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TOPIC: Cutler Protocl

Cutler Protocl 9 years 9 months ago #1

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Hi Everyone,

I've lurked on EI before and have decided to post some information regarding my experiences in dealing with my health issues, all of which, I believe derive from mercury amalgam poisoning. In seeing the topics listed under the Heavy Metals here on EI, I feel the need to share that the only safe manner of chelation is to maintain as constant a level of chelators (DMPS, DMSA and ALA) in the blood for multiple day periods. Dr. Andy Cutler has been an advocate for this protocol, which is also known as low-dose or frequent dose chelation.

The Cutler protocol, in a nutshell involves:

1) Removal of all dental amalgam from the body;

2) Waiting a minimum 3-day period before starting DMPS or DMSA (which removes mercury from the body);

3) Waiting at least three months, and possibly longer, to start ALA (which removes mercury from the brain);

4) DMPS has a half-life of eight hours in the body, DMSA three to four hours and ALA three to four hours. Which means that these chelators need to be taken on the half-life only.

5) These chelators need to be taken for multiple dose periods, 2.75 days minimum, in periods called rounds.

The medical profession recommends taking drugs on the half-life, but many in the alternative community, where anyone with metal poisoning ends up since mainstream medicine treats us like malingering freaks, haven't got this concept down. Taking chelators either via IV or single oral doses stirs up a lot of mercury and causes what is known as redistribution, which means that mercury is moving around and perhaps settling from less dangerous areas of the body to more dangerous areas (like the brain). Redistribution is greatly reduced if chelation is done in multi-day rounds. Anyone can check out DMPS-backfire webpage to see the sort of results that people get with IV chelation and challenge tests. DMPS is safe when taken orally on the half-life, but it can mess you up via IV or single dose.

I had my amalgams out two years ago (Dr. Lagos in Tijuana, Mexico) and have 64 rounds of chelation under my belt, I can say that I've had big improvements from chelation. I was pretty sick when I started so I was at the very low end of the spectrum as far as dosing goes (6.25 mg DMPS and 1 mg ALA) and have gotten as high as 18.75 mg DMPS and 33 mg ALA.

So I'd recommend anyone who potentially feels that heavy metal toxicity plays a part in their EI, which I feel it pretty much does for anyone, to check out the Yahoo Group Frequent Dose Chelation.

In health,

Mary Ellen
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