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TOPIC: Sensitive to Plastic. Dental filling advice

Sensitive to Plastic. Dental filling advice 1 year 9 months ago #1

Hi everyone!

I have recently found out I'm extremely sensitive to plastics. I can't even put a plastic water bottle between my lips for 10 seconds with burning them. Sadly I have already had a composite resin dental filling put in late last year before I found out about my sensitivities. For months now, I've been having a throbbing tooth problem that keeps coming and going constantly but the Dentist couldn't find anything wrong with the work. It wasn't until recently I thought the two might be connected. I am hoping to go to my next appointment armed with more information and what safe fillings, fillers and cement/linings to use as an alternative. I am hoping at my next appointment to also get a list of exactly what the Dentist may have put inside so I can cross check. I can't begin to imagine all the fillings that are petroleum derivatives

While I do have your ear regarding dentistry, what kind of toothbrush/floss am I looking to get if I have such an adverse reaction to plastic? I'm beginning to think the bristles are affecting me, but who knows?

Thank you!
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Sensitive to Plastic. Dental filling advice 1 year 8 months ago #2

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Hi Spleenpoker,

After much hit and miss with dental materials, i did blood testing through www.ccrlab.com, it is a comprehensive test, and is accurate for 18 to 24 months. I used to go to a holistic dentist, and he used to give me a cured sample of composite to leave in my mouth as often, and for long as i could, but i personally found this to be quite unreliable, nothing compares to having it glued in your mouth 24/7. Like you, i think my problems are with petroleum derivatives :( judging by reactions i have had in everyday life with other products containing these.

Good luck :)
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