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TOPIC: Inositol for mood and sleep regulation

Inositol for mood and sleep regulation 11 years 8 months ago #1

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My doctor recently recommended I start powdered inositol to assist with some of the mood/cognitive/sleep problems that have become more and more pronounced as I proceed in my recovery--you really never know what that next layer of the onion will bring!

Recently, I have had fluctuating symptoms of feelings of fear, anxiety, uncontrollable repetitive thoughts, and depression that seemingly have no discernible trigger. I do not have a history of emotional disorders, and have used meditation and breathing exercises until this point to assist in calming these symptoms. However, symptoms have become so overwhelming that I needed additional assistance. I had tried Vitamin D3 (which made my symptoms worse), L-Theanine, and Mucuna pruriens to not much success.

Inositol, however, showed immediate effects for me at a relatively low dose of 600mg (compared to studies suggesting dosages up to 20 grams). It worked so well in fact, that for the first time in over a month I did not need to take Melatonin to fall asleep.

On the downside, I would not hesitate to say it worked TOO well, giving me an almost drugged up feeling similar to being on pain medication or being stoned. It was a relief not to feel the intense emotional feelings, but at the same time a bit uncomfortable to feel drugged up. I will most likely try half the dosage and see what results are obtained.

As always, hope this is helpful for folks out there and welcome any others who have experiences.
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