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TOPIC: Effectively shielding outside & indoors - with MCS

Effectively shielding outside & indoors - with MCS 5 years 9 months ago #1

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I have severe ME/EHS/MCS. About a fortnight ago, I noticed that a worsening of my symptoms, including insomnia, had coincided with the re-opening of the caravan park next door to me. The deterioration felt radiation induced and enquiries led me to discover that the caravan park has wifi and "strengthened their hotspots over the winter"!! I have not been able to measure with a metre but their wifi signal can be picked up with a mobile phone in the majority of the garden (with a strength of two dots out of three) and inside my home. Have you effectively shielded an outside area against wifi? Is there a particular type of shielding fencing available? Could outside shielding paint be painted onto a fence or wall? Would building a wall or planting lots of trees make a difference? Has anyone used stainless steel gauze?

Basically, what have you used outside which has protected you from EMR and where is the best place to look online for this information?

Also I need general advice about shielding - which online resources would you recommend? I've not attempted it before because I have been put off by the expense and been concerned about getting it wrong (which I hear is possible?) What have others used to protect then from EM radiation on their windows? Has anyone tried the window film? or made curtains out of shielding material?

My MCS is too severe to try the shielding paint (I would imagine), so what have others used on their walls please? Has anyone tried the shielding wallpaper and found a wallpaper paste they can tolerate?

Thank you very much
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Effectively shielding outside & indoors - with MCS 5 years 8 months ago #2

I too are looking for the same answers
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