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TOPIC: Not sure if MCS but I want to share what helped me

Not sure if MCS but I want to share what helped me 4 years 11 months ago #1

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I used to be a lot more sensitive, here are some examples. I tried multiple health food store soaps and bodywash and most gave me a headache or irritated my skin, even a simple bar soaps like olive oil soap, vitamin E, and coconut would bother me too much with their 'smell' even after rinsing well. Smelly lotions and even some unscented ones effected me, even if someone else used it :(. At its worst I was sitting next to my dad at a movie and the smell of his deodorant or aftershave etc bothered me so much I was going to move. At a new walmart and an aldi (grocery) something in the air gave me a headache and probably made me cough, maybe they sprayed for bugs but there are so many possibilities who knows. Even cinnamon started making me tired enough that I stopped using it, I wanted to know what was wrong with me so I searched online. Possible MCS is just one of my problems (Celiac disease GF diet for years, is another) but I wanted to keep this short.

Somehow I heard about Candida (yeast/fungus overgrowth/imbalance in the intestines). Simple version - I killed a lot of candida, saw it in the toilet, gradually got better, became less sensitive to 'chemicals'. Some still effect me but it's more tolerable now and I don't feel like I have to move away from a chemical stink. I still don't like Phenoxyethanol (in soaps, lotions, whatever) but I assume it's a good thing that my body makes me aware of potentially dangerous chemicals. Longer version ->

At first to kill candida I ate a lot of raw garlic and didn't notice anything special so I kinda moved on. Finally I changed my diet to be better, ate EV coconut oil, EVOO & ACV salads, and especially important was taking 'candida killers' like CandiGone and NOW's brand (not at the same time and there are many others that appear to work). The longer you've had candida the longer it can take to get rid of it, sometimes months, or more than a year. It's very tough to get rid of so never assume doing/taking 1 or 2 simple things is going to do it.
The "spit test" worked for me (even dr oz mentioned it), but you could try my 'test' too. Buy a cheap bottle of Badia (?) brand Cinnamon sticks (because it's ceylon cinnamon and not chinese cassia - which looks thick) and chew it a few times a day (start slowly though) and see if it effects you. Walmart has it in the 'spanish' aisle. The lighter pieces taste better to me so look inside the bottle if purchasing, or get the powdered form and put it on food.

A hard to kill rash in armpits or jock itch etc could be another sign (colloidal silver 10ppm mixed with cold pressed sesame oil - 1 part sil to 3 parts ses worked for me but it stains. Tiredness after eating things that damage candida was another sign in my case.

I hope this helps someone. Don't be surprised if you see this posted in other forums I want to reach more people and have backups out there. If you do have candida and are taking something strong to kill it make sure you start it at home so you're close to a toilet just in case ;).
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