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Re:SIBO/Candida - metronidazole and ciprofloxacin 8 years 1 month ago #7

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you need to read the webster post antibiotic implantation technique.. this is key to re-establishing human strain probiotics directly after antibiotic or you will no be in a position to regain health and the possibility of being worse off is high.
The author has perfected the technique and has performed it in thousands.
The reason we have symptoms is our gut flora is incorrect. Killing off the other bacteria or parasites that have gained ground is only half the equation. Normal gut flora is key. Human strain flora!
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Re:SIBO/Candida - metronidazole and ciprofloxacin 8 years 1 month ago #8

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Many thanks for the reply. Is there a specific link about this?

I had not heard of this technique so had a quick look on google. It looks like I will need to buy another book to learn how to do it. I think it involves an enema to infuse the probiotic right? I think he also mentions Culturrelle and Florastor as being decent probiotics.

Studies have shown that oral ingestion of antibiotics can make a difference too as many people do find immense benefit from doing it this way.
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Re:SIBO/Candida - metronidazole and ciprofloxacin 8 years 1 month ago #9

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David Webster has a book on the subject and the technique is explained in the older small booklet -both available online/

He states that oral probiotics rarely implant because of the digestive system along with the fact that they are not being fed properly and daily. They can work oral because along their route through the gut they do effect fermentation positively. The real success occurs to the immune system/nervous system when they are able to implant, lower the gut pH and do their thing 24/7. Oral supplementation is only a crutch in comparison.

I bought his kit via his website which came with instructions (that are also in the small booklet and briefly mentioned in the book). However with the kit he states strongly that no animal protein can be eaten during the initial 30 days of implantation. This is one of the keys to success as others have found when trying this technique.

The implant will not stay implanted if there are parasites or candida which must be erradicated beforehand. I have been able to maintain an implant up to three weeks at a time and was baffled why it would fail, I found out last week I have a parasite that needs to be eliminated. I will say emphatically that no oral probiotic has ever effected my mental capacity and mood like the implant did. I knew without a doubt the difference and I have tried many many probiotics over the past ten year. And I was taking the strain of human probiotics he implants regular by mouth for years with no such improvement.

Just a note but if boulardii works for you--you may have parasites or yeast.
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Re:SIBO/Candida - metronidazole and ciprofloxacin 8 years 1 month ago #10

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As far as I know culturelle and boularrdi are not human strain.
He says he only recommends and has found results with kydopholus. worked for me implanted and only partially/temporarily orally. .
after implantation I did not have to take it for effects only needed to feed it daily.
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Re:SIBO/Candida - metronidazole and ciprofloxacin 8 years 4 weeks ago #11

Hi Bushi,

I will comment in order of statements that you posted:

metronidazole is used for protozoal infections. Have you any evidence you had protozoa? Single celled parasites typically graze on bacteria. That is why they are there.

ciprofloxacin is used for spore forming organisms like anthrax. Have you any evidence you were exposed to spore-forming or anaerobic organisms?

[Gargling with ozonated water then spitting it out then drinking a couple of large glasses of ozonated water does more for anaerobes than anything else I know}

Are you aware that antibacterials take the cells walls off of many organisms so that they turn into the equivalent of mycoplasms allowing them access to intra and intercellular spaces that they would not normally navigate?

ALL Whitecoat interventions are designed on purpose to dig you deeper into the hole you are trying to crawl out of.

"diahhrea with 20 years means that your intestines are trying desperately to clear an overgrowth."

Regarding negative tests: The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Consider all of the tests you and others have taken and all of the interventions inflicted on you and do an honest evaluation if the tests or the drugs were worth the time, money and toxicity to your body.

"SIBO - Hydrogen Breath test. - Positive - peaked quite high."

Whatever is in the sinuses and teeth will find its way into the stomach. If it survives the stomach acid (you indicated yours is low) then it will make it into the small intestine (alkaline pH!) and will seed the large intestine (back to acid --- think lactobacillus ACIDophilis), so if there is overgrowth anywhere it needs to be taken care of at the highest source or you will just reseed your entire life.

"So, finally i had a positive result back officially telling me that it is not all in my mind!"

If for just this verification then perhaps it was worth the time and money because the entire mechanism of medicine is to blame the patient and avoid ever talking about military grade microbes unleashed on purpose on the public. After all, ALL medicine is part of the military.

"So I bought Rifaximin myself online and took a two week course. Unfortunately it did nothing."
Not true. As I said it etches off the cell walls of some organisms to make them dig deeper than they could ever do on their own.

"I then saw Dr Professor Brostoff a renowned food allergy expert. He put me on a 10 course of nystatin which did nothing. He didn't help much after that."

Nystatin can cause chemical allergy! I guess that he isn't much of an expert or you would have had a therapy with relief or cure.

"A while later i found Dr Myhill and through her I ran a stomach acid test which came back positive indicating low stomach acid. I also ran a metametrix test which suggested I had very high levels of candida but my levels of good bacteria seemed ok. I would highly recommend her. She really helped to point me in the right direction and was open to different treatment approaches."

So what is suppressing your stomach acid? There are H-1 receptors in the stomach that are sensitive to vitamin C and other antihistamines and this will switch off the call for stomach acid. Even if HCL production decreases with age when we factor in military grade organisms that are genetically modified to get past all known human defenses then age and low stomach acid would be of no consequence.

"So over the last two years I have tried just about everything under the sun:

Hydrogen peroxide protocol

What was the stabilizer in the H2O2? Reagent grade uses Tin a heavy metal. The brown plastic bottles at the chemists uses Phenol.

Iodine protocol

What kind of Iodine? Iodine is IODINE. The term is used interchangeably with IODIDE that is a criminal occulting of very different chemistry. My personal experience is that potassium iodide is not fit for human consumption.

Oil of oregano protocol

All essential oils are concentrates and by definition can be poisonous in and of themselves. I grow and eat my own oregano. Physiological doses are easier for the body to process.

Large does of ascorbic acid (timed release vitamin C)

Hulda Clark says that if you have ascaris roundworms that they are able to deactivate vitamin C. If the vitamin C is made from corn, peppers, citrus or other allergens you could be feeding an allergic condition by using a therapy that was proper in its concept but fatally flawed in its execution.

Thyme oil

An antiparasitic that can also be grown and eaten as an herb with food.

clove oil

An antiparasite egg herb when used as freshly ground cloves ONLY for the proper length of the lifecycles of the parasites. If you stop using freshly ground cloves before the end of the life cycle the eggs will still hatch and start the cycle all over again.

Betain Hydrochloric Acid (HCL)

Betaine is TriMethylGlycine a microbe food that may carry some beet sugar with it just like pharmaceutical grade products made from corn and wheat still carry the gluten and gliadins.

Digestive enzymes

Made from mold fermentation processes so parts of the GMO molds may contaminate the product. The modern digestive enzymes that have more than protease, amylase, and lipase will ALL work in the same way as antibiotics with their exotic enzyme formulas taking the cell walls off of bacteria and mold thus making them into stealth organisms. The Alternative Medicine Greycoats are in on the Whitecoat scam of making us ill by holding out what we think will cure us.

Probiotics (VSL3, UDOs, Ultimate Flora critical, S.boulaardi care etc) - so very good ones)

Sacharomyces boulaardi is a relation to brewers yeast. People who have yeast infections and take Sacharomyces of any species seem to be working against themselves. Yeast has been weaponized since the 1980s that is why it went from a opportunistic organism to an aggressive parasite.


ALL milk products in north america and canada run the risk of Mycobacterium Avium Paratuberculosis that would account for a large portion of what you are describing symptomatically.

Diets: Fodmaps, Gaps, SCD, Paleo, Low histmaine, etc..)
The list goes on and on and on............

"Nothing has really helped at all.

The problem with the HCL tabs is that I never get that 'burning' sensation, no matter how many I take. I've taken up to 7 with meals (650mgs) with no effect at all. I told the Gastro Dr this and didn't seem to really answer my question and said that you really don't need that much acid in the small bowel. I'm still going to continue taking one tablet with each meal though. "

When you get answers like this it is time to run away from a moron that does not know that the small intestine is rendered alkaline by bicarbonate secretions during normal digestion. Something is neutralizing your stomach acid if you are taking large doses of supplements with no results. Your clue could be in the histamine receptors in the stomach.

"I also mentioned Histmaine Intolerance and how testing for this is routinely carried out in Austria and Germany but again he dismissed it saying that histmaine was on every type of food."

"I metioned to him that i was considering fecal transplantation and he seemed to know a lot about Borody's work and said it was something to bear in mind for the future. Let's hope Borody creates that pill he's working on sometime soon!"

I think that fecal transplants are a heinous joke that someone thought up to see if they have made people so ill that the victims are desperate enough to try something so stupid.

" was only when I mentioend taking probiotics to the Gastro that he said it was probably a good idea. However, he said "yeah, take something like the supermarket brand Yakult". I was surprised because I think Yakult is a very basic probiotic and was full of sugar. I told him I had VSl3 and a couple of of others lying around and he agreed they are much better. He said that there is a chance that I could catch bugs like C-dificil etc..because my natural bacterial defences would be depleted while on the antibiotics. That worried me quite a bit."

Hulda Clark said that after ONE single dose of antibiotics it induces such dysbiosis that only a few pathogens are required to infect the ruined terrain.

"So my question there a particular probiotic brand i should take while on these antibiotics? How often should I take them? Will they have any impact at all if I am taking probiotics throughout the day? Do i stand to worsen my symptoms? Should i take anything else with them? I still have some more antifungals I mentioned earlier which I could take. I have heard that metronidazole can be very harsh on the stomach and I am quite worried about that too. Alcohol is a complete no - no with this one!"

Yes, there is a probiotic that is proper for us, but I do not reveal that without compensation. Given what I have outlined above regarding antibiotics and the fact that you have revealed that 'nothing has worked' then the question you have to ask yourself is why are you trying the same thing continuously expecting different results? We have all been pushed to the point of desperation but we must extract ourselves from that position from pure logic. If you want to avoid alcohol there are black walnut extracts that are based on glycerin. Black Walnut works against fungus and parasites. Nothing is a cure-all since we are not dealing with Nature but what comes out of the 1300 biowarfare labs in North America.

"Interestingly the Gastro, when I asked him said that he has seen a 60% success rate with this treatment. I have to say that I am not very hopeful at all. I've tried so many other things in the past and nothing has made the slightest difference.

And lastly, I've just started taking something called COLOSTRUM. I think Maff has a few references to it. Many people are raving about it and how it can heal the digestive tract. If you goolgle Colostrum and Dr Snow you'll get some good info on it. And here's an article recently published in the Guardian discussing how athletes are taking it. Supposedly it's much better than whey protein for sports. Just don't think too much about what Colostrum actually is! ..."

But you see: we MUST think of what Colostrum is and where it came from. When you read this link you might get that sick feeling that since even powdered milk for baby formula can be contaminated that the therapies that we try may be seeding us with the next new thing.
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Re:SIBO/Candida - metronidazole and ciprofloxacin 8 years 3 weeks ago #12

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Hi guys,

Vaccinator - I agree with much about what you says, particularly regarding the fact that much of the food supply and manufacturing processes for nutritional supplements result in foods and supplements that may cause more problems than they solve...and also that antimicrobials potentially turn already problematic microbes into stealth pathogens that can hide within and between cells and evade the immune system.

I would like to question why you think nystatin would cause MCS however. Nystatin is derived from a microbial toxin but it is not absorbed into systemic circulation when taken orally. I can therefore only assume if it has triggered MCS in some individuals it must be doing so indirectly by a mechanism such as altering intestinal permeability, gut microbial balance, or via interaction with neurotransmitter/hormone receptors in the gut? Could you shed some light on this?

Many thanks!
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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