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TOPIC: Best air purifier for MCS (mold, chemicals, dust)

Best air purifier for MCS (mold, chemicals, dust) 3 years 2 days ago #1

I have been dealing with severe autoimmune diseases for the last several years. I have hashiotos and something wrong on the cellular level because I can take enough T3 to kill a horse. Literally (300mcg). I've been to countless doctors and I have no answers. So, the only thing I can do is reduce flare ups and try to not die. I also have 2 gene mutations in which i can't detox mold or biotoxins. I also have CFS, obviously, and MCS. I developed MCS last year when the geniuses decided to aerial spray the organophospate NALED/Dibrom over my house. So, anyway, I already have the IQ multigas air purifier and I bought it at home depot but it gives off a weird smell. Almost like chalk or something. Very strange. I'm just wondering what air purifier you guys use or could recommend. I'm living in hell here in the south because apparently the answer to everyones problems down here is to spray chemicals on it. I guess thats also why we have the best cancer hospitals here. Go figure. TIA.
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Best air purifier for MCS (mold, chemicals, dust) 3 years 2 days ago #2

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Hi, sorry to hear about all your struggles. Kinda makes me think I have nothing to complain about. I cant suggest what's the best purifier but wanted to comment on the weird smell you have from your IQ multigas. Apparantly its the gas filters on that model and also the healthpro plus model has the V5 filters that smell as well. You can see from the comments of some people on Amazon's feedback of that unit that people have been complaining about it. Personally I struggle with any air purifiers filters when they are new, even struggled with a small pollen filter I replaced for the car. I have to run the units in a room I dont use for months before I can cope with them not affecting me. I just bought a secondhand USA version of IQ healthpro and purchased new premax and hyperhepa filters and cant even be in the same room as them, let alone run the machine. Even them filters are producing a weird smell. Apparantly its the glues used in them. No way should they suggest these are for MCS persons.
Personally I would use any true hepa filter purifier as that will sort the mold spores and dust out. I use a respirator for areas where I know strong chemicals exist, only thing to completely protect me, as much as possible.
All the best
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