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TOPIC: My complete recovery from MCS

Re:My complete recovery from MCS 9 years 10 months ago #19

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In the course of my dental history it has been discovered that I am highly allergic to gold and my gold crowns deteriorated , the dentists did not believe it . I am also allergic to acrylates ( plastic fillings ) and that destroyed a number of teeth as well when I had my mercury amalgams replaced with this material.
All mcs sufferers do yourself a big favor and have any materials that you are going to use in your dental restorative treatment \"CAREFULLY \" screened before allowing anything to be placed in your mouth .
Ask the dentist for samples and if he refuses to give them to you claiming that you are over reacting \" FIND ANOTHER DENTIST\" . Don't use the patch test , wait until you feel that your mouth is calm and feels good and then one by one stick the material samples in your mouth and swish it around for several hours . If you really want to go hardcore do this more than once but it all depends on how sensitive you feel you are .
There are alternatives to composite fillings meaning onlays and inlays which are made from porcelain and could be a much better bet although more expensive.

I am now looking forward to a full upper denture and a lower partial and I am still afraid after the nightmare that I went through and is still ongoing .
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Re:My complete recovery from MCS 9 years 10 months ago #20


I didn't have enough money to have the \"biocompatible test\" done, but I was fortunate enough to find www.mercurypoisoned.com/new/doctors_and_dentists.html

Later, I found this website:


If I had it to do again (and I do have a cavity to get filled soon) I would show this list to the dentist.


I agree with exxile, we get to ask lots of questions and be satisfied with the answers. I called and questioned 35 dentists during my illness. I became the best consumer advocate (for myself) in my quest for improved health. Only two dentists from this list ever did any dental work on me. I was very picky! I had limited money and felt that I only had one chance to get better. It worked! I'm well enough now to work full-time again!

Best of dental care for you!<br /><br />Post edited by: gr8tful4life, at: 2010/09/27 22:52
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Re:My complete recovery from MCS 9 years 6 months ago #21

I have recently developed MCS and I'm having severe reactions to all chemicals food, supplements and medications some which I can not avoid taking.

Something that came to mind when reading this is I have titanium plates in my gum, they're supposed to be in my jaw as I had an operation over 5 and a half years ago for corrective surgery on my jaw. I had this corrected by surgery and titanium plates were placed in my jaw however two years later the titanium plates appeared in my gum. I now think the body has rejected them and tried to push them out of the body. Not only this but I get lots of pain and inflammation around them. I also have C.F.S and have done for 5 years. I actually developed it 6 weeks after my operation after a virus. Does anyone think that perhaps these metal plates in my gum are causing me to be ill? I could have them removed but I don't know how I would cope with such a major operation as I'm on the very bad side of C.F.S. On the functioning scale of about 15%. I don't even know if I could get the doctors to remove them with how ill I am. I also have adrenal insufficiency. Does anyone think that titanium plates could have a similar effect?
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Re:My complete recovery from MCS 9 years 6 months ago #22


Your situation sounds difficult. A virus six weeks after a major surgery... that's a lot of stress. You were probably also taking antibiotics. We know that stress to the body is a factor in most cases of ME/CFS.

Thanks, everyone for sharing info about dentists. I found it helpful.

There may be lots of things making you sick, that's the nature of ME/CFS. If you're up to it, you should see a qualified oral surgen as soon as possible(maybe not the one that did the surgery so that you can get an objective opinion). If the plates are irritating your gums and causing gum disease, this can be a big problem, too. What ever treatment your dentist prescribes should be cleared by the Dr. treating you for ME/CFS. If you take antibiotics, also ask for probiotics.

Everyone I know who suffers from ME/CFS is looking for the 'smoking gun.' Maybe it's XMRV or maybe it's a thousand little attacks on the body. I do know that many people who tackle each thing in turn: diet, sleep, stress, and TOXINS, often get some relief.

Good luck to you. Please let me know how you fare.

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Re:My complete recovery from MCS 9 years 6 months ago #23

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I had been suffering for three years then i contacted Mechanicsburg PA Dentists
He treated me and now i am feeling comfortable.
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My complete recovery from MCS 3 years 1 month ago #24

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I have made an appointment with a holistic dentist to have my amalgam fillings removed. I too have MCS and the muscles under my right shoulder blade are constantly aching. I am home/bed bound....so isolating. People just dont understand.... until they experiance this dreadful illness. I am also waiting for my DNRS dvd's to arrive. Im desparate for some relief. Hope I get some relief when amalgams are removed. Hope you are still doing well. The best to you Brenda
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