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TOPIC: MCS and amalgam fillings

MCS and amalgam fillings 13 years 4 months ago #1

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I've been meaning to put my story 'out there' in case anyone is thinking that maybe having amalgams removed will help MCS symptoms.

I have had mine out - I still have some MCS symptoms but I'm not crippled by it and I have my life back again & my symptoms, tho not cleared up, are now comparatively mild.

My advice to anyone contemplating having amalgams removed is: find a dentist who will test which ones are giving off the most mercury vapour, have
those taken out first and see if you notice any difference.

This is my looooong history of trying to find out what was wrong with me - and this is the short version!

1996 I had weakness grogginess and brain fog with severe itching at night.

Classical blood tests/allergy tests from a private specialist revealed nothing apart from mild reactions to dust mite and nickel

I was also tested for

Thyroid problems
Lymph gland abnormalities
Liver problems

All were negative.
IGE was not high

I tried a medical herbalist, the herbs made me worse. I also tried several other alterantive therapies with no luck.

2003: following what seemed to be an allergic shock episode after using hair colour, I had acute disabling symptoms for about 6 months & became
hyper-reactive to almost all foods, meds, chems, it was extremely frightening. The symptoms I was suffering were.

Tightness like heavy weight in chest making breathing more difficult& painful when taking deep breath
Tachycardia usually middle of night, but sometimes in daytime, set off by movement, even of a car journey or walking a little fast.
Itching middle of night - have to use calomine all over
Sleep Apnea - when having a bad time with other symptoms
Spasms & twitching - like electric shocks - in the middle of night
fungal infections causing cracks and bleeding- this became severe and bled unless I used anti fungal cream permanently (luckily there was just one
cream I didn't react to.)
Puffy Eyes
Severe brain fog, like semi-concussion, when having a bad time with other symptoms
Weak and shaky during the day
Exercise caused exhaustion and depression & more severe symptoms at night, I could only walk 20 mins walk a day & sometimes even that would cause
Punched feeling in kidney area & head pressure
Extremely itchy throat & pressure in throat

Acute attacks :- chemical rush, feeling hot, sometimes a punched feeling in my abdomen, weak and shaky, tachycardia, brain fog.. these can be very
frightening - the grogginess would be so bad that I couldn't even dial a phone number.

This all calmed down somewhat after 6 mo's but I was still pretty ill

A Haematology specialist ran tryptase test for Mastocytosis, tested neg.
Endocrinology specialist ran tests and found nothing.

An expert in nutrition who works for the Bristol Cancer Centre ran a Urine Amino Acids & Organic Acid tests ( from IWDL) which showed my detoxing system was very messed up, but could find no reason why my bod was behaving like this.

I also had tests which showed I had 3x above average amounts of mercury in my body. It seemed like a good idea to help my body detox better if I
first got rid of the mercury.

A Holistic Dentist tested my amalgam fillings - most were highly reactive & giving off a lot of mercury vapour. He started to remove the fillings 2 at a time, beginning with the most reactive ones. After the FIRST session in which he removed the worst offenders I felt immediately better; stronger; it was noticeable. The weakness I'd been experiencing subsided.

Once all the fillings were removed I did a course of PCA Rx to detox the remaining mercury from my body. The following tests showed no mercury

I was well-er, stronger, the severe random brain fog episodes cleared up. The constant fungal infection I'd suffered stopped bleeding for the first time
in years. These effects were noticeable quickly after the fillings started coming out, and I have carried on improving.

I have been able to add foods gradually to my diet - now instead of only being able to eat maybe 10% of all foods I can eat 90%, chemicals can still
give me a problem, but I'm nothing like as hypersensitive as I was. Luckily I haven't had to test my reactions to any medicines yet. However there's no doubt that as soon as the amalgam fillings started coming out I had a big improvement in my health, and it happened quickly.

My guess is taking the mercury out of my body, although it hasn't cured me, took a load off my detoxing system, which has enabled me to cope with
foods, meds and chems a lot better.

If anyone would like any more information, you are welcome to email me at redberrie10atyahoo.co.uk

Best wishes to all!
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Re:MCS and amalgam fillings 13 years 3 months ago #2

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I have a similar story where everhthing that happened to me was related to my dental.

The book written by Hal A Huggins is a testament to what you have gone through. The book is called Uninformed Consent and it is about the hidden conspiracy regarding dental revision of amalgams .
But there is no conspiracy... there is overwhelming evidence that having mercury silver amalgams removed has caused people to go into spontanious remission of illnesses.

You can read my story of what happened to me at this link

Thanks For Telling Your Story !
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MCS and amalgam fillings 6 years 1 month ago #3

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Update, had 2 of my mercury fillings removed 5 eeeks ago, my MCS is about 80% gone. I still have one mercury filling that will be removed in 2 weeks. Also had all my root canaled teeth removed 3 of them. I no longer have to wear a mask, only once in a while. Still cant handle cigarette smoke ( can anyone???) also bbq smoke or cleaning chemicals, but never will use known toxions anymore, whether they cause a reaction or not. Hoping the brain fog and joint pain will improve. It will take some time for toxins to be removed from body and brain. But thrilled to have life back. ONLY HAVE A HOLLISTIC/BIOLOGICAL DENTIST REMOVE MERCURY AMALGAMS AND ROOT CANAL TEETH. Properly trained. Hope this experience helps others as one of the posts I read on here of successful dental procedure and MCS cure.
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MCS and amalgam fillings 5 years 11 months ago #4

Do you have an update on this since having the last filling replaced?

I have been suffering recurring headaches and increasingly worse MCS; I'm searching for solutions. Thank you!
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MCS and amalgam fillings 3 years 7 months ago #5

The symptoms you describe could have been written by me. I had zero chemical sensitivity until about seven years ago. After a dentist removed two silver fillings without precautions, I didn't know the process and apparently he didn't either. The most severe symptoms were relieved when I had the teeth removed. Since then I have become more sensitive to everything.
Prior to more dental work a few years later I had the lab/blood work for biocompatibility testing. Once a product was identified as safe for me I asked the dentist for samples of the material and took them to an allergist. The allergy doctor put the material on my back then we waited a few days. I did not have an 'allergic' reaction so I went ahead and had another silver filling replaced with the 'compatible' composite. Immediately I experienced extreme vertigo, nausea and within a day I had a deep mental fog. This got worse, I began to have pain in my lower back kidney area. As I got weaker and sicker my family doctor didn't know what to do with me as nothing verifiable showed in tests. (Except a slightly lower kidney function). Finally, I was able to have the tooth removed and within about a day I felt weak but nearly 'normal' my thinking was clear again. I remain highly sensitive to chemicals around me.
I have six remaining amalgam fillings. At my recent cleaning my biologically trained dentist said that at least two are leaking. I said I would like those two removed then after that load was off of my system I would try one composite filling in one of the other teeth, maybe my body could handle it then.
He refused. He will not pull teeth that 'he can save'. I have been this road before. After the composite goes in and tips my system over the edge the dentists do not want to remove it because they are afraid it is some kind of admission that they did something wrong - it is 100% not that. It is my body being over loaded. But I end up sick and stuck with more/new chemicals in my system until an oral surgeon or new dentist takes pity on me and does do the removal.
I am not sure which way to go. Something has to be done with my very old very unstable amalgams but I simply can't handle the chemical overload of new fillings.
I am open to suggestions- has anyone faced this situation?
Thank you,
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