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TOPIC: Chronic Fatigue of \"Science\"

Chronic Fatigue of \"Science\" 14 years 4 months ago #1

Hey folks,

For those of you with Chronic Fatigue this may be old news but I just came across it and thought I would pass it along.


The Aluminum page didn't load for me so Wendy was kind enough to send me the entire file by email. I scrolled through the amazing collection of information and came across this citation:

By far the most controversial (scientifically entertaining) part of the workshop was presented by a French investigator, Romain Gherardi, pathologist at the Henri Mondor University in Creteil. He had published an article in The Lancet two years previously (1998;352: 347-52) describing a clinica and pathologic entity he called macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF), an unusual \"new inflammatory muscle disorder of unknown cause.\" Based on additional work done in the two years since that publication, he presented his data at the workshop and argued that the cause of this entity is actually the aluminum in vaccines given in France.

There is more info there with citations that you really need to check out. This is the most plausible explanation for CFS that I have ever seen. It would also explain FM.

It seems that \"Science\" spends more time covering up mistakes than addressing them. Dr. Gherardi was dismissed by his peers at this meeting.

\"Nothing is true until it has been officially denied.\"

Dr. Gherardi's findings fits the profile of Dr. Gloria Gilbere's article: Chronic Inflammation: A disease of modern man?

Next step:

What is the best way to chelate tissue-bound Aluminum?
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Re:Chronic Fatigue of \"Science\" 12 years 9 months ago #2

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Hi - Can any one advise me? After an excess dose of nitric oxide I ended up in hospital with low blood pressure dehydration and fever.

4 months later I never recovered and now have been diagnosed with M.E.

Marty Pall suggests some connection? Is there ?
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Re:Chronic Fatigue of \"Science\" 12 years 9 months ago #3


You might want to look into the work of Jeffery Bland and the Institute for Functional Medicine. I haven't seen any of their work since 1999 but he focused a lot on Nitric Oxide.
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Re:Chronic Fatigue of \"Science\" 12 years 9 months ago #4

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Yes, Martin Pall believes that in ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and a number of other illnesses, various triggers cause the body to get stuck in a cycle of making too much nitric oxide which in turn causes oxidative stress - the production of high levels of free radicals that the body can't deal with and lead to damage to the body and symptoms.

He therefore recommends treatment with various antioxidant nutrients would be a logical treatment approach. It must be remembered that he is a researcher rather than a medical doctor however. I'm also not sure if his findings have been corroborated by other researchers yet but certainly having read his book 'Explaining Unexplained Illnesses' his theory makes sense and a number of high profile ME/CFS physicians seem to agree with him.

See this article - The NO! OH NOO! Theory and Suggestions For Treatment

Hope this helps. Take care.
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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