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ha 10 years 3 months ago #1

I would not say its a protocol. Its: Take chlolestyramine, 2-3 xs a day. Get out of mold. Last I heard this was for mycotoxins and lyme (neurotoxins) He referreded me elsewhere for chemical sensitivities.

Would not refer him to ANYONE!

His beside manner belongs in a pighouse!
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Re: ha 10 years 3 months ago #2

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Sorry to hear of your bad experience with Dr. Shoemaker but please try to keep to facts rather than name calling (you could get yourself and the site into trouble!).

The protocol (or variations on it e.g. The Detoxx Protocol) are used for the whole range of environmental and invisible illnesses as they all involve neurotoxins of one kind or another e.g. mold, microbial waste products, environmental chemicals, heavy metals etc.

I will say that a doctor with a good bedside manner is often hard to find when you suffer from these kinds of illnesses in particular!
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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Re: ha 10 years 3 months ago #3

Maff, I understand about the name calling, but if the shoe fits..........You can be smart, kind, understanding and still be professional. And unfortunately, this bad bedside manner is growing even outside this profession.

I have met 1 doctor in 4 yrs here who hac given me the human respent I and that we all deserve.

The others laugh, and hand out schizophrenic drugs, no kidding, for a rash that developed from laundry sheets from neighbors. this is how out of touch these doctors are. If they are with you, you are a guinea pig that they squeeze eveyy dime from you or you are the offices'laughing stock for the day.

It is a very sad world when people can treat others like this, into being higher beings rather than what they really are.

When I tried (for the 3rd time to explain to upstairs neighbnors who are so passive/agressive ) they asked what they could do. I told them the laundry products were really damagaing, last yr she knew this and used 7th gen, ths yr for some reason has gone full force into oppsitie. I have been sstuck in bedrom for 3 days with ruptured ribs(due to not getting in the room fast enouh I fell). She is a NOT HUMAN and if were , she woud stop usingn the products for at least 3 months, so I could get my brain back and try to figure out what to do,or maybe even help me, (JOKE) I lay in la-la land on pain pills with no help but over priced caregiver and a person who calls herself a christian, but not my friend.
I am not an end of world kind of person, but when people who call themselves Chrisitains and do not walk in the path of Christ, ARE NOT. Doing something good or obligation will get you know where it has to come from the heart. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS FOR MY UNKIND THOUGHTS TOWARDS THEM, EVERYDAY, SOMETIMES ALL DAY. Today, I write I letter to them, to management, to lawyer and try to find a true biblical church who want to help because its the right thing to do. God bless all!
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