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TOPIC: Hi guys! Update and MCS now?

Hi guys! Update and MCS now? 8 years 8 months ago #1

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Hi everybody, and Maff!

Am so glad the website is back - for a while it was out, and I thought: Oh no!

But it looks great.

So in any case, I come to candida because I used to be here, but I think I may have to switch to another one. Although it would be nice if there were not so many subdivisions...

Well about me, I've been doing great actually - except the occasionnal bout of colitis and burning gut when I eat ice cream or drink one whole bottle of wine by myself.

My last stool test showed bacterial and fungal dysbiosis, with candida at +3. But strangely enough, unless I do eat ice cream, I don't have any symptoms.

I've been sleeping well, eating well, running around, working quite a bit and just enjoying living a NORMAL life after the monstruous ordeal I had in 2009, and the long recovery in 2010. In 2009, I was in shock because I thought I was going to die, and I was thinking, "well I didn't think I would go like that". In 2010, I was in shock to discover that I was going to live after all. Wow! Had to fight hard for my life, and to find my health again. Had a bit of a relapse in July, lots and lots of insomnia in Sedona, but now am back again in Phoenix, and all is quite ok.

Just got a cosmetic procedure even to undo the ravages of this nasty ordeal. So hurray, am not dead. And I'll look good on top of it! Ha ha ha.

But I noticed now something strange - I react to chemical. First, last week to a dry cleaning. My throat was burning and inside my nose too. I left the coat outside for 24 hours to air it.

Then today, the maids were over at our house (not my maids, my roommate's). They used a huge amount of cleaning products which I hate and the smell was overpowering even though I was cowering in my room. I had to blow my nose constantly - huge amount of mucus coming out (sorry for that detail...). And then I had some asthma too.

And now am left wondering, what the hell? Do I have multiple chemical sensitivity? Just what I needed...:angry:

In any case, this may not be the right forum, but I remember Bolam coming here too. He has conquered MCS somehow...

I still have huge amounts of lead in my system; and I want to pursue detox further. But I wonder what these reactions mean...

Any idea anyone? Maff???:blink:
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Re: Hi guys! Update and MCS now? 8 years 8 months ago #2

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Hi Dechen,

Very nice to see you back on the site and I'm glad you like the new look :)

It sounds like you have really been able to enjoy life again for a while which is obviously fantastic to hear! Sorry that you now seem to have a new problem.

MCS can manifest in different ways in different people but I think most, including myself, experience a lot of neurological-type symptoms when exposed to volatile chemicals that you don't mention. These would include things like dizziness, weakness, confusion, anxiety, headaches etc.

Do you have a history of asthma or reactive airway disease? Chemicals can certainly trigger symptoms of these and it is interesting you mention the maid with all her cleaning products as studies have found chlorinated swimming pools are terrible for asthmatic kids as the chlorine fumes really aggravate the condition. It could be MCS but I would personally rule these other things out before jumping to this conclusion (it's not a pleasant conclusion!).

I don't blame you for indulging in some cosmetic procedures. I am only 31 and my body has taken such a battering that I already need some myself - broken capilliaries and nasty looking veins being things I am particularly not impressed with. Who knows though, if I felt well I probably wouldn't care!

Oh and if you are unsure which forum to post in next time it's best to use the 'General EI' one but I'll leave this topic here.

Take care,

If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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