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TOPIC: The Relationship between Vita B-12 and Mercury

The Relationship between Vita B-12 and Mercury 12 years 8 months ago #1

Hi, I came across the information below on the website below and am concerned about this because upon my first visit to my doctor in June, he put me on 25 mg (41,667%DV). He also mentioned that I probably had mercury fillings but I didn't know the danger of them then, so we did not discuss the topic further.

Now that I am becoming informed about the dangers of mercury in the body and read the information below, I am wondering what I can do to heal my body. I have been on the mega-dose of B-12 for the better part of four months.

I hope reading this will help someone else. Does anyone have further data about this apparent contradiction in research and clinical practice?
Thank you.

(source cited)
\"8. Why is vitamin B-12 as a supplement or additive dangerous?
Many Universities have published articles on the ability of Vitamin B-12 to convert mercury vapor into the much more deadly \"Methyl mercury\". Methyl mercury knows no barriers, and creates far more havoc than other mercury chemicals, because of its ability to travel anywhere in the body without inhibitions. Sometimes the effects of high doses of Vitamin B-12 (over 50 micrograms) take months to correct.\"
(source cited)
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Re:The Relationship between Vita B-12 and Mercury 12 years 8 months ago #2

  • bolam56
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Interesting post! Been surfing around on this and found some more info here: www.howweheal.com/vitaminb12.htm

\"(12) Inorganic mercury is known to accumulate on the BBB. It is thought that it oxidises the cobalt atom in methylcobalamin, making it far less able to cross the barrier. Inorganic mercury is thus a creator of deficiency of B12 in the nervous system and symptoms usually attributed to mercury toxicity in the brain and nerves are due to its effect on B12. Inorganic mercury exposure is most commonly from mercury amalgam dental fillings and vaccines. Psychiatrist John Dommisse in the USA claims to have reversed 100% of his pre-Alzhemiers patients with the use of methylcobalamin as well as many cases of depression. Methylcobalamin is highly recommended by the Swedish Association of Dental Mercury Patients. It has been used successfully in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia - more than 60% of these patients have tested for low levels in the cerebrospinal fluid. It has been used successfully as part of treatments in Autism, Schizophrenia and Multiple Sclerosis and has great potential in Parkinson's Disease and Muscular Dystrophy as well as other neurological or psychological disorders. In such cases intramuscular injections or sublingual liquids or lozenges of methylcobalamin are maximally effective in combating deficiency symptoms since they by-pass the complex absorption process in the intestines. There is no evidence for toxicity of methylcobalamin. Up to 40mg per day has been used therapeutically in some cases. Large doses have been used since it must overwhelm the effect of any mercury on the BBB.\"

Looks like a catch 22... B-12 can methylate mercury, but inorganic (un-methylated) mercury can cause serious neurological B-12 deficiency! Let's look into this further.
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Re:The Relationship between Vita B-12 and Mercury 12 years 8 months ago #3

I was just about to lay down because my resting heart rate is 126, the highest it has ever been. I was sitting at the computer, then went to wash dishes, and noticed it speed up, so I took it and came to lay down when I saw your post. I'm scared. Can anyone help me? I don't want to be alone right now.

bolam56, I read your post and am uncertain if I should take the B-12 or not. I may have done the worst thing in the world because after not seeing the doctor for eight weeks, I decided to take only one pill every two or three days, and I halfed them for a while too. So I didn't \"overwhelm\" mercury with 44 mg. I may have opened doors and escorted the mercury out to go where it wants to. :( Could my symptoms be caused by female hormone imbalance? I know very little about that too.

I'm totally not a doctor; I need a doctor who will run tests to determine what to target and then offer treatments. I can make payments. I live in Oregon west of Salem. Please help me now.

balam56, thanks for any further research you share. I'll send something if I find more. Be well.

Thank you,
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Re:The Relationship between Vita B-12 and Mercury 12 years 8 months ago #4

  • bolam56
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Sorry you're having a tough time tonight gr8tful4life,

Don't know what to say other than if you're having a bad reaction to something I'd stop taking it until I could get back with my doc. I don't think lowering your dose as you did could cause problems. If you've been supplementing any amount B-12 since June, you shouldn't have a critical shortage.

Do you have a drug store near by that has one of those free blood pressure machines? Lots of our stores around San Diego have them. You might start going through the phone book and ask them. If your pulse is high, I would wonder if your blood pressure is OK.

If your pulse keeps rising or your blood pressure is not normal, you may have to bite the bullet and find an urgent care. I hope it doesn't come to that... You might pick up swine flu in the waiting room. It's all over San Diego. I'm recovering from it myself. Not as bad as advertised, but I'm 53 and may have partial immunity. I've been taking vitamin D too, and that is supposed to help.

I'm not a doctor either, so take my advise with a grain of salt.

Hope you're OK... Let us know how you're doing.

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Re:The Relationship between Vita B-12 and Mercury 12 years 8 months ago #5

Hi bolam56, I'm glad you are getting over swine flu! I heard on www.knowthecause.com/ that the symptoms are exactly the same as the \"lesser\" serious flu, but I think it is important to keep our immune systems strong by taking Vita D (and other supplements.) I try to walk everyday in the sunshine, but right now Oregon can get kind of gray.

Yes today was a \"bad\" day for me. Sorry to sound like a baby about it in my last post. I admit to being afraid of heartbeat abnormalities, mercury--and dentists. I stayed inside all day and really missed my sunshine walk (but I bounced on the Rebound trampoline). When the heartrate jumped as I entered the kitchen this morning, I should have realized that there was something in the environment/air. It is difficult to remember things like that when the reactions persist for long periods of time and in many different environmental elements. However, that jump in heartrate turns out to be a notable clue. What I realized is that now that I am keeping doors and windows closed more, this old house is retaining mold. The level of mold probably wouldn't bother most people, but it certainly does me. So I brought my air purifiers into my room and am \"hybernating\" in here throughout the night. I'm okay now. My heart rate is quieter, slower, and the lesser disturbing symptoms are minimal. Today's experience punctuates the fact that I must move into a better air quality home as soon as possible.

You have a good idea to check blood pressure when the heart races. I think I'll do that. Thanks for the reminder. I'm looking for a different doctor...

So about B-12, I plan to ask the dentist if they think I should discontinue it. I imagine they will say yes because they are the folks who gave me the website. I'm looking into amalgam removal but not sure when/if I'll get it done. I would like to be an informed consumer before making a decision. It will be interestlng to hear what they say about my megadoses of B-12. If anything they say might be useful, I'll pass it on.

Are you taking large doses of B-12 too? Are you concerned about the level of mercury in your body?

Thanks for caring and have a great day in sunny San Diego. B)


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Re:The Relationship between Vita B-12 and Mercury 12 years 7 months ago #6

  • bolam56
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I do take B-12... Sub lingual. Mostly because I'm a bit of an \"oldster\". 53 \"years young\" as we say after we reach the half century mark, and oldsters are spozed to have B-12 problems.

I also worry about mercury. Funny story... Where I used to work, they provided us with a \"free lunch\"... Tuna sandwiches... Same thing EVERY DAY. I used to have one or two at lunch time, and then, being a bachelor, would check out the break room during cleanup time and often eat a couple more before I went home so I wouldn't need to make dinner. Did this for almost 10 years!

Perhaps this contributed to how I developed my MCS.

I feel B-12 is important, and if it is methylating organic mercury from all that tuna I ate for so many years, I'm banking on chelating the mercury as it is released with supplements I take for glutathione support. NAC and Vitamin C. As I'm in remission with my MCS, I'm hoping I'm doing the right thing.

Perhaps methylating the mercury sitting around in my tissues and chelating it out of my system at the same time is a good thing... I don't know. I just don't want to starve myself of B-12, even if in means mobilizing dormant mercury. I want that stuff OUT of my body, before I'm old enough to start suffering from degenerative diseases.
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