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TOPIC: alcohol and MCS??

Re:alcohol and MCS?? 9 years 7 months ago #7

  • bolam56
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Hi Maff, & thanks for the kind words...

Amazing how \"aldehydes\" keep popping up in relation to so many of our problems.

I remember reading on your old site (ahh nostalgia) that \"dark room disease\" was the first condition that main stream medicine recognized as a legitimate chemical sensitivity, and \"glutaraldehyde\" was the cause.

Our cold soak disinfectant is glutaraldehyde based also, and many nurses became sensitized. Some had to leave the profession. For years they told us \"you can't be allergic to aldehydes, and the low levels in the air can't make you sick\". It was only when large numbers of disabled nurses pitched a fit that they said \"OK it looks like there's a problem with this stuff\".

Low level formaldehyde in the FEMA trailers the hurricane Katrina refugee's are living in is making them sick too.

The guy/gal who discovers what it is about even low level Aldehydes that makes some people so sick should get a Nobel Prize.

Perhaps it will be you, with your new \"supereducated\" brain!

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Re:alcohol and MCS?? 9 years 7 months ago #8

  • virginia
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My wife has MCS and has undergone PLX which has helped a lot, but she still gets badly affected when she goes into public places where there are scented products, or when we get smoke from neighbour's fires, wafting in our direction. We would love to have a full cure and resume our pre-MCS lives!!

Please can you tell us where to get \"PPC\" and \"NAC\" and what \"NAC\" is and where we could get advice on how much to take of each?

Thanks in anticipation

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Re:alcohol and MCS?? 9 years 7 months ago #9

  • Maff
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Hi Alastair,

It's good to hear that Virginia has benefitted from PLX and it may be that continued oral therapy will bring the further improvements she needs so you can resume your pre-MCS lives ;)

There are quite a few of us who have completely recovered including some using purely oral PPC and other supplements.

As the owner of this website I use www.iherb.com as a source of income (I get commission on referred sales) but I genuinely recommend them and have bought my own supplements from them for years. They offer high quality supplements at highly discounted rates and have fantastic customer service - not to mention lightning fast shipping (even overseas). You will find high quality brands of both PPC and NAC there.

NAC stands for N-Acetyl-Cysteine and is an amino acid precursor to glutathione - the body's master antioxidant and detoxifier. It complements the actions of PPC so taking them together should enhance therapeutic benefits.

Typical doses of NAC would be 1000-1500mg per day while doses of PPC should be at least 1600mg per day. bolam56 attributes his recovery from MCS to oral PPC so he may be able to offer better advice on dose. There should be no problem taking 3 times the above amount however.

HepatoPro by Life Extension is a high quality, highly recommended PPC product but is expensive. Cheaper brands are also available if cost is a problem and are likely to be perfectly good alternatives.

You should be fine with mid-priced brands of NAC.

Good luck and all my best to Virginia.
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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Re:alcohol and MCS?? 9 years 7 months ago #10

  • bolam56
  • bolam56's Avatar
Hi Alastair, If PLX helped your wife, oral PPC is a natural continuation of a therapy that worked for her.

PPC (polyenylphosphatidylcholine) is a polyunsaturated form of Lecithin with a substantially higher phosphatidylcholine content and a much higher ratio of DLPC (Dilinoleoylphosphatidylcholine) than simple Lecithin. It is as close as you can get to the I.V. solution used in Phospholipid Therapy.

I believe the American Lecithin Company makes all the PPC sold in the U.S... It sells PPC under the brand name \"PhosChol\" under its sister company \"Nutrasal\"
It is also re-branded and sold as \"HepatoPro\" from Life Extension Foundation, and PPC from Source Naturals. I think PhosChol is the cheapest and freshest PPC you will find.

www.nutriessential.com has the lowest price I have seen at $61.95 for 100 gelcaps. Here's their PhosChol page: www.nutriessential.com/search_results.as...4D7D905095869F15FB9C

They say the shelf life of PPC is two years (from date of manufacture), but PPC is polyunsaturated and will oxidize, so I never buy more than the 100 count bottles so it is fresh as possible.

I took 3 PPC per day when I first started on this therapy, but once I was in full remission I cut back to two a day. I'm such a big believer in phospholipid therapy, I even sprinkle granular lecithin on my cat's food!

The membrane of every cell in your body is composed of phospholipids and cholesterol, but more importantly, the membranes of the mitochondria (inside the cell) where ATP (power) is generated are also phospholipid membranes.

When mitochondrial membranes are damaged, they hemorrhage ROS (reactive oxygen species) into the cell, damaging the cell and causing it to die early (apoptosis). When many cells in your body are dying before their time, this puts a tremendous strain on the body, and diverts vital nutrients to cell regeneration.

NAC is N-Acetyl Cysteine... A cheap and simple generic supplement made and sold under many different labels. I like \"now\" brand from www.iherb.com as it contains trace elements molybdenum and selenium. I take one or two per day, depending on my chemical exposures. It is best to take NAC on an empty stomach... Something they don't say on the label.

N-Acetyl Cysteine is the precursor to glutathione, the bodies master anti-oxidant. A shortage of glutathione can cause pathological detoxification, as it forces your body to rely on other detoxification pathways which are often less efficient than glutathione conjugation.

It is recommended that one take Vitamin B complex with NAC to mop up any homocysteine formed during metabolism of this supplement.

Vitamin C helps recycle spent glutathione back into a usable form again, so it's a good idea to take this also.

Both of these supplements are very easy on the tummy and I have no side effects, other than remarkably good health!

Good Luck, and GodSpeed.
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Re:alcohol and MCS?? 2 years 4 months ago #11

  • Millakiwi
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There is a direct pathway from the nose into the central part of the “old” animal brain, or limbic system, which is involved in governing sleep, mood, eating, aggression, and other very basic survival behaviors. Limbic “kindling” refers to the process of sensitizing nerve tissue...try valium.
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