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TOPIC: Wow, I'm not alone!!!

Wow, I'm not alone!!! 5 years 2 months ago #1

I am brand new to this site but so glad to have found it! I can't believe I have found others like me!! I started suffering approx 15 years ago at work which was an environment with the old yellow colored florescent lights, some white but they still bothered me, only took longer. I noticed I'd do better on weekends but at work about 10 or 15 minutes after I'd start working I'd feel ill just getting worse as the days moved towards the weekends. My weekends were spent recovering. I remember at that time experiencing a heaviness on my shoulders, weakness, nausea, feeling too tired to keep my head up and needing to lay it down on my arms on my desk, stiff, sore, etc. I also remember having trouble in Walmart and other like stores. My vision would blur really bad and I'd be draped over the shopping cart unable to stand on my own while waiting in line to check out and even while still trying to shop. It got to the point where even sunlight made me violently ill and forced me to move back from the US to Canada. That was my starting point and with today's technology I am sensitive to more than florescent lights and experience a wide range of symptoms with many variables however I have noticed specific environments tend to cause certain reactions. For example, sometimes I feel like I'm choking and it progresses until I feel forced to leave where ever I am. If I don't, painful hiccups will start along with the choking. If I don't, they typically start once I get out. It's like once that starts happening it needs to work itself out of me. At any rate, I have found some relief that is significant. I am a medical marijuana user and quite unexpectedly I have found over the last few years that it has allowed me more tolerance than I have without it. So much so that at this point I know I would be house-bound completely or worse without it. If it is something you would consider, I recommend giving it a try. :)
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