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TOPIC: I reduced my EMF sensitivity

I reduced my EMF sensitivity 5 years 5 months ago #1

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Hi I wanted to share that several years ago when my MCS worsened to the point of becoming homebound my sensitivities to EMF became severe. I do not want to focus on the many troubling symptoms that I endured from being so sensitive to EMF but some of the things that I can so now are being around someone using mobile, using laptop, being in WIFI location, watching tv, using mobile in emergency situation and being ok with these things. What helped me was flower essences, and they are very cheap compared to other healing products out there. I avoided EMF's and still choose a low EMF lifestyle , I did DNRS and that did not help me but flower essences made a huge difference to healing from electro hypersensitivity. There are many blends that can help but what helped me was Yarrow environmental formula. It may take time to see a difference but you can buy a stock bottle and make dosage bottles out of it so buying one bottle will last a very long time. I also found carrying a bottle on my body when I went out helped me as well. This formula helped me immensely.
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