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TOPIC: Need Advice! Please Help!

Need Advice! Please Help! 4 years 10 months ago #1

Have been sick on and off all my life. Recently was diagnosed by a hospital with "presumed" Colitis. I experience muscle pain constantly and have uncontrollable muscle twitching. On multiple occasions I've had what feels like stabbing pains in my rectum that are so intense I scream with each stabbing pain.
I'm 25 and have had digestive issues and bouts of violent flu-like symptoms ever since I was a young child. When eating I become severely tired, almost as though I've become intoxicated by something. No more than a couple minutes after eating a meal my mind and body feel foaty, like the feeling of being under the influence of some sort of drug.
I don't know why I have had these experiences or why I have not been diagnosed for sure. I suspect this account will help me to figure this all out. I've never taken to the internet with my medical issues and for the most part always tried to hide it but, recently my health has begun to worsen and I am desperate for help. I don't currently have medical insurance and life fairly healthy due to horrible acid attacks I experience frequently.
My new main concerns are about the unusual tension headaches as the emergency room had put it. My brain, scull and eyes feel like they are bulging out of my head. The tension and the pain from the head aches paired with the trance-like state take hold of me at some of worst times. The headaches triggers nausia and before I know it I'm on the ground with everything spinning and my heart thumping loud. Sometimes I cannot get back up for long periods of time. I spend much of my time laying down in the fetal position sleeping the day away.
I do everything in my power to live a healthy life. I feel tired 100% of the time so much so, that I could close my eyes and fall asleep sitting up. The constant fatigue and landing in the hospital every other month sometimes earlier than that makes daily activities feel impossible. Maybe someone can help me fix me?
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