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TOPIC: MSG 4 matt -fat soluble vitamins and soft stools!

Re: MSG 4 matt -fat soluble vitamins and soft stools! 8 years 8 months ago #7

  • Loulou
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Evening Maff :-)
Wow that all sounds soooo complex but very positive for you I think :-) I really believe those injections will make a huge difference :-)
That blog you wrote re adrenals is fantastic and has helped loads! One of the things Carolyn has got me to order is the dr Wilson adrenal dynamite it has licoruce in it amongst other stuff. Plus beta tcp, colon cleanser and candigest. Plus the bacteria I was low on I am getting tabs for that. Then in 6 weeks we are going to review and look at killing the caddies up once she feels I have cleansed my organs of elimination as well as I can and built myself up abit. Then I believe we will look at later stages on my leaky gut! So lots to look at! I got a 4 week meal planner and diet sheet too which is helpful. I would love more explanation on the leaky gut test, as I don't understand the graphs and it was difficult with skype and being overwhelmed by my results to take it all in!!!! Maybe I could email it over to you? It looked bad though as the results were way off the norm!!!!!!
With adrenals could I have your opinion?.....if my morning was 9 then noon I think 2.4 then lower rest of day....when's best to rest and do things in days to improve it? Or is it just about pacing and listening to your body?!
Wishing you a good week and fantastic Xmas we are off to Germany 23 rd with the dogs for a week to stay with Svens family so hoping the roads arnt too bad then as dint want a really long journey!!
Take care
Louisa :-)
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Re: MSG 4 matt -fat soluble vitamins and soft stools! 8 years 8 months ago #8

  • Maff
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Hi Loulou,

Yes it is always complex figuring these things out but I think if we can just get my treatment right it could make a big difference :)

So glad my adrenal stress index blog was helpful to you. I thought it was worth going through my results so others who have the test could maybe make more sense of theirs. It is normal for cortisol to be highest in the morning and then for levels to decline throughout the day so don't worry about that. Listening to your body is a good way to approach things. I know that I have peaks in cortisol and energy in the middle of the day and late evening so this is when I try to get things done. I can then rest during my 'dips'. Bit of a balancing act for me in winter though as I suffer from SAD so need to wake up in the mornings to get as much sunlight as possible!

It sounds like you have got some clear instructions to follow there which is great and taking it one step at a time means both you and your body won't be overwhelmed with everything at once ;)

You can post your intestinal permeability 'leaky gut' results on the forums if you don't mind others seeing. Just add the file in the 'Attachments' box below the text window and lick 'Add File'. Otherwise you can email the results to me if you like and I'll try to explain how the test works and what results might mean - the address is support at ei-resource.org. Remember I am not a healthcare professional though so you should talk to Carolyn about it next time you see her ;)

Good luck with the weather and roads and have a great Christmas in Germany!

If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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