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TOPIC: nuerologist

nuerologist 3 years 2 days ago #1

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Hi can anyone recommmend one of these doctors in the uk that deals with severe mcs/chemical brain injuries

any response on this site would be helpful
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nuerologist 3 years 23 hours ago #2

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Hello mcsfriend and welcome,
I used to be an acute Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer - but now I class myself as a 'MCS Survivor' - having gone from being housebound and having to wear carbon filter face masks and N95 respirators, to living a 'normal' life again (aside from managing ME/CFS).
As to your question. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to recommend a neurologist that deals with MCS and toxic brain injury. Although pursuing this route would undoubtedly had shown abnormalities in the likes of blood flow (on SPECT scans) as seen in other MCS patients; I knew I had MCS without these tests.

The 'Limbic Kindling' theory really resonated with me when I first read of it in Chemical Exposures: Low Levels & High Stakes by Ashford & Miller back in the early 2000s. So, I decided to focus my efforts on regaining limbic tolerance to chemicals through strict chemical avoidance, nutritional medicine (addressing adrenal-thyroid axis issues), and most importantly of all I found... daily meditation.

The doctor that helped me most (I am in the UK too) was Dr. Keith Eaton, a highly respected Allergist (although his work extended well outside this). He was a co-author of Environmental Medicine in Clinical Practice among other achievements. Sadly Dr. Eaton passed away and the doctors I know who are still practising and treating MCS patients don't refer to neurologists.

I would imagine that the only route to see a neurologist in the UK would be to go through your GP and get a NHS referral. Depending on how your GP sees MCS this could certainly be a possibility. I've found GPs under approx. 45 years old are much more open to MCS, ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, and other environmental and invisible illnesses than their older colleagues. You absolutely have the right to find one of these open-minded GPs and switch to them if yours is not being helpful.

Hopefully, other EiR members in the UK may have more knowledge on finding a neurologist than I do and will share with you.

On my part, I can ask on the EiR social media accounts. We have a large following on Facebook and Twitter where I could put your question to the community for you. Sorry I can't be of more help directly. Keep fighting, MCS can be overcome, of that I can tell you for certain (almost 15 years clear for me now)!
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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