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TOPIC: Help for my friend with MCS

Help for my friend with MCS 5 years 3 months ago #1

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Hello. I'm posting this for my friend who has MCS. Her laptop is dead and can not handle webpages anymore. She lives with her sister and both are disabled. My friend is the one with MCS and it's the MCS that makes things a lot more complex and difficult, as I'm sure you know. Besides MCS, she also has multiple food allergies, autoimmune diseases, divertculitis and some other illnesses.

Her sister has been declared disabled by four doctors - it's a spinal injury to the neck. She was denied disability and now has to wait up to two years for a hearing. The paper for the hearing may come at any time. She also has some other painful thing going on, maybe MS. Doctors don't know what it is yet even though she's seen numerous specialist and had tests.

The crux if the problem is this: my friends disability only covers the mortgage with about $100 left. Doctors said sister cannot work due to the neck injury. Their funds are running out and they may lose their safe house. They cannot live just anywhere due to the MCS. They need to stay in PA due to waiting for the letter from the court system. But they don't know how can they survive the winter (next winter) if they are forced to live in pick up truck? Mobile home out of price range plus she said they are not rated for PA winters.

I tried to look at some websites for them but the one site only gives me error messages. Maybe it's gone. I don't know. The one other site doesn't list anything in PA. I found one hotel-like place but it's over $100 a night - not possible.

They are in Skullykill county.

Oh, sister is anaphactic to all fish and seafood, including the smell.

My friend is very, very sensitive to the smells. If she goes out somewhere and smells like perfume stuck to her clothes, she has to do numerous soaks in vinegar, washes and airing out in the garage...then maybe it will be ok to use. She's often sick for 5 days each time she goes out but she doesn't have a choice.

I myself am in WI, so a different part of the country.

Does anyone have any ideas or advice on how they can survive? Are there any safe places in PA? Preferably in the same part of the state? Sister cannot drive too far (2 hours is max due to pain and numbness in arm) and my friend doesn't drive to panic attacks. They don't have family that can help. And no friends in the area, as they were ridiculed because of the allergies. :(

Any ideas at all will be appreciated.

Sorry for any errors...my auto correct keeps changing words I write on my smartphone. It's very annoying!
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Help for my friend with MCS 5 years 2 months ago #2

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Hello Aqua, I would get in touch with MCS America, if you haven't already www.mcs-america.org
There are also support groups on Facebook and at Planet Thrive & some on Yahoo. But I wd contact MCS America first, they should be able to put u in touch with lawyers & doctors. X
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