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TOPIC: My complete recovery from MCS

Re:My complete recovery from MCS 10 years 9 months ago #7

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It's wonderful to read a story about someone who's recovered from MCS. Congratulations.

If you aren't having any pain from your metal fillings or any decay, I caution you not to have these fillings removed unless you get the microamps tested first like described by the MattRixen.

I feel it's important to convey another side to this story about removing metal fillings. I had a large, metal filling from my childhood. It had been in my mouth for over 25 years. I became sensitive to chemicals 10 years ago.

I had absolutely no tooth pain, but a dentist encouraged me to do \"preventative care\" so I agreed to have my metal filling replaced (I was also hoping it may ease some of my MCS). Well, all I've had is tooth problems and pain ever since. I've seen 2 doctors and have had the filling replaced with other substances such as that tooth-colored dental amalgam and a temporary, glass polymer.

I have had no relief from MCS and have had a nightmare of a time fixing the problems with my tooth after having the metal filling removed. I'm about to see my third dentist to deal with the problem.

My friend also had her metal fillings replaced (by a different dentist than the one I went to). She didn't have any problems before either. The dentist cracked her tooth and she lost it.

Good luck everyone. I'm glad to that someone has gotten relief after battling with this illness for 20 years.
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Re:My complete recovery from MCS 10 years 7 months ago #8

Hi, this is my second day to be here. I am so glad you are here too!

Yesterday I read this thread and was already looking into the mercury fillings issue. Thanks so much for sharing! You encouraged me to take the next step!

While the process of finding a dentist and getting funding (application for credit with a special dental-credit company) some of my symptoms have returned. I looked up symptoms for mercury toxicity and discovered that (1) fortunately, I don't have ALL of the symptoms! :) but (2) I do have a few of them and they are my most disturbing symptoms.

These by the way, have returned after two weeks of diminished activity. The symptom that bothers me the most is my hard beating heartbeat that I can hear in my ears.

Does anyone know if mercury becomes resistant to minerals? For instance, two weeks ago I started on magnesium citrate and my heartbeat calmed down and continued to get calmer and quieter until two days ago I woke up with it pounding in my ears again. My Tinnitus never went away but seems louder now and the \"cotton\"-in-my-ears feeling has returned stronger too. When my heart beats hard, I feel slight tremors and fatigue.

Yesterday, I increased my magnesium from 350 to 400 mg and it seemed to help a little to do that, but today I have taken 200 mg so far and am not scheduled to take the other 200 until bedtime. I guess I can take 100 mg now and then 100 mg at bedtime...What do you think? Can a person overdose?

Do you think mercury can get \"knocked back\" by minerals only to build up \"immunity\" to them and then continue to do its damage? In this case, mercury might be the culprit behind my heart, ears, head and brain-function symptoms.

I admit to feeling some fear because I've had these symptoms for several years and they have become worse. Over the past few years, doctors have told me everything from A-Z might be the cause----except mercury fillings---and no one has \"treated\" me because I have no health insurance, until the doctor two weeks ago suggested magnesium. Unfortunately he doesn't work on Fridays so I can't call his office and ask about this. I would appreciate it if you would share your wisdom and knowledge with me.

Thank you and take care!
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Re:My complete recovery from MCS 10 years 7 months ago #9

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Hi gr8tful4life,

Welcome to the forums. Good to have you with us :)

It's good that you are now looking into mercury fillings as the cause of your health problems. There is good research showing that they releae mercury vapours that are breathed in and then converted into more toxic forms of mercury in the body, e.g. methylmercury, and that people with mercury amalgam fillings have more mercury in their bodies than those who don't.

With naturopathic doctors or those practicing functional/integrative medicine your fillings would have been a major red flag from the start!

There is no way that mercury can become \"immune\" to the effects of magnesium or other minerals. Nutrient minerals tend to displace mercury in the body. I would hazard a guess and say that perhaps you initially felt better taking magnesium citrate due to the known calming effects of magnesium on the nervous system but are now feeling worse because the magnesium has displaced stored mercury in your body and this is now floating around! This would be more likely with selenium and zinc however which are much more potent in this effect.

There are two stages to mercury and heavy metal detoxification - mobilization of mercury stored in tissues and then the removal of the mercury from the body. If you only do the first stage then you will almost certainly end up being worse off than if you had done nothing at all.

Of course the first step before either of these is to remove the source(s) of mercury...in your case this would mainly be the fillings.

Heavy metals like mercury are highly toxic and removing them from the body is complex and potentially dangerous so it is very important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced doctor.

You might find this article of interest: Mercury Toxicity and Systemic Elimination Agents

I hope your symptoms don't continue to get worse and good luck with the dental application.
If you are going through hell, keep going - Winston Churchill
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Re:My complete recovery from MCS 10 years 7 months ago #10

Hi Maff, it is both wonderful and scary to read your post. Thank you for sharing --- even the scary part. I am scared because my heartbeat problem has been going on for years. Let me start at the\" beginning.\" I've had asthma my whole life but managed to live fairly healthy until 2005, at which point I noticed a huge loss in energy. In 2006, I lost my insurance (budget cuts, job loss) and could no longer see my doc. I started on some herbs blended with other ingredients (like shark cartalage/bovine--mercury being a potential mercury source, according to wikipedia) and then in 2008, ended up in ER with classic heart attack symptoms. They told me my heart was good but my lungs had 8.7 count of eosinophils. I was instructed to find the allergens that were generating the high E-count but was turned down by every insurance application and/or free clinic, etc. So I put myself on more of the herbal products and actually had some good results with a product line containing the product \"HOPE.\" It is a blood purifier and within six months my E-count was 1.0 (one point).

I thought I was home-free but then in April of 2009, I gave my HOPE to a lady and ordered me some more. While I was waiting the week of mail-order transit time, I got deathly ill and discovered three weeks later that my environment, a growing mold and dry rot \"sick\" apartment was the precipitating cause. Although I moved and got back on the HOPE (blood purifier) I was still deathly ill. (This is when the MCS kicked in BIG TIME!)

With no insurance, I had help from a few friends to get allergy testing done. I was found to be allergic to \"everything.\" I have been to five doctors who appreciate my monthly payments now, but helped me very little.

To make a long story shorter, I'll say here that I've improved over the summer. \"A woman and her computer can be a dangerous thing\" I like to say. ;) But seriously, I've learned so, so very much! First, I read \"Explaining Unexplained Illnesses\" and thought the supplement protocol on Dr. Pall's website was my answer, but then was told they don't work so I have tried other routes. (Reconsidering trying his products)

I am truly grateful to still be alive because I have gone through so many detox \"healing crises\" and \"reabsorbtions\" over this summer! However, many symptoms have subsided. The scariest persistent one, that of the pounding heart rate, seems to accompany louder Tinnitus, \"cotton\" in my ears, greater fatigue, loss of consentration...and worsening insomnia. These are the persistent ones. Even when the hb is soft and quiet, the others persist in some measure. But I'm focussed more on settling the heart right now...

In May, when I got out of that apartment, I started detoxing from mold and dry rot. Eventually, I learned there is such a thing as an anti-fungal diet. I don't even try most foods right now because I've had such severe reactions when I did.

I went to see a doctor a few weeks ago because of the heartbeat and he said that I really need some therapy to help with detox but since I don't have insurance...no help. So I walked out of there with a $175 bill and his suggestion to take magnesium.

You mentioned selenium and zink in your post. I have been thinking about that because a few days ago, I ran out of these. This is the second time I have ran out of selenium/zinc and I seem to notice a decline in improvement when I run out. I don't fully trust the source that I had been purchasing these from. Is there a brand at the health food store that you have found trustworthy? I could run down there and get some today. I have recently gone vegan so hope to get products that are also vegan, as well as organic and non-GMO, of course.

I'm going to look up the article you pasted into your post, but I am somewhat scared by the fact that you said mercury detox is to be done with the care of a healthcare practitioner. My finances are painfully low and like I said, every doctor I have seen gets a payment but they don't continue any treatment/help. Now, I am facing approximately $2500 dental work and I don't think my credit scores are good. When I applied for credit to buy an air purfier (three months ago) I didn't get it. (I'm breathing easier by the wonderful benevalence of a friend who loaned me her air purifier.) So...we'll see if three more months of paying minimum payments changed anything. Even if I get the credit, I know that it will take a process to get these teeth fixed because I have two amalgams and upon self-exam, noticed two other teeth that need attention. I'm pretty sure any good dentist will say I should have those teeth worked on too.

So...here is what I did to get through last night's insomnia/waking with heartbeat pounding...I drank a small glass of water with 1/8 to 1/4 tsp of Celtic Sea Salt in it. Did that twice during the night. Then once, I drank 1 tsp magnesium powder in water. I woke about every hour or two and breathed deeply and thought as calmly as possible, trusting the process. Even if I don't \"make it,\" I know I am doing everything I know to do to live. And my family knows that I love them...that is the most important thing.

This morning, I took magnesium at 6:30 and the hb settled a little, but is going loud now at 8:15. If I learned correctly, the liver in detox needs minerals, antioxidants, vita-C with rutin, E, and bioflavenoids and all of the B's. During stage two of detox, it needs lots of protein=amino acids. Have I missed anything?

Thank you and everyone for being here! I know this is long but I want to say that last night I read a post from a young man named Jason where he talked about ending his life. I cried as I read it because I could relate to his feelings. Does anyone know how he is? I hope he is still alive and getting better. I fight to live and I relax to live too! :P And I want to encourage Jason and others to stay strong and choose to live. Jason is the young man who lived at home with his mom, dad and others who judged him as \"seeking attention.\" (Yes! How absurd is that criticism!) He reacted to every mask he tried. I relate to his story for several reasons. For one, I have had a terrible time this summer with chemical vapors and filters too. But vapors and filters, \"friendly\" criticism and family proximity are only more chapters in the process of this illness. Be well, Jason! Thank you, Maff! I welcome any reply:)

Thanks again!

Take care!
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Re:My complete recovery from MCS 10 years 7 months ago #11


Even though I was the last person to post on this thread, I want to add that I just visited the site that Maff suggested in his latest post.

I am nervous about the things that I am learning. I am sure that this can make any physical condition worse so I am trying to remain calm.

I called my cousin who is an RN in TN and she is considering my psychological/spiritual issues. It did not sound like she considered any symptom that I told her about to be physical.

To her assertion, I admitted to feeling fear. Do you think a heart, cancer or diabetes patient would express some desperation/fear if their worsening symptoms were going untreated? Of course they would if they want to live. Alert is a normal \"fight or flight\" response.

You know, I was just reminded of the name of this thread. It is for people who have a story of complete recovery from MCS. I am really off-topic here so I will look for a more appropriate thread and follow it.

I want to thank you for reading my thoughts and replying if you want to. I am very thankful to know about this forum. I am encouraged by MattRixon's story of healing, and I appreciate the caution from Airy, and the teaching direction from Maff.

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Re:My complete recovery from MCS 10 years 4 months ago #12

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Hello my friends
Anybody has ever heard of Breakspear Medical Groupe (www.breakspearmedical.com) in Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire? According to their site their clinic treats MCS would anyone confirm this please for me? It sounds very exciting :) . Officially it’s a private Clinic therefore no NHS means we have to pay for our treatments which cost a fortune providing this would be retested and treated every 3 months. I’ll be travelling from Morocco for this treatment so I would really appreciate all information I can get. Many thanks
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