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TOPIC: Blood Type Diet

Blood Type Diet 14 years 4 months ago #1

  • JackieT
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Due to some dental surgery, I had to limit what I ate for a while. To make every meal count, I starting following the Eat Right for Your Blood Type book which I have had on the shelf for years. There are three categories of foods.

Beneficial are the foods that act like medicine, Neutral are the foods that act like foods and Avoid are the foods that act like poison for that particular blood type.

Oddly enough, sticking to the beneficial list only for the first two weeks resulted in my muscle burning and body pain lessening considerably. Eating foods on the avoid list brought on the usual feeling of weakness and fatiquethat is part of ME/CFS/FM. The neutral list foods seems to bring no reaction, neither improvement or worsening of the ME/CFS/FM.

The improvement was significant enough to mention here.

Hopefully others will have the same success :)
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Re:Blood Type Diet 14 years 4 months ago #2

  • Maff
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Many thanks for sharing your experience with the blood type diet. Great to hear you've had success with it :)

I have to admit this is something I have never tried personally, though I am aware of the idea. For those who aren't, the basic premise is that your blood type is an indicator of your ancestry and depending on the types of people you are descended from your body is set up to handle different kinds of food.

For example, people with type O blood are said to have the body chemistry of a hunter-gatherer and thus require a diet high in meat and low in grains. In contrast people with type A have the body chemistry that developed when people began farming and developed agriculture. They supposedly do better on a more vegetable and grain based diet.

The theory is that just like giving someone a transfusion of the wrong type of blood causes a strong immune reaction, eating the wrong diet for your blood type also causes immune reactions, albeit much less dramatically, and this leads to symptoms and disease.

Dr Peter D’Adamo developed the theory and wrote the 'Eat Right for your Type' book. His theory is controversial but there are a lot of people like Jackie who report that it seems to work!

It would be great to hear others experiences with the blood type diet....<br /><br />Post edited by: Maff, at: 2008/02/20 22:05
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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Re:Blood Type Diet 14 years 4 months ago #3

Hi Jackie,

I'm glad to hear the success you have had with the Blood Type Diet.

I was given the book to read and critique (people do that to me for some reason) and I was skeptical until I read the Avoid list:

Cashews (love them - makes me sick)
Vanilla (love it - makes me sick)
Cauliflower (used to grow it side-by-side with Broccoli. Broccoli no reaction/Cauliflower made me sick)

That was enough to convince me that he had predictive ability. So I studied the book and understood that it was based on science - the only diet book that I know of. His work explains WHY the Atkins Diet and the Okinawan diet works for only a select parts of the population (type O and type A respectively).

Detractors line up like Religious denominations to criticize his work, some citing that it is only a rotation diet that avoids major universal allergens. I find that you would have to be a millionaire to do ANY rotation diet properly and if you stick to the blood type diet you will have benefits.

There are a few exceptions that do not relate to his basic premise.

Type O should avoid wheat, but barley is OK. Barley has gliadin that is a form of gluten but the lectin itself may not be a problem. Anyone reacting to grain may have an overgrowth of protozoa or yeast that thrive on starch. You practically need a PhD in medicine and pharmacology to sort things out these days, but the basic info is out there if you persevere.

I know people who lost weight and kept it off for the first time after following the diet.

Best wishes
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