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TOPIC: Exposed to multiple chemicals at work

Exposed to multiple chemicals at work 3 years 8 months ago #1

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Please help me understand what is happening to me .I work for a chemical pharma for the past five years. This past January I was exposed to several sensitizers. After 7 different exposures, I had a very bad reaction, throat and face swelling, hives and shortness of breath. I have seem an allergist that said the MSDS of all the chemicals I was exposed to are either toxic or carcinogenic. If I go into a store, grocery or department, the vets for my dogs, or just about any place except for standing outside in my yard, I have some type of reaction, sometimes I just feel tired and need to rest. I am a high energy person so this is all new to me. I have been to allergists and pulmonologists. I am immune suppressed due to RA but have had that for at least fifteen years.
I have read as many articles about MCS but am searching for more information....How to desensitize myself, what can be done and just support. It is hard to describe the symptoms since they vary from reaction to reaction. I have moments of brain fog and dizziness. Sometimes there is no discernable scent, I worry about driving, the dizziness comes out of the blue.
I have never had an allergy in my sixty years of life, so am not even sure if it an allergic reaction. I am desperately seeking answers to this , I would like to feel like I am not crazy
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Exposed to multiple chemicals at work 3 years 8 months ago #2

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Hi there :) ... Have a look af the other threads here from newbies, you'll get lots of info. My probs started in a similar way to yours but the overdose of chems was from a massive house extension . I've since had a dx of MCAD .. for many MCS'ers this is probably the same thing & seems to be triggered by a big external stress (viruses/mould/life stress/chemicals/vaccines etc). Avoidance of triggers is No.1, as yr system calms down you will be able to tolerate small amounts again with any luck. There are Facebook groups for MCS & MCAD with up to date info on practitioners/specialists.

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