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TOPIC: Gulf War Syndrome symptoms

Gulf War Syndrome symptoms 5 years 9 months ago #1

I am a veteran's child and I am now 22 with illnesses that happened all throughout my life.
I currently suffer from dizziness, derealization, and severe headaches. Those are my main symptoms. I am on here to see if this is what is causing my unexplained health problems. I have not been diagnosed with anything.
My dad served infantry as a marine 1990-1991 during the oil well fires that lasted 9 months. He has a terrible cough to this day and back problems. He still has joint pain and spasms and sleep disturbances.
I am very convinced I did not just wake up with these problems for no reason. I am beginning to think it is from vaccines or those oil wells or chemicals he was exposed to. I been sick my whole life and I cannot work, or finish school.
Can someone give feedback and can anyone relate?
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