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TOPIC: I need someone's help

Re: I need someone's help 9 years 6 months ago #19

Hi All,
Very good advise for the tummy. About three years ago the state of Vermont (US) mandated insurance coverage for naturopathic doctors. My experience with my ND has been helpful. Under Dr.s supervision I started with herbals and diet to get rid of yeast, slowly increasing dosage over months then finishing with long courses of prescription antifungals. The process made me sicker at the start, as can be expected when those nasty critters die, but by the end I got relief. It is advisable to have a liver screen before and during this process as it can harm liver function.

This past holiday season I went off my diet and am paying the price. Not only is my tummy acting up, but my other ME symptoms are much much worse. Cheese, chocolate, processed goodies, wine... None of it was worth the pain and fatigue I have suffered this January.

You would think I would know better. But when I have a remission, as I did this December, I forget how bad it was to be totally sick. Maybe I should get a tatoo, like the guy from the movie Memento.

Don't think of it as giving up things you crave (the yeast will make you crave its food) think of it as starving the enemy and feeding your good health. This is what my tatoo should read.

All the best, Patty
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Re: I need someone's help 9 years 6 months ago #20

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Hi lagirl,

I don't also know what is gastroparesis. I'm no gastroenterologist either, but I just know that antibiotics are something that doctors give when they are clueless. These don't seem to have brought you any improvement. Have they?

And Flagyl is a really really nasty one - stay away please, it will not only wipe out all your good flora, but it can also do severe liver damage.

If you do need to take antibiotics, there are a lot of great natural alternatives - essential oils, GSE, bitter herbs like golden seal, etc. But IBS is one general diagnosis that means nothing. You could try to establish instead if you do have dysbiosis, and what bug is causing dysbiosis - fungal, bacterial, parasite. There are many good labs around the US that will gladly analyse your poop and tell you what natural product will help

You mention pain - is it cramps or burning? For me, I've had severe burning in the guts - colitis and enteritis. And two things work fantastically - first, aloe gel straight from the leaf (I pick it in gardens around here); slippery elm powder. I mix these two with my probiotics and that really really calms the burning.

I don't know where you are (are you in the US?), but if I were you, I would find an excellent naturopathic physician (not a naturopath - a naturopathic physician; there is a big difference) and I would try that out. Fructose intolerance, bowel disturbance, IBS, all sound like the hallmark of ailments that conventional doctors don't know what to do with, but that naturopathic physicians see every day and know how to treat.

Believe me, I was so far gone, and if I had not done that, the conventional doctors (and Canadian medical system) would have killed me).

And by the way, I know that some naturopathic physicians or clinic accept insurance. It was the case with the clinic I went to here.

Good luck and keep posting!
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Re: I need someone's help 9 years 6 months ago #21

Hi Dechen,
Gastroparesis means paralized stomach. In other words, you have a nerve called the vagus nerve at the bottom of your stomach and in some people it dosent work correctly. So the food empties at a very slow rate.
No. The antibiotics did nothing. I am not taking any right now. I am trying to heal my self natually.
The pain is in the area of my small intestine. It is burning and cramping. As if there are critters in there eating away at my intestines. But it has gotten much better since I stopped eating sugar. I hope it will be gone soon.
Yes I am in the U.S. Iowa to be exact. There are not any naturopathic doctors in my area. The closest ones are 2 hours away and I don't know if I could make that drive right now. Although it would be great if they accepted my insurance. I will have to research that out.
Thanks and I hope you are well now!
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Re: I need someone's help 9 years 6 months ago #22

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Great discussion :)

Brilliant to hear that insurance will now often cover treatment with NDs in many areas of the US. With the medical schools training NDs, the many States licensing them...and insurance companies picking up the bills there really are the makings of something good there. You guys across The Pond should actually start getting the treatment you need now!

Unfortunately here in the UK we are stuck with the National Health Service (NHS) which has no NDs and is not interested in the type of medicine/treatment we need. Private medical insurance will sometimes cover alternative therapies such as acupuncture but the cover is very limited.

Your idea of tattooing yourself like Guy Pearce's character from Memento made me smile Patty. I think we could all do with a reminder not to push our luck when we happen to have made progress or are having a particularly good day. You are certainly not the only one who has indulged your cravings ;)

Good to see you back on the site Dechen! Antibiotics are a bit of a double-edged sword aren't they. On the one hand they can be the straw that breaks the camel's back by destroying rhe healthy balance of gut microflora...but on the other hand they can sometimes be part of the solution as they may be the best agents to eradicate the bad guys in the gut. Natural alternatives such as herbs and GSE can be good but we have to be careful thinking that everything "natural" is risk-free as many will also kill beneficial microflora just as antibiotic drugs will. Some may also be toxic and cause other side-effects such as digestive upsets - GSE can really irritate the gut lining with many people. Everyone is different! Couldn't agree more on IBS being a useless diagnosis. I was given it myself after a colonoscopy and endoscopy failed to come up with anything and I failed to stop complai9ning of my symptoms. A Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) and other tests looking at fermentation in the gut pointed to gut dysbiosis being at the root of my problems.

lagirl - I hope you are one of the lucky ones and your insurance will cover ND costs. Just a shame that the nearest one is 2 hours away. If you are able to get there somehow it may very well be worth the effort however. Good luck!
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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Re: I need someone's help 9 years 6 months ago #23

I hope you can give me some advice. I am still in pain from the bacterial overgrowth/yeast. Ive started taking oregano oil in hopes of it working. But I talked to someone that has gone through this and got healed from the scd diet to. And she used stevia in her coffee. I am using it but still in pain. Maybe I am bying the wrong stevia. Right now the one I am using has vegetable fiber in it and it worries me because with GP I cannot have any fiber. So maybe I shouldn't be using it? The other one has dextrose in it. Is that a sugar?? If so, maybe that is causing the pain. The pain was starting to go away and now it has came back. I do use just a drop of milk in my coffee to. But I was doing that when the pain was going away to. I just don't know what could be causing this. Any advice would really help me from you or anyone here!
Considering these doctors are 2 hours from here they do accept my insurance thankfully, but I can't travel right now. Thanks again!
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