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TOPIC: Abnormal brain response to cholinergic challenge in chronic encephalopathy from the 1991 Gulf War

Re: Abnormal brain response to cholinergic challenge in chronic encephalopathy from the 1991 Gulf War 6 years 9 months ago #19

Karen, i was just wondering if you were out there still fighting for some justice.
Things have moved on quite some way for myself.
I have been diagnosed with autoimmune hypopitiuitarism.
Mean I have to take hydrocortisone 3 times a day at the moment. I'm waiting for another assesment to see which others I hormones I require once my body has become used to the hydrocortisone.
There's an endocrinology team at hull, run by a prof Atkin. So far he has diagnosed 17 out of 19 gulf vets with this extremely rare disease. Could be worth speaking with someone at the NGVFA, who will point you n the right direction.
I hope that one day you get the answers you seek.
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Re: Abnormal brain response to cholinergic challenge in chronic encephalopathy from the 1991 Gulf War 5 years 1 month ago #20

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Hi Karen,I am so sorry about your loss..I just register here for you because I read you comments.I was not in the war and nobody I now was but I read about the gulf war syndrome and all the symtoms matched another "illness" in fact is a poison with fluoroquinolone antibiotics.People that was poisoned with FQ call themselves Floxies.I strongly believe you husband has been given preventive fluoroquinolones antibotics for infection and that was the results.I strongly recommend you to ask for his medical records The FQ antibiotics in fact is a chemotherapic drug but the Gp's give to normal pacients without knowing has a devastating side effects. I am one of the" floxies" I have been floxed 13 yers because I had a sinus infection they give me Ciprofloxacin,Avelox and Norfloxacin.This was left me nearly disabled and when I went to the dr they find was nothing wrong with me All the blood test was come back normal?! I had and still have now some of the side effects.I find an article where they was talking about given this FQ to soldiers in a gulf war and they thought that may be the cause of this so called Syndrome. For you to now what this drugs do when you take them( is enough to take only 2 tablets to become ill ) the fluoroqunolne pass the blood brain barrier and enter all the tissue in the body but deplets the organism of all the vitamins ,minerals all the nutriens a body need to survive With another words,the organs become like 90 yrs old people and next thing is the death.I want you to look into it and find groups on Facebook or check the link between fluoroquinolone and the gulf war syndrome and see for yourself that this is the answer what you looking for.They don't want to admit that this drugs cause disability to million people around a glob because they make money on it,we talking big money here..I will write here if anybody else has this problem to buy a book is called The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity solution
the only book that brings a little light to people suffering from FQ.I think this book was called before the Levaquin toxicity solution or something like tthat..I am taking the protocol from this book now,I cannot say I am cured but I feel a lot better..
I wish you all the best and again so sorry for you loss...Vera
here is one link :http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/01/06/gulf-war-illness-tied-to-cipro-antibiotics/
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