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HUGE LISTS of ES/EHS SOLUTIONS - A LOT OF NEW INFO 4 years 7 months ago #1

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I am copying and pasting information I posted on the forum 'es-forum.com' so it may be a bit jumbled - you can read them directly there in better formatting posted by my account of the same name, Brandon83 (es-forum.com/template/NamlServlet.jtp?ma...er_nodes&user=494863). What follows is the result of months of experimentation and adaptation to my own living situation. My body is moderately electrically sensitive.

POST TITLE: LARGE LIST - Many More Ways to Reduce EMFs While Sleeping and Sleep Methods
Sorry for the length and complexity of all this text, and no photos. I wrote most of this in a rush and didn't think carefully about cutting out excess. I was also shifting my diet and experimenting with supplements and was under a lot of stress. I see there is an article on Mercola.com that already has many of these things, about 50 sleep-related things in a long list.

Much of this is probably repeated information for many, but some points may be new.

As many circuits nearby your sleep room should be turned off as possible, and if a body voltage meter does not work properly for you (can be faulty on 2nd floor and higher) your body may be sensitive enough to tell if turning certain circuits on/off is better/worse; that said re-test every now and then, since your body’s initial feeling results may be inaccurate.

If you can’t turn off your circuit breaker completely (neighbors refuse to turn off circuit breaker or cannot communicate with them), try 1-2:

1. Electric field shielding grounded via outlet or metal water pipes may work, so long as building’s grounding is correct – other articles online about this method.

2. Blocking the electric fields: cardboard shielding and other non-conductive electrical insulators of high dielectric strength / breakdown voltage (rubber, paper, NOT wax paper(edit)) can be placed against walls with live wires to reduce some of electric fields from a neighboring room, or one below you. Cardboard can also somewhat shield electric fields from ungrounded lamps (can tape cardboard to lamp) or other plugged-in electric devices. Careful with any conductive shielding materials (including aluminum foil and mylar for radiofrequency) as any presence of live circuits/electric fields+current can amplify around conductive shielding, even with only small percentages of conductive materials.
EDIT 6/16/18: Got a differing perspective on cardboard and wax paper shielding (#2 on first list) from an EMF expert. "Cardboard and wax paper do not shield any fields at all - equivalent to air in dielectric constant and conductivity. Single layer of alum foil is enough to shield all e-fields. And also all Rf, both e and m fields, but only above 100 MHz."

I note that aluminum foil must be grounded to an outlet with a good ground or metal water pipe with good ground to work as a shielder, or it will severly amplify e-fields and negatively effect anyone in the room. If the grounds are not good the aluminum foil will amplify e-fields regardless. The technique for grounding aluminum foil is with a self-made 1-prong cord (saw off 2-prongs) and includes a circuit tester - you can search for the method online in multiple places if you are interested.

It is possible that the cardboard I have surrounded my bed with are helping to shield some of the radiofrequency waves from a nearby cell tower, which is why I experience a reduction in irritation/inflammation while trying to sleep with them in place.
EDIT 6/17/18: I was led to believe it was the dielectric strength, not dielectric constant, that was important with regards to cardboard, although I don't know. I have removed wax paper from the original list because it did not seem to help, but several layers of cardboard definitely reduced the e-fields coming from my neighbor's live wires.

EDIT 6/21/18: Got additional information from the EMF expert: In addition, shielding effectiveness of foil or any metal is dependent on the way it surrounds the source and how close it is to the source. In general, shielding is sometimes rendered almost ineffective if any signal-carrying wires go thru or around it without proper filtering, and if seams are not properly sealed electrically. This is a very huge and extremely complex subject - even most electrical engineers are not expert on this subject. Every situation is different. Amateurish shielding attempts rarely work. I cannot help further. There are consultant EE’s who specialize in this, the subject is called EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compliance) and their emphasis is not on EHS. I doubt that any of them will take you on (you won’t be able to communicate with them without having an EE degree yourself) and it would be expensive:

I now sleep cocooned in Swiss Shield New Daylite radiofrequency shielding fabric since this further reduces the irritation I feel, which would be from the cell tower's RF still coming through the wall. I cannot put the shielding on the wall or in a faraday cage style since that causes the shielding to radiate some amount of e-fields/current, so I keep one sheet flat under me on my bed and another above me while I sleep (careful to keep nose from getting covered, since microdust fibers from production have made me sick before - I double washed the fabric to clean those off). Notably, my feet stop twitching and rubbing at night when I do this, and if I take the sheet off just my feet, they will start twitching and rubbing again. This also seems to apply to other parts of my body that I notice the subtle difference there too.
3. With the same idea (high dielectric strength), wool, silk, or acrylic sheets/blankets may provide some electric field blockage as well, versus polyester, cotton, and polyurethane foam sheets/blankets which I have tested as both worse. A wool blanket worked very well for me as an insulator to prevent an e-fields/current creeping up bed from floor; I put another acrylic blanket over it, and sleep on cooler sheets above that.

4. Metal in a room near live wires, such as a metal bed frame/boxsprings, may easily carry electric fields/current to a bed/sleeping area – cardboard/others can be used again as shielding.

5: Cell Tower proximity – antennasearch.com and similar sites can identify the exact location of cell towers and antennas to your home – if you look at nearby antennas, look to see if they are ‘microwave’ structures (versus mobile-private, etc), are on high tower structures (i.e. 100-200 feet), and emit a large output of power – any of those 3 and you should consider buying a radiofrequency meter such as one of Cornet’s to test levels before haphazardly shielding.

6. Melatonin and similar compounds, such as Natrol’s Melatonin with B6 can assist sleep in 30-60 minutes and will wear off in about 5 hours at 3mg. 5-Htp, Gaba, Tryptophan, and similar drugs may be helpful - try them and more, and see how your body responds. Other OTC sleep drugs are more likley to remain in your system the next day (Valerian root, Doxylamine Succinate, Diphenylhydramine, Herbal concoctions, and even Melatonin Time Release). Mercola has recently recommended Magnesium Threonate as a possible EMF damage reducer, see his work on Voltage Gated Calcium Channels for more detail. Also most Americans are deficient in Magnesium, and most people (who care) should be supplementing.

7. Noise – good quality cheap earplugs, perhaps even with flanges to stay in the ears. White noise machines will spread electric fields/current through a room, unless, according to my tests, you are on the 1st floor (2nd floor and above, perhaps of some buildings, do not ground electricity immediately/correctly).

8. Light – blackout curtains, or around door frames/windows with similar solutions. Also sleep masks, although even the most gentle, expensive ones have been known to slide around or irritate the face.

9. Wakeup – wakeup lights (and white noise machines) will also disperse electric fields+current into rooms while plugged in (same as any other plugged in device), which can affect sleep. Try shining a light (torch/lantern/flashlight) at a ceiling or neighboring wall in the morning AND THEN SIT UP IN BED, this is the key to waking up - this makes it about 10x easier to wake since the chemicals in the brain shift. You can stay sitting (warmer) until it becomes relatively easy to wake up consciously.

10. Ethernet cables/similar – can be overlooked when unplugging devices or turning off circuit breaker, but can still emit electric fields and disrupt sleep.

11. Multiple: Temperature (cool better), Lack of water pressure on bladder, Orange wraparound glasses/goggles for 2hours before bedtime, Adequate back/shoulder supports such as folded sheets (electrical insulator materials may be required near electric fields).

12. Nearby CFL Lights/Dirty Electricity – in an apartment setting or similar, neighbors using dirty electricity generating things can affect sleep – offer to buy them replacements that don’t produce DE – you can also ask to give as a gift, then buy ethernet cords/splitters for neighbors, who are using WiFi.

13. Wood beds, futons, cots, and even sleeping on top of a layer of flat cardboard boxes on the floor (in an electric free environment), if you cannot bring a mattress into an apartment, are probably better options than continuing to sleep on a metal frame/boxsprings.

A later addition:
Few more points, thought them up last few days, again highly likely to be repeated information for some:
1. If you can’t shield a window from a cell tower for cost or other reasons, just re-orienting your bed and work desk out of the direct line through the window will reduce your exposure to the radiofrequency waves by 5-10 times, although the entering radiation will still bounce around the room and come to you to some degree at lower levels.

2. Naked – may help to sleep naked, many clothes seem to irritate my sleep, whether it be conduction of electric fields in air (experimenting has pointed to this as the case), heat trapping, or clothing material irritating the skin.

3. Don’t sleep with your head to the North – Sadhguru claims sleeping with your head to the north could pool iron in it to some degree at night, instead he recommends east, south, west (in that order) but never north.
ADDITION 6/3/18: I believe he meant it was potentially dangerous over long periods of time. Obviously since no medical cases have been directly linked with sleeping with your head to the north the risk must be very low. Nonetheless, up to 70 years of 8 hours a day in that position does indicate the need for precaution.

4. Metal Objects in room (such as bedframe) – if a metal bedframe is near an ungrounded electric appliance (i.e. standing ground lamp) then the metal may conduct some electric currents – make sure your work desk during the day (when lamp is on and plugged in, since you need it to be) is NOT touching the metal bed, separated by at least an inch, so as not to conduct current all the way to you. Again cardboard can be placed between your desk and bed (in that situation) or under your desk Chair and Feet if the electric fields/current from the ceiling lights below you are coming up. Do not put cardboard completely under a desk that may be conducting electricity (say a laptop on top of it turned on) since that will prevent the electricity from grounding into the floor and thus build up, and effect the body moreso.

5. If you have a nearby (same wall) neighbor whose circuit breaker is turned on, putting your bed/sleeping furniture on the opposite wall may not be the best location if on a higher floor of a multifloor building – try moving the bed from location to location and see which gives the calmest sleep; mine works best in a spot furthest away from the center of the room but still with the feet near a neighbor whose circuit breaker is on – perhaps more electric fields come up from the light fixtures than through the neighbor’s wall.

Further Additions which helped me.

1. An additional word on Ungrounded Lamps (used with extension cord when circuit breaker for room shut off) on Floors 2+ (and maybe Floor 1/Ground floor) – it’s best to keep your work desk (and sleep bed/etc) as far away from them as possible.

2. And if there is Anything Conductive between the lamp and your work desk (i.e. metal bedframe) NOT to let the conductive thing touch your desk, especially if its other side is close to the lamp (or any other electric device on in your room plugged-in by extension cord) since it will conduct the electricity into your desk and thus you as you work, inflaming your body and disrupting your ability to think clearly.

3. Again, Flat Cardboard Boxes can be used to attempt to slightly reduce electric fields anywhere – I have taped pieces of cardboard to my lamp facing me, which reduce (I can feel) the emitting fields. I have also placed large flat cardboard boxes in 2 places blocking my lamp’s emissions towards my desk and body – I noticed reductions in my body’s irritation for all additions I made, and my body voltage goes down some. My body voltage meter shows my lamp emits electric fields for 7+ feet, although my trifield electric meter shows electric fields only a few inches away from any part of the lamp – thus I assume most people using electric or trifield meters (perhaps only cheaper ones) to measure electric fields will believe electric devices are only harmful to have a few inches from themselves, whereas they really need to be concerned for ~7+ feet for big devices such as standing lamps.

Body Voltage while Sleeping:
1. No Appliances Plugged Into Any Live Outlets in sleep room or nearby ones

2. No Conductive Paths To Your Bed or even nearby items – Since neighbor on the other side of my sleeping room’s wall leaves their circuit breaker on 24/7, the electric fields/current emitting from their live wires comes across the walls and floors of my room, such that if I were to create a path from wall or floor to my bed – which is completely electrically insulated from the floor by rubber risers and foam sleeping pad squares (cut from main pad) – i.e. a pillow touching the wall or falling onto the floor but leaning on my bed, then the pillow would create a Conductive Path such that the infecting electricity from my neighbor’s wiring would route into my bed, increasing my body voltage and significantly disrupting sleep. Thus I take extreme care not to have or accidentally create any Conductive Paths to my bed before I go to sleep or while I am sleeping (pillow/sheets falling off bed).

***There should also be no Conductive Paths to items nearby your bed. I sleep in an electrically insulating faraday cage structure made of flat cardboard boxes to reduce any incoming electric field emissions through the air (and air is nearly a vacuum, and has very low dielectric strength / low electric field insulation) -> if I touch my rectangular faraday cage structure to a wall (which has some electric current from my neighbor’s wiring), its ‘body voltage’ becomes increased and those fields emit onto my bed and my body while I am sleeping, increasing my body voltage and worsening sleep.

Very subtle and a small adjustment, but do not let nearby items (such as this faraday cage structure made of flat cardboard boxes and pvc pipes (pvc pipe surface must be covered completely to eliminate offgassing of dangerous VOCs over time, I taped thick paper onto mine)) touch surfaces with electrical current or there will likely be a transference of some voltage to you while sleeping. I also note I never let the faraday cage structure touch my bed (wood cot) as it already has some low voltage going through it, and I even put rubber rises / cut foam padding under the pvc pipe bottoms to prevent any current coming up from the floor into the pipes/structure, which would emit onto my bed.
A lot of information to assimilate, but my sleep is incredibly peaceful – I have an electrically sensitive body and I experience virtually NO irritation or inflammation from body voltage buildup while I am in the bed, awake or sleeping, when I follow all steps and setup the environment perfectly (other steps in my other posts). And this has been done in a multi-person apartment living setting with neighbors with live circuit breakers (one next to me and one below me).

POST TITLE: Work Space ES Improvements - Reading Books and Academic Texts - Unplugging External Keyboard and Ethernet while Reading, and Several Others
***Note: I do not know if these ideas are already on the web or have even been popularized, for I went through many EMF articles but not all and don’t have time to check. Nonetheless they are ones I did not come across in my search (or came across partially) but are valuable pieces of information that more people should know about. Whoever reads this, feel free to use any or all of the information however you please, best it gets out to at least the people who have the discipline to find it.

1. External Keyboard (and potentially mouse): My external keyboard Logitech K120 ($10) emits intermittent frequencies (IF) 2-3 feet in most directions, most dangerously towards my head (tested with an old-style static-sound emitting AM radio) – thus, I stay as far back while using it, and when not in use, I unplug it completely (i.e. reading long dense texts). This is because along with my laptop’s mainframe which also emits intermittent frequencies for 2-3 feet, the IF can affect/irritate the body such that you can not think clearly and cognize what you are reading as well or even consistently at all. If you think or test your mouse for high IF, you can unplug it while in use or get the $10 ball-roller mouse from LessEMF.com.

2. Ethernet: My ethernet cable, although a shielded one (the shielded one for $20 at LessEMF.com), actually draws electrical current/fields from the wall into my laptop, such that my body voltage readings rise significantly when it is plugged in, and it negatively impacts my ability to read quickly and clearly dense texts. Thus, experiment with unplugging your ethernet cable from the wall (or from computer probably works too) while reading to reduce body voltage and increase cognition.

3. -Lighting of Laptop Screen: Programs such as f.lux ought to be toyed and messed with frequently to discern the best computer-lighting for your task. Also the brightness of your computer screen ought to be changed in tandem to produce the best results. You can also buy a pair of glasses with Blue-Light reduction coating from EyeBuyDirect.com, along with other Digital Screen Protection features and even a prescription, all for about 1/2 or 1/3 of what you’d pay in-shop for a new pair (even with insurance). Or there are orange/similar-tinted glasses without prescriptions if you search around.

-Lighting of Room: The space behind your computer screen should be well-lit but not painful on the eyes – do not have anything dark or in-shadows behind your computers’ screen, or your brain will partially get the signal that it is nighttime and may secrete drowsiness-inducing chemicals. To achieve this, you can place a standing lamp (best with 3-prongs and in a true-ground outlet, but I have not found a 3-prong lamp for sale online) 10+ feet behind your computer screen, and if the shade is not thick enough or too bright, tape some cardboard or non-flammable material to the shade to reduce some of the intense light directly from the bulb/shade.

4. Distance from Computer – Although my laptop emits IF for ~3 feet from its mainframe, I sit with my head 4-5 feet from the screen and use a rolling desk-extender (in below pocket) for my mouse – this eliminates any potential reduction in cognition. Just zoom the screen/internet browser in and you’ll get bigger font to make text readable.

5. Take earbuds off while computer plugged in even if they are airtube: I can still feel my ears burning even though the e-fields are reduced from 200v/m to 10v/m shifting from normal to airtube earbuds.

Other things I tested:
1. $10 Ball and Roller Mouse from LessEMF.com – no intermittent frequency emissions at all except for ~3 inches below it, which does go through wood – thus no need to unplug it while reading for long periods of time.

2. $20 Plug-in Earbuds: Kinden airtube type, stops radiation from head about ~8 inches away – make sure the cord does not lean on your chest while your computer is plugged in/charging, or you will be putting ~200-300v/m on your chest, since the majority of the cord is not airtube, but contains the electric cable. If you use normal earbuds or headphones, it is highly important you ground your computer to a true ground, or the 200-300v/m you are putting into your head as fields and current will remove all possibility of consistent intelligent thought. Thus the poor intelligent-productivity condition of most people in society while using headphones/earbuds.

3. Air Filter or other plugged-in appliances in same room – These ought to be kept as far away from your work space as possible, since proximity can transfer electric currents/fields and thus increase you body voltage, and decrease your productivity for the same reasons explained earlier.

4. Plugged in computer – if your computer or laptop does need to be plugged in while you are using it (and it should not if you’re using a laptop – use its battery in the 40-80% range, with below 40% alerts (settable in control panel -> power options -> your current plan in use -> change plan settings -> advanced power settings -> scroll bottom / battery settings) and an 80% cap program), and you do not have a true ground outlet to ground your laptop with (if you do have a good ground (no dirty electricity/IF on your ground outlet, usually guaranteed on 1st floor, but not on floors 2+), then you can semi-ground your plugged in laptop with a metal object touching the laptop or back of your desk to the ground of your room, away from your feet – this will pull some of the electric currents/fields into it and the floor of your room. 1+ layers of cardboard can also be used under your feet and desk chair to reduce any electric fields/current which may be coming to your area through your room’s floor or from the room below you. I am sure there are better materials than cardboard layers (perhaps those of higher di-electric strength / breakdown voltage) but I have not tested other materials and cardboard (such as flat boxes) are very cheap and easy to get (Home Depot / Lowe’s).

If this material interests you, read the other posts I have put on this forum, they contain more useful material on reducing ES sources and I did not see them in any popularized articles when I swathed the web.
ADDITION 6/3/18:
Reducing Intermittent Frequencies (IF) From Wired Keyboard, Laptop Mainframe, and Wired Mouse
I have put aluminum foil underneath my desk to block IF from both my Wired Keyboard and Laptop Mainframe. 3 layers of aluminum foil significantly reduced the static picked up by my old style AM radio, and my legs feel more relaxed during long work sessions.

I am going to experiment with covering my $10 Ball and Roller mouse with aluminum foil on the top, since it continues to slightly irritate my hand. Even when I use 2-3 nitrile dishwashing gloves and a bigger latex dishwashing glove over that (for right hand) there is still some irritation (even with laptop unplugged / i.e. low electric fields).

I had put aluminum foil on a different mouse that emitted higher IF, but that caused the electric fields coming off the top of the mouse to jump from 200v/m to 300v/m when my laptop was plugged in. Since I occassionally use my laptop while plugged in (I don’t have any break tasks to do like eating, using the bathroom, or showering that would occupy the time my laptop takes to charge from 30%/40% to 80%), this jump to 300v/m was quite noticeable and actively irritated my hand. Perhaps I will aim to create a removeable glove-like cover of aluminum foil that can be removed when I use my laptop while plugged in.

ADDITION 6/8/18: Aluminum foil layers make it impossible to get a good grip on the mouse and thus point and click accurately, so sticking with the layered dishwashing gloves.

Computer Power Usage Reduction Method - can significantly improve ES while using computer.

The amount of power a computer uses is dictated by the current power setting (at least for Windows, idk Mac). To reduce ES and electric fields while using a computer (especially when plugged in), you can use the absolute minimum power required for your computer's functioning.

Control Panel -> Power Options -> Find 'Power Saver' -> Click on the 'Change plan settings' to the right of 'Power Saver' -> Change advanced power settings -> Now you will see a scroll list of multiple settings.


1. Power Saving -> Device idle policy -> Set both to Power savings

2. Wireless Adapter Settings - Power Saving Mode - Set both 'On battery' and 'Plugged in' to 'Maximum Power Saving' (note make sure it's not Maximum Performance, since they are worded similarly).

3. Graphics Settings (brand depends on your computer) -> Set both to Maximum Battery Life

4. PCI Express - Link State Power Management -> Set both to Maximum power savings

5. Processor power management
1. Minimum processor state -> Set both to 0%
2. System cooling policy -> Set both to Passive (Unless your computer is old and needs more fanning/AC, then keep them on Active if that's what they were already on)
3. Maximum processor state -> Set to 95% - If you set it to 100%, you give your computer the go ahead to overclock or go above 100% for some models, which it will do whenever it requires 100% or more of the processor. Thus 95% allows the computer to go from 0 to 95% if it needs to (almost maximum power) without risking power above 100%. You could also set it to lower than 95%, but that will likely slow down your processor speed in proportion to the decrease.

6. Multimedia settings - When playing video -> Set both to 'Optimize power savings'

7. Battery -> In here you can set up alerts for when your computer goes below a certain battery % threshold, such as 40% (it is wise to use laptops in the range 40-80% since the lithium ion battery lasts the longest (longest whole life) maintained within that range). Setting the Critical battery level to 40% and the Critical battery action to Sleep will force-sleep your computer to alert you and prevent any large drops below 40%. There are also various programs depending on your computer manufacturer for capping power charging at ~80%.
Click Ok or Apply, then go back to Control Panel -> Power Options, and make sure 'Power Saver' is selected. Your computer should be now running at minimum power requirements for any given task, thus reducing electric fields/current and ES. If your computer was already on High Performance or a higher energy burning setting, the change might even be noticeable on battery power, and especially while plugged in.

POST TITLE: Work Space ES - Removing Surge Protectors Completely from Same Room
Surge protectors may need to be removed from the same room that you are working in, if they are plugged and supplying power to an appliance (i.e. lamp). My body voltage levels are much higher with my surge protector inside my room, even though I am 8-9 feet away from it – the reason is likely my old metal bedframe (taking up ~5 feet width between myself and the SP) conducting the electric fields/current from the SP to my desk and my body – notably though, it was ~1 foot from the frame and the frame is ~6 inches from my desk, and I am 3 feet farther away in my chair.

WHY FIX?: Excessive body voltage makes it hard to think clearly and perform complex mental tasks while working, such as reading dense academic texts – the irritation, pain, inflammation, and perhaps neural synapse inhibition make sustained and memory-absorbing reading difficult.

SOLUTION: Put surge protector outside room – even though nothing else changes, including an ungrounded lamp (no 3rd prong) still plugged in on a floor 2+ which is only 1-2 feet from the metal bedframe too (little space available), my body voltage drops significantly while at my desk and I can feel my body’s inflammation/irritation reduce. Of course it reduces even more when I turn the lamp off and unplug the whole cord chain plugged into a farther away room, but no other way to get light on a higher floor. I have read about creating a grounded 3-prong lamp, but personally I am just going to move to the 1st floor and see if body voltage reduces when my lamp is properly grounded.

POST TITLE: Big Green Electrical Boxes (~5x5x5 feet) - Not Dangerous for More Than 2 Feet (Magnetic Fields)
Big Green Electrical Boxes (~5x5x5 feet) – Another concern for people may be green electrical boxes near their house or sleeping area, and potential electric field exposure. I have measured 3 of these with my Cornet ED88T meter and old style AM radio, and there are no dangerous fields for more than a few inches from these boxes, EXCEPT FOR 2 FEET away for magnetic fields. Thus, they are not a worry for homeowners, unless you sleep within 2 feet of one through a wall.

POST TITLE: Rubber Dishwashing/Similar Gloves May (Latex and/or 2-3 layered Nitrile) Help ES Sensitivity While Using Computers
***EDIT (5/22): Tested body voltages with my body voltage meter touching mouse with bare hand then touching mouse with glove on and had slightly higher body voltage with glove on, although my subjective results - with my body - still feel less irritation/inflammation with the gloves on, so perhaps it's their blocking of slight intermittent frequency emission or similar. (ADDITION) Yes the Ball and Roller mouse does actually emit high IF near its surface so that's why the gloves help. I just didn't have the AM Radio's volume up loud enough.

Rubber dishwashing/similar gloves help sensitivity while using Computers, and allow the body to relax and think correctly without disturbance. This is a significant method whereby I am working 14-17 hour days at my laptop - I believe that without these gloves, my body would inflame slightly more, and thus it become harder, more fatiguing, more painful, and I would require more rest to work continously.

Later additions, 5/9/18:
Personally I have found thick latex gloves help when using my laptop on battery power, but when plugged-in, I switch to 2 nitrile gloves (worn over each other), since after testing combinations those seem to reduce electric sensitivity to my plugged-in mouse/external keyboard the most. I don’t understand why exactly, just that both are rubber variations.

I also use NO mousepad, since I tested a few and they all amplified electric field exposures to the hand while my laptop is plugged in - my ball mouse works just fine on my wood desk surface. I use my mouse on my extend-out lower part of my wood desk, so that it stays 8+ inches at all times away from my external keyboard, which I keep just in front of my laptop, since my external keyboard (Logitech K120 $10) emits intermediate frequencies (as identified by my old style AM radio) for 1-2 feet away from it in all directions - thus the emissions do not reach my face and are reduced near my hand - since the mouse is on the lower extend-out piece, the upper top part of my desk is also acting as a blocker for the several inches to my hand from the external keyboard (and laptop, which's mainframe/keyboard emits intermediate frequencies for a foot or so as well).
My Cornet ED88T shows no e-field emissions, radio frequency emissions, or magnetic fields anywhere on the surface of my mouse ($10 ball roller from LessEMF.com). My old style AM radio shows significant intermediate frequencies generated near the mouse surface, so (ADDITION) that must be the problem. Thus I highly recommend the $10 Ball Roller Mouse from LessEMF.com to any electrically sensitive (and normal) people, although (ADDITION) now I see the irritation was caused by IF and thus explains why dishwashing gloves help to some degree.

I have tested taping aluminum foil tightly over the surface of my mouse to reduce intermediate frequencies which, I believe, were the cause of irritation of my hand while using my laptop on battery power. However, I stopped since the foil made something worse, perhaps slightly amplifying the electric fields on the mouse surface and thus current into my hand, and certainly amplified the electricity going into my hand while my computer was plugged in (ED88T showed jump from 200v/m to 300v/m with aluminum foil on surface while laptop plugged in).

ADDITION 6/8/18: Perhaps the RF/EF shielding gloves from LessEMF will help. I may buy them, although after further testing I have realized my Ball and Roller mouse does emit quite a bit of IF, and multiple layers of aluminum make it impossible for me to get a clean grip on the mouse, so I have stuck with the dishwashing gloves.

POST TITLE: Multiple E-Field/other solutions+experiences+recommendations that I have not seen on popular EMF sites
This is mostly repeated information from above, I tried to bold anything new.

Re-Pasting an old post I made on a different account, weeks before I started this Large List. It has some more useful information I discovered as a result of experimenting with my living situation, information that was not explicitly flushed out in the above lists.
1. (Repeat of above info) I live in an apartment and cannot turn off the circuit breaker to a neighboring room or the room under me, both affecting my sleep and work space (my room's CB is off). To counteract the electric fields from my neighbor's circuit breaker I am experimenting with using cardboard shielding and wax paper, due to the high dielectric strength / breakdown voltage of each (good cheap electric field insulators) which have made my sleep and work more peaceful - a good recommendation for others. Notably I am not certain putting cardboard under my desk is helpful since my laptop's electricity cannot ground fully (only use laptop on battery power, outlet/metalpipes on multifloor building higher floors when grounded amplify e-fields), although having cardboard under my chair and feet are noticeably better since they reduce the electricity from the ceiling light / wiring under me. I have the Cornet ED88T Trifield meter but it does not detect any e-fields when my body can feel the current/e-fields, and my body voltage meter does not work properly on floors 2+.

2. I sleep on a wood cot, but the voltage from the floor below is such that the wood conducts electricity - I am using rubber squares/risers on all 6 feet which significantly reduce the amount of current that comes into the cot from the floor; I also have 2 layers of cardboard covering my floor which noticeably help sleep too (body is sensitive to almost any current). I have also experimented with insulating bed sheets, and find that acrylic (wool-like) blanket reduces electric current/fields I feel in the cot a decent amount, and a plastic tarp and foam sleeping pad on top of the cot help a little. Polyester sheets/comforters are hard to tell, perhaps slightly worse, and cotton sheets/comforters are noticeably worse (conduct electric current/fields).

3. I have a metal bed frame / bed springs in close proximity to my work/sleep area that I cannot remove that conducts and emits electric fields to some degree while I am working (since room CB off and using lamp from bathroom outlet for lighting), and am experimenting with cardboard/wax paper blocking the bed to reduce electric fields. I have found that taping cardboard to the side of my ungrounded lamp facing me does reduce the electric fields I feel coming off of it (cannot ground since 2nd floor and higher of building have improper grounding outlets / metal water pipes under sink, have tested and they amplify e-fields when grounding).

4. Perhaps grounding of my building is improper or this is the case for all multi-floor buildings, but I tested residual electric fields and their ability to ground on multiple floors and found that all floors 2+ electricity does not fully ground and builds up in my body to a slight degree (perhaps since circuit breaker on in under-floor ceiling lights below) but on the 1st floor electricity grounds and I can feel the reduction in body voltage / residual electric current/fields in my body. Also my body voltage meter only works on the 1st floor of my building, all other floors give a faulty 0.000'd out reading or near it, due to bad outlet grounding or too much electricity on the grounding outlet.

5. Using SwissShield New Daylite to shield from a nearby cell tower on my window, which I can feel a noticeable disturbance about 0-5 feet away from shielding - probably since CB wires of neighbor run 1-2 feet away from shielding - have moved desk 5 feet+ away and put blackout curtain over shielding, seem to help.

6. Created 3-5 faraday cages of aluminum foil and mylar sheeting when I believed the nearby cell tower was the cause of my insomnia until I realized the electric current and fields were the greater cause. Aluminum foil works fine when properly grounded as an e-field shielder. Many people are recommending aluminum foil without addressing the possibility of incorrect grounding causing e-field amplification, which when I shielded and tried to ground to bad outlets and even bad metal water pipes, nearly killed me twice.

7. Most valuable information I have for life in general I have all learned from the Divine Truth organization, which is run by a couple - A.J. Miller and Mary Luck - who claim to be Jesus and Mary from the bible/1st century, and claim they were in the spirit world (higher dimensions of universe) for last 2000 years and reincarnated to emphasize with the current human condition and teach the deeper secrets of life/universe. If you listen intently to their material for 30 minutes or so (any of it, although they have 1000s of hours of videos on youtube (all be them obscure from mainstream), you will be able to tell for yourself whether it is true. I spent 7 years studying all spirituality on the internet, all the big names and organizations, smaller most loving ones, and obscure ones, in every sector and differential of spirituality, and I can claim that Divine Truth is exceedingly the most valuable. They are the only people in spirituality to fully claim reincarnation is bullshit (aside from Spiritualism / Ethel Rowe), that we're in a universe with a loving God whose love we can receive, and that this is the first life for all of us (minus themselves and a few other reincarnated people), a nursery (earth life) as seen by God / higher spirits, that lets us become self-aware, self-conscious, and learn to use our free will, before we go to the higher dimensions/spirit world and live more directly through our spirit bodies. Again, 30 minutes or so and if you listen you will be able to tell. Thank you for the great site.

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HUGE LISTS of ES/EHS SOLUTIONS - A LOT OF NEW INFO 4 years 7 months ago #2

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Thank you so much for this Brandon. Hugely helpful amount of information for those affected!
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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HUGE LISTS of ES/EHS SOLUTIONS - A LOT OF NEW INFO 4 years 7 months ago #3

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Glad to help. Whoever reads it feel free to use the information however you want, and good luck with your own situation.
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