

Take care!
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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