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TOPIC: Individual Protocols of those who are recovering

Individual Protocols of those who are recovering 3 years 8 months ago #1

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I have noticed a huge improvement in my emf sensitivity overnight from doing just one thing. I have had severe chemical, food and environmental allergies as well. I would develop all kinds of digestive and autoimmune issues when provoked but the worst was the brain allergies that caused brain inflammation and cognitive impairment. I have slowly been improving over the last few years from doing all the usual stuff:detoxing(infrared sauna, ionic foot baths, activated charcoal and bentonite clay, etc), taking herbs and supplements, eating a pure diet, mind/body/spirit activities, emotional and spiritual healing(working on myself), energy healing, massage, etc. I was rotating out ALL my foods on a 4 or 7 day rotation because I was a little allergic to everything. Only olive oil and salt were ok every day.

I was doing better with other allergies and feeling great emotionally but the emf was still severe and even with all the pendants and emf stickers and tools I was still very limited with the cell phone and computer. I always felt terrible when I was around electric lines. I heard someone talking about ceviche one day and decided to try it. Online I discovered that one guy healed himself of a terminal cancer when he tried to kill himself by eating raw meat to end the suffering. Raw foodists talk about the benefit of the optimal organic form of vitamins and minerals in raw food and some advocate uncooked meat. I had read an article a while back about how the vitamins and minerals start to be denatured at around 190 degrees: so you can low temp cook foods, the more heat the less nutrition you get.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda they warn about the energetics of raw foods and caution against their use. They cool the body, dampen the digestive fire, and hamper the functioning of the organs. Knowing all this and feeling immediate positive effects of raw vegetable juice but then much worse negative effects from the energetics(which made me much worse for several days), I started warming the juice so it was hot to the touch at about 180 degrees. Doing this I got the benefits of the raw nutrients without the energetics of raw food. I felt great afterwards and started juicing every week or two with no problems.

That was a while back and then more recently I cautiously tried experimenting with meat. I ate medium rare grassfed steak and organ meats. I immediately felt great and the emf went from severe to mild. Meat is full of b vitamins and minerals not found in plant foods. I eat frozen fish and since all pathogens die after two weeks in the freezer I ate my cod and salmon low temp cooked(below a simmer in water) or rare. My goal is to get the food up to 180-190 degrees or just slightly rare.

Recently I remembered that the energetics of meat are very different than vegetables. If I remember correctly meat is heating and vegetables are cooling. I didn't experience any raw food energetic effects when eating raw meat even when it really was completely raw. I had been extremely allergic to eggs for a long time but after a few days with all this I did an energy test and discovered that raw eggs would be beneficial but cooked eggs would still be harmful. I heat the eggs in hot water and am pleased to say they are now in rotation every 7 days. A few other major food allergies have begun to clear up as well. I will say I have had health issues my whole life and at 34 I am only now beginning to feel happy and healthy!

I can only hope others will be helped with this information. Blessings, Matthew
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