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TOPIC: safety of chelation which one?

Re:safety of chelation which one? 11 years 11 months ago #7

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I am no physician, and my only knowledge is from undergoing problems with mercury amalgam illness, and reading for that.

I will try to answer your questions in order. Your best bet is to get on the yahoo adult-metal-chelation and frequent-low-dose groups, so many folks more knowledgeable than me, and all willing to help.

re: urine challenge test. Andy Cutler advises that this is both meaningless, and may worsen one's condition. But it is done, so never mind. Get a Hair Elements Test from doctor's data soon. Folks on the groups do a splendid analysis of hair test results.

re: liver, stool, genetic tests: seem fine, you and the DR will learn more about your condition.You are missing one more set: a full endocrine panel, with sex-hormones, adrenals, and full-thyroid (see stopthethyroidmadness.com): namely, the TSH is useless, you need free T4, free T3, and reverse T3 at least.

re: doctor quals: after the hair test, we may know if you have mercury at the root of your problems. We need someone trained, but also experienced, specifically in chelation,
but IMO, Andy Cutler protocol is the safest. If the doc suggests DMPS via IV, run very far away from him, perhaps to a different state ;) (see dmpsbackfire.com)

re: 200g whey protein seems very high, over the longer term it may affect kidney if you can't digest that well. May want to get creatinine and BUN tests, check if creatinine is high. whey protein prob. works for you because it is a precursor to glutathione, a powerful anti-oxidant that helps clear mercury from the body.
If kidneys ok, confirm with doctor, then keep going with the whey, but do test kidneys every couple months.

re: Vitamin C: is great. Take 4-12g in divided doses throughout the day, buffered C is better than straight sodium ascorbate, latter can affect teeth enamel. Some people have tried sodium ascorbate (the actual vitamin C)
via IV, building from about 10g to as much as 30, 40g, about once a week. I have not. You could ask your doc on this, pl. do check, do NOT do IV on your own, even with a
nurse's help. Also, you need to add back lots of minerals
on high doses of C, you could try the electrolyte formula on the yahoo groups, or simple, just buy Alacer ElectroMix and take one packet in water everyday.

re: disability is government stuff, takes 4-8 months!, no guarantees of getting it even if you really unwell. But, since your doc said apply, that is a good sign, perhaps he/she can write a good recco for it. Good luck with this.

re: yeast: yes, this is a huge problem for so many, esp. for those with mercury issues. I can give suggestions, if you want to work on yeast stuff. Most tests for yeast through are inconclusive, except the 'organic acid test', $$. Best just start yeast treatments (my suggestions are all herbal and diet), if you have symptoms (mental fog? carpal tunnel?).

re: not starting chelation, according to doc: makes sense, let's see where you stand with all the tests, but definitely get the Hair Elements done, you can order it yourself, about $80, that will tell you about toxic metals and minerals, and possible mercury issues.

re: organo-phosphates. Sorry, I know nothing at all about these. If I have time, I will do some reading.

Best Wishes, may you get well soon.
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