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TOPIC: Help with treating Citrobacter Freundii

Help with treating Citrobacter Freundii 3 years 4 months ago #1

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Hello everybody,

I have an unusual question to ask. I need some help in understanding how best to treat a Citrobacter Freundii UTI infection. Whilst I understand that this forum deals with Gut Dysbiosis / leaky Gut / IBS issues, I am having difficulting finding accurate / relavent information and as a consequence, I thought/hoped that you may have some information / advice, given that this bacteria is also an intestinal bacteria.

At the moment this anerobic bacteria is being treated with antibiotic Ciprofloxacina however I'm trying to develop a more comprehensive method of managing and healing this condition, based on antibiotic, probiotic, diet and exercise/massage treatments.

My main question at this point is simply one of clarification. Based on information I've gathered from the internet, this bacteria uses citrate as a sole carbon source, and ferments lactose. I have difficulty understanding this phrase from the point of view of 'implication'. Does this mean that carbon is therefore used as 'food' for this bacteria and equally, does this mean that the fermentation of lactose is something that this bacteria uses to survive on? The main reason I am asking this, is to clarify if citrate / lactose are infact used as food for this bacteria, and therefore, if there is an implication on diet? That is, is it logical that foods containing citrus / lactose should be avoided in an effort to 'starve off' this bacteria.

I'm greatful for any help you can give me, be it an explanation or referral to other resources and am very appreciative of your time.

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