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TOPIC: tests and progress update

tests and progress update 4 years 9 months ago #115

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Thanks for the explanation Maff. I am super glad you established a Nutritional Practice at last, well done mate.

Am struggling still with MCS type symptoms or "avoidance reactions" following Black Mold exposure from years ago. Despite seeing a Shoemaker trained doctor here in Australia.

Re "avoidance reactions"

"In addition to mucous membrane irritation, fungal volatile compounds may impact the "common
chemical sense" which senses pungency and responds to it. This sense is primarily associated
with the trigeminal nerve (and to a lesser extent the vagus nerve). This mixed (sensory and
motor) nerve responds to pungency, not odor, by initiating avoidance reactions, including breath
holding, discomfort, or paresthesias, or odd sensations, such as itching, burning, and skin
crawling. Changes in sensation, swelling of mucous membranes, constriction of respiratory
smooth muscle, or dilation of surface blood vessels may be part of fight or flight reactions in
response to trigeminal nerve stimulation. Decreased attention, disorientation, diminished reflex
time, dizziness and other effects can also result from such exposures (Otto et al., 1989)"

Hence the reason on wanting this book which I just found one place that actually HAS stock! For anyone else looking but can't find stock this place has stock:

I have tried this Choline Bitartrate on it's own in the past, however it caused severe depression and had to stop it. Do you know how much of this particular supplement us used in the protocol in this book?

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