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TOPIC: Sleep Aids During Pregnancy

Sleep Aids During Pregnancy 9 years 6 months ago #1

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Pregnant woman knows, sleeping while pregnancy, is not as easy as it sounds. The size of the woman's stomach makes it difficult to get comfortable. Mostly pregnant women suffer from insomnia at some point, whether caused by aches and pains, heartburn, frequent urination or hormonal changes or just an uncomfortable big belly. After several nights without rest, a woman may want to try an over-the-counter or prescription sleep aid to get some relief. Not all medications are safe for use during pregnancy. Here are a few suggestions to get a good night's rest.
 Tucking a pillow between your bent knees supports your lower back and may make the recommended side-sleeping position more comfortable. A full-length body pillow will cradle her belly and support her back.
 A drink of warm milk or herbal tea may help relax you enough to get to sleep.
 Try a high-protein snack before bed to keep your blood sugar up during the night. Good protein choices include an egg, peanut butter, or a slice of turkey.
 Some specific drug names include diphenhydramine, hydrochloride and doxyalamine are thought to be safe for use during pregnancy.
 Chamomile is one of the few herbal sleep aids that is safe for pregnant women.
 Several other common prescription sleep aids such as Ambien, Sonata or Lunesta in severe case of insomnia are considered to be Class C drugs.
Women should always consult a physician before using any sleep medications.
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