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TOPIC: My complete recovery from MCS

My complete recovery from MCS 10 years 5 months ago #1

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It has been more than 60 days since I recovered from Severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, an illness that I previously lived with for more than 20 years. I want to share my story in the hopes that possibly someone else with this dreadful condition might find some information that will lead to their own recovery. I am pretty sure that not all cases of MCS are the same, but never did I (or any doctor/allergist that I saw for that matter) consider in the 20 years of my illness that electricity generated by my fillings was the cause; and once removed the symptoms of MCS disappeared immediately. Up until March of this year, I (and my allergist) were convinced that an episode of carbon monoxide poisoning at the age of 14 made me allergic to the modern world.

First of all, a more complete version of my symptoms, attempts at treatment, and recovery can be found here:


Most of my allergy symptoms were a result of exposure to anything with a phenol, ethanol, petroleum, or formaldehyde component. But the list includes most synthetic materials with a smell and many chemicals that I have never identified but nevertheless caused pretty severe reactions. Mold (both indoor and outdoor) also generated very similar symptoms.

As far as symptoms, I was a pretty bad case. Even a few minutes inside a store, house, or other building would generate headaches/fatigue/emotional issues of varying intensity depending on how many minutes or hours I stayed. Symptoms would persist from hours or days afterwards depending on the chemical and exposure time (usually anything over 3 minutes). I had a 100% failure rate for buildings other than my own specially renovated or constructed home(s), and even that was only true in the summer months when the windows could be open most of the time. Winters until 2006 were about 4-6 months of pain and suffering from which I am now very surprised that I did not commit suicide due to the pain and lack of sleep. Not having an accurate idea of what health truly was I think saved me from doing anything drastic.

One key aspect of my case was the ability to 'smell' or 'feel' what I was allergic to simply by being exposed to it. Prior to recovery, I was sensitive enough to smell a pilot light in a house just by walking in the front door. I could tell if an object or compound had things I was sensitive to simply by smelling and/or touching it. Being in a environment with chemicals I was reacting to, I could differentiate between various compounds in materials such as carpeting, upholstery, detergents, cleaning chemicals and computers that were turned on in another room either by smelling their presence or feeling their immediate effects on my health. Part of the shock of recovery is the inability to sense these things any longer, and having a hard time smelling even extremely strong scented compounds such as gasoline and similar.

Most of my life from the age of 14 has been defined by trying to live with MCS, find ways to work around it, and the attempts to live through the fog of pain that it caused. Long years of trial and error in house renovation and new house construction, and trying to find any kind of employment to generate income. The more I pushed myself in regards to going places that would make me sick, the worse my reactions to the chemicals/mold would get. I got very good at acting 'healthy and normal' so as to put people around me at ease. It seems to be in the nature of humans to want to try to do something for you or blame themselves for your pain if you are showing signs of illness. So to avoid this I did not talk about my illness and even in pain I would try to act normal and ignore it as much as possible in social situations. The best treatment for symptoms seemed to be long walks in the woods.

In March of this year I came across information about the dangers of mercury fillings (watching the move “The Beautiful Truth”) and resolved to get my fillings removed. While searching for dentists in my area who believed in the importance of amalgam removal and would do the procedure safely, I came across the story of Dr. Lisa Nagy, which you can read for yourself here:


I came across her story on kingtooth.com and read her account. She also had Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and she completely recovered once her fillings and crowns generating microamps of electricity were removed. This condition where metal fillings or metal crowns generate small amounts of electricity is called 'Oral Galvanism”, which Dr. Nagy has found can cause many other symptoms, ranging from electrical sensitivity to mental illness (which were cured once the fillings/crowns were removed). I immediately resolved to make an appointment to see if I had a similar problem.

When I finally got into the dentist chair and was measured, I had a total of 84 microamps from all my fillings and my single crown. One tooth on a lower right molar had two fillings, one giving off 66 microamps, the other 10 microamps. The front crown was giving off 6 microamps, while two other fillings on the upper right were giving off 1 microamp each. I recently read a paper on oral galvanism that stated “A clinic with considerable experience dealing with problems of oral galvanism found that currents over 5 microamps usually cause significant health problems such as headaches, migraines, dizzyness, nausea,etc. which was eliminated when amalgam fillings were replaced. The central nervous system operates on signals in the range of nano-amps, which is 1000 times less than a micro amp(38)\" (link below)


So my central nervous system (which governs the immune system) was dealing with an incredible electrical load, many thousands of times greater than it was capable of generating itself. At the time, I only dared hope for a 25% reduction in symptoms, having been inured by a long history of disappointment in attempts to treat my MCS. I am still in a state of shock from the results.

In late May of this year, I was able to finally get the fillings with the strongest charge out. The moment my fillings in the tooth with the 66 and 10 microamp fillings were removed, the muscles around my spine below my shoulder blades relaxed as if they had been tight as a clenched fist prior to this. All the muscles in my body took turns trembling, and I began to sweat. It was not until after I stood up after getting the filling replaced with a plastic one that I realized that I could no longer smell the carpeting, computers, cleaning chemicals, or ventilation molds in the dentists office. I felt light and happy, the best since I was a child. It was a test of will not to break down crying right there out of sheer relief and joy. All feelings of sickness from being in their building disappeared and I left there feeling the best I had for the 20 years prior.

I have been testing myself rigorously since then in an attempt to locate anything that I might be allergic to. Going to restaurants, movies, the hospital, using and smelling chemicals of all kinds from cleaners to gasoline to new carpeting. It took my wife several weeks to stop asking me 'are you sure you are not sick?'. Nothing so far has caused anything more than a slight light-headedness that dissipated in a few minutes (gasoline). I am living a completely different life and it is so very good.

The purpose of this it to hopefully help people who may be unknowingly suffering from oral galvanism which is causing MCS. The test for electricity coming off of the fillings is very simple, kind of like a sophisticated volt meter. Removal of the fillings and replacement with plastic fillings was more complicated due to the extreme toxicity of mercury. They used a dental dam (rubber) stretched across the mouth and a specialized high-flow vacuum to suck any dust and fillings out of the mouth and ionize them as they were drilling/cutting. I am unclear on the technical details of the operation, so it would be better to ask someone qualified or do a search. What is clear is that removal of the fillings without proper precautions may result in mercury poisoning and/or a negative health event.

If you live in or near the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, I saw Dr. Pham/Dr. King in St. Louis park and the whole experience of working with their office was a pleasure. Each filling (per tooth) in my case was 150-225$ for removal. I had my front crown/root canaled tooth extracted for about 300$. My dental insurance (Delta) covered about 50% of the filling replacements and most of the crown extraction. Dr. King's website has much more information.


Many of my relatives have been asking their dentists out of curiosity about their knowledge of oral galvanism and it's effects. Several have told me that their dentists are aware that some people have sensitivity to amalgam fillings and have negative health effects, and there is ample anecdotal evidence to suggest that the removal of those fillings contributed to improved health, but they do not go out of their way to identify or diagnose any problems though. There seems to be a number of dentists out there who believe in amalgam-free dentistry, and the importance of removal of existing metal from the mouth. I used plastic fillings to replace the mercury fillings, and requested a mixture that had the least amount of bisphenol-A (BPA) in it. I wanted to avoid placing too much of an known endocrine disruptor back into my tooth and possibly generate more problems.

This post is getting pretty long, and it's late. Hope it helps and I will try to be back to answer questions when I remember to :) .

Matt Rixen
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Re:My complete recovery from MCS 10 years 5 months ago #2

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Thanks for your recovery story MattRixen...I am very curious now..last year I had a mercury filling put in..my first filling ever..and then I slowly started to not be able to take being around chemicals to where now I believe I have it pretty bad..much like you I am very sensitive..confined to my home..I am going to also try and find a dentist here in Michigan to have my filling out..my only problem is going to most places like a doctors office..people and all their perfumes..but I will start searching.
Denise H.
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Re:My complete recovery from MCS 10 years 5 months ago #3

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My front crown was put in somewhere around the age of 12 to 14, and most of my metal fillings were put in during that time period. Until I got carbon monoxide poisoning I was living a pretty normal life for a suburban teenager. The major negative health event triggered the symptoms, but it is pretty obvious to me now that it was not the root cause.

I have no idea how many people with MCS also have significant amperage coming off of their teeth, but with metal fillings/crowns being so common in teeth it is something that can be considered. Compared to the amount of money my family spent trying to mitigate the symptoms of MCS, getting my fillings out was a very minor expense.

Good luck Denise, I hope that things improve for you.

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Re:My complete recovery from MCS 10 years 5 months ago #4

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Hi Matt,

Welcome to the forums and many, many thanks for sharing your story in such detail.

I think a lot of people (patients and doctors) assume that amalgam fillings are linked to multiple chemical sensitivity only by the neurotoxicity caused by potential off-gassing of the mercury. Your story provides an altogether different explanation and provides another good reason to avoid amalgam fillings and have existing ones removed by a knowledgeable dentist.

It's fantastic news that you made such a swift recovery after being sick for so long. This is certainly not always the case when mercury poisoning is the root cause as it is very difficult to rid the body of it safely.

I'm sure your story will provide hope for many :)

Incidentally I have corresponded with Dr. Lisa Nagy and she now has a featured column here on the site -

Mold and Environmental Illness with Lisa Nagy M.D.

All the best Matt, I hope you are now free to get on with your life. I also hope this information will be helpful to you Denise, I know you're struggling badly right now.

Best of health all!
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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Re:My complete recovery from MCS 10 years 5 months ago #5

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Hello Maff,

I agree, and hopefully this will lead to a time where successful treatment of MCS will be less like winning the lottery and more like isolating what type of case you are.

I feel a great deal of emotional pressure to try and do something to make sure that other people who have a case similar to mine can meet with similar effects. To this end, I am trying to get a process started where people who identify and treat suffers of EI/MCS can readily isolate cases like mine and Dr. Nagy's. Allergy Associates of LaCrosse diagnosed me with EI/MCS so naturally that is a place to start.

I think my case at this point can be summarized as such:

1. Amalgam fillings and crown installed age 14 or earlier.
2. Experienced carbon monoxide poisoning in 1989 at age 14.
3. Diagnosed by Allergy Associates with EI/MCS
4. Lived with 20 years with varying degrees of pain and suffering.
5. Read Dr. Nagy's account of recovery in March. Risked dentist appointment to get teeth measured for micro amperage to see if I had a similar case.
6. Had 84 microamps total coming from fillings and front crown.
7. Removed 66 and 10 microamp fillings in May. MCS disappeared same day and has not returned despite rigorous attempts to trigger any kind of previous symptom.
8. Removed front crown/root canaled tooth. Chronic lymph node inflammation of left shoulder and neck (12+ years at least) dissipated within days and has not returned. Gained approx. 1 1/2 to 2 inches in height and developed pain in shoulder and neck from overstretched muscles that is responding to massage therapy (with the emphasis on physical therapy).

In preparation for my phone appointment with Allergy Associates of LaCrosse, I spoke with Dr. King about my case and he made the following points I think might be helpful to know:

1.My fillings/crown were measured for amperage using a RITA machine, which measures amperage only, made by Dr. Hal Huggins. Dr. Huggins identified amperage as the leading indicator of negative health effects in patients with crowns/fillings generating amperage.
2. Amperage coming off of fillings/crowns can vary depending on diet, health, and other factors. Patients can have different amperage levels at different times. Patients can have high levels of amperage and not be suffering noticeable ill effects. Patients can have very low levels of amperage and experience recovery from negative health effects when the fillings/crowns are removed.
3. Removing fillings/crowns with the strongest negative charge first, and then is descending order to least negative charge; and then removing the ones with the strongest positive charge in descending order to least positive charge has been identified to produce the most positive outcome in patients suffering from oral galvanism.

He very kindly corrected some assumptions I had made about my case, consistency in microamperage being one of them. However, I should note that he re-measured my fillings on the upper left side before removing them on June 29th, and they still registered a 0. Those where the only fillings of mine that vibrated consistently with the pain on the left side of my head and neck (and my crown also). My impression was that if some fillings/crowns are generating a lot of amperage, they will likely keep generating amperage within a certain range depending on things like diet, body and mouth PH, etc. It depends on the case and the sensitivity of the patient I assume, and I would bet with something like this there are a great many unknown factors and effects on the human body requiring further research, or knowledge of research I am currently unaware of.

In my conversation with the doctor at allergy associates that diagnosed me with EI/MCS 20 years ago, she seemed very optimistic that my case should apply to other patients. She mentioned that the current research on brain-mapping the source of MCS-reaction-signals that generate ill health effects might make sense with a case of oral galvanism like mine. What she had a hard time figuring out was the removal of mold allergies in this context, because the research seems to point to the mold reaction coming from a separate source that would not make sense in the context of my case.

She said that they are going to set up a procedure to try and isolate cases like mine and Dr. Nagy's. In the meantime, I am going to go in and get retested for molds, chemicals and such as part of the process. She seemed very happy not just for me, but for the fact that there might be some hope in more effectively treating some people with this difficult condition. I personally am feeling a sense of relief that some people are likely going to be helped from all this.

Note that the above is a recollection 2 days after the events, so any misrepresentation of the conversations are entirely my fault. Hopefully this helps develop the picture more for people reading this.

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Re:My complete recovery from MCS 10 years 5 months ago #6

Hi Matt,

It filled me with a great deal of happiness to hear of your story and sharing all the detail regarding the recovery it is most appreciated.

Whilst its not the answer for me as I fortunately have no fillings, I will pass this on to as many people as I know with the condition who do not access this site.

Take Care and enjoy life again :)
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